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  1. my system isnt the best but its all i have it runs arma 3 vanilla just fine but when i get online with mods and such it lags like on 15th meu liberation server it does fine in some areas/maps but in certian situations the fps drop gets so bad its pretty much unplayable im guessing they are all the same thing but i am hoping for more answers Processor: AMD FX 8350 RAM: Corsair 16GB DDR3 Motherboard: Asus M5A97 2.0 Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64 bit Video Card: EVGA GTX 1060 3GB
  2. zyco187

    "looking for a mod mgs 2"

    "i am looking for a mod that fixes the low audio on mgs 2 from gog"
  3. hello im an avid adult gamer from the EST -5 timezone and im looking for a ww2 unit. plz inbox me
  4. im looking for a SFO group like jsoc or usscom, but not limited to. im an active player from the US in -5 est tz. i have a mic for voip and also ts3. hmu
  5. zyco187

    Preset Menu Missing

    my preset tab disappears/reappears and i found that if you full screen the launcher it comes back
  6. didnt change any settings at all and w/ no mods running. sometime last night my a3 dropped to 10fps when i used to get 35+fps on all maps. i didnt change anything and i have no mods loaded when this change occured. not sure what singleplayer fps is but im only getting 10fps online. last night i tried this...i was on trailerpark server when getting 10fps and a server msg came accross saying press shift and - on the num pad and type flush for fps lag and i did that and it reloaded the map but nothing changed. still seeing fps drop on all servers
  7. zyco187

    mods preset tab missing

    can i submit a ticket so i kno my issue is being checked out?
  8. have everything updated but my preset tab keeps coming up missing in the launcher
  9. they have on the official site menu that they spend alot of time developing sounds for this game yet they are still bad just like a2. i just cant seem to really get into a misson when im firing a pen clicking gun. i dont like arma 3s cheap pen clicking gun sounds. they are totally cheap and unrealistic to me and i cant have as much fun as a i do w/ using a soundmod. but most servers dont allow the use of the various sound mods... i hope they fix this with a4
  10. zyco187

    Preset Menu Missing

    i am also having this problem the preset tab will appear/disappear whenever it wants to... anyone know a fix to this
  11. im 29 from the us and have been playing arma 3 for about a month. im looking for a milsim unit. i have been pc gaming for about 5 years now and my favorite games to play are project reality, arma, and dayz
  12. is there a mission download where you can try out every weapons/vehicle in the game and even things like an airfield and 4x4 corse ? been wanting to try out the us military mods in this game.
  13. i am looking for a unit that has a wing div for jets and choppers
  14. yeah deff try out the RH pack. his weapons are realistic
  15. zyco187

    Just want to say: Thank You BIS!

    game is best there is for combatsim