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  1. antacid421

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    that is what i was going by but think i just gut what i was doing wrong i delete btc_helo_1 and it was getting a error and stopping.
  2. antacid421

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    i am looking for a dumb down guide on on changing player factions i am trying to set up a NVA game i have changed the //player to east and in the param.hpp for the US and it works in single player but not in multiplayer. //Player btc_player_side = east; btc_respawn_marker = "respawn_east"; class btc_p_en { // Enemy type: to 196
  3. antacid421

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    i am looking for a how to on setting this up as a WW2 is there a guide some place i tried changing around btc_player_side = west; and btc_respawn_marker = "respawn_west"; to btc_player_side = guerrila; btc_respawn_marker = "respawn_guerrila"; and picked the guys i wanted to fight in the param.hpp. thanks for any and all help working now must have had a space some place or something but not tryed it on a server yet
  4. antacid421

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Is there a way to set up the gear box to only use one mods gear i am trying to use the Canadian forces 2 mod and they don't have a VAS for there gear and are not on your mods list. I found the " (btc_p_arsenalType > 0) then {[btc_gear_object,true] call ace_arsenal_fnc_initBox;}; " is there a way to change this to what i am looking to do or can i change it to one of the units in the /core/def/param.hpp#L41.? thanks for any help
  5. antacid421

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    that way was so easy compared to what i was doing worked first try thanks.
  6. antacid421

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    i am trying to find help but first some background i don't real know what i am doing i love your mission and changing things around i have gut to the point where i can change maps, units and gut a UNSUNG H & M working. But the vehicles are not working right any one that did spawn just sit there i am trying to get a lot of armor going for a European style map .I upped the btc_patrol_max = 40; and nothing and i looked at the /core/fnc/city/activate.sqf#L181-L200 but that is way over my head is there a how to for dummies. here is what i have it may be in this where i when't wrong btc_type_divers = ["rhs_msv_crew","rhs_vdv_armoredcrew","rhs_vdv_driver"]; btc_type_crewmen = ["rhs_msv_crew","rhs_vdv_armoredcrew"]; btc_type_motorized = ["rhs_mmp1_tv","rhs_bmp2_tv","bmpk_tv","rhs_btr60_vdv","rhs_gaz66_vdv"]; btc_type_motorized_armed =["rhs_t80uel","rhs_mmp1_tv","rhs_bmp2_tv","bmpk_tv"]; thanks for any help
  7. I am trying to port BTC Hearts and Minds by giallustio to The Unsung Vietnam War Mod Sea Lam Dong vetnam map. the maps work as a H & M map but when i change the units from the old BTC H & M to the Unsung mod units in the mission sqf nothing works. I am missing a steep some place or you just cant port it over i don't know and was wondering if someone has tried to port H & M to the Unsung mod " i have tried to ask giallustio but have gut no response" .
  8. antacid421

    how to publish a map

    that is the info i was looking for as long as i get the source file from him then i will be able to add what i have then. thanks
  9. I took a maps and added some towns and things with xCam to " Wardak by Drifter " now i am trying to group everything as a map and save it. i have gut it to save as a mission but when i try to work in it there is over 50k objects i placed so it is a little leggy. what i want to do is save what i have and lock it down so i cant edit it any more over the original then post it so a friend can do the editing. is the only way to do this in Train builder or bulldozer? or do i need to add the xCam sqf i made to the Wardak pbo so it runs on the map loading some how? is it in the arma tools publisher where i am going wrong? thanks for any help
  10. antacid421

    [Resources] How to make a Terrain

    cool thanks that is what i was looking for, now looks like i gut some reading to do.
  11. antacid421

    [Resources] How to make a Terrain

    I am looking for Terrain Builder tutorial video i have the ones by CAPTNCAPS on youtube but he goes to fast and does not noob level his info like what keys he is using.
  12. antacid421

    how do i question

    I hope I am not hijacking this but I just gut a new computer and I want to move my guy from that computer to this new one is it possible? thx