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  1. Thanks Apple for the responses.
  2. I'd like to replace a Little Bird on the carrier with a Mohawk. Where can I find the classname linked to the marker?
  3. Thanks for the reply. For some reason, Altis is working now after a restart of my own machine. Not sure what...but so far so good.
  4. Yeah, sure can. We run a Liberation server--the Tanoa works fine. Maybe it's because I'm hosting it locally to test?
  5. Nope. I spawn on the little island. I've tried it with Altis now as well...I spawn on a small island (where the unit is placed in the editor). I'm screwing something up.
  6. Still having trouble with Chernarus. I have a feeling it's a simple fix...I just can't find it. I have the correct mods. I've deleted the vars files every time I attempt a restart. I've used our version and the unchanged KP version with the same results. The intro plays out fine, then I spawn on Skalisty Island within view of the USS Freedom. The only scrollwheel option is the "Advanced Options" of course. Hmmm....
  7. Haven't selected it? I selected to start without the first FOB. Isn't the default the carrier?
  8. Hello, trying to run Chernarus with only CUP Maps and Core. It seems that no matter what, I end up spawning on the island near the carrier with no resources or options. I see the ship in the distance, LOL. What did I do wrong?
  9. We have also found that TWS night stalker scope range finders, HMG rangefinders don't work either.
  10. PHXAdmin

    rcon connect issues

    Dont worry everyone! The problem has been fixed. I fixed it by waiting 24 hours and consulting our server provider who could not help.
  11. Aaaaand fixed. I did nothing. Everything works again.
  12. I posted earlier about a problem not being able to connect to our server with rRon (we tried Dart, Battle Warden, ARC, etc.) with several admins and no luck. I will try changing port settings. Next issue--Squad XML's don't work anymore. This is an overnight change. We changed literally nothing. Thoughts?
  13. PHXAdmin

    rcon connect issues

    Our port is set as 2306 in the .cfg file. Nothing has changed in the last week....could Battle Eye have updated/changed port settings? Thank you all for the replies.
  14. Anyone having trouble connecting rCon to a server? Ours was running fine until this morning. Beserver.cfg file and server.cfg are correct. Ideas?
  15. PHXAdmin


    Hi all. I'd like to invite all of you to come try out our new multiplayer mission we call "Outcry." It's a PMC themed mission with many unique features (including jail for teamkillers!), and you can save your gear and progress on the server. We also build custom ops for Saturday nights. We welcome feedback. Filter PHOENIX in the multiplayer lobby, and choose the Phoenix Consulting Group server.