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  1. T.Fork


    Cheers for responding. Whatever you decide is cool. Thanks for making this mod, like I said we really enjoyed it.
  2. T.Fork


    Hi Belbo, I know it's early days, and I'm not asking for this right now. I'm wondering if you're planning to make a version of this mod for the ACE medical rewrite in the future? I've really enjoyed this mod compared to the standard system. Our medics really loved the defibs too. If we have to go back to PAKs, it'll be a hard pill to swallow. Thanks mate.
  3. Hi Flax, Great work, this is a great tool. Would it be possible to add a dialog for allowed voted commands, and allowed voted admin commands? Or a dialog to add extra lines to the server.cfg that aren't covered by the other options as a stop gap? Referencing https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Mission_voting edit: and if possible, a return of the make a batch file feature? I like having shortcuts to different configs. Thanks.
  4. This is necromancy of the highest order, but just in case someone randomly googles it like I did, the reason it didn't work was because the ACE documentation used the wrong function name. The below works. [_unit, true] call ace_captives_fnc_setSurrendered;
  5. T.Fork


    Yeah, stabilization chance is greatly reduced by open wounds. Epi starts at +10%, reducing to 0% over 2 minutes. Morphine is -10%, reducing to 0% over 15 minutes. Maybe turn on debug and do some testing? That number seems excessive, unless you're trying to stabilize before bandaging their wounds. Defibs are different and just have a flat chance to stabilize the patient. Regarding blood, if the patient has less than 30% of their blood volume (less than 2.1L of their normal 7L), when they are stabilized, their blood volume is set to 30%. It's gamey, but it's wasteful to give blood to patients under 30% BV until after they've been stabilized. Aside from that do what you want. Tourniquets completely stop bleeding on the limb so you're not going to lose any of the fresh blood. We've been using it with 3.12 with no issues. Make a file called init.sqf and put the values there.
  6. T.Fork


    Sorry mate, I should be more specific. It was this bug fixed by 1.3.4, this one I thought that bug might have been caused by cardiac arrest not exiting properly when the unit is revived.
  7. T.Fork


    Hi again belbo, Dumb question, but was the bug fixed in 1.3.4 to do with cardiac arrest not always exiting by itself, and the fix manually setting cardiac arrest to false? I haven't checked in for a while and that would neatly explain some oddities I couldn't pin down. Cheers again for the mod, I & our medics love it.
  8. Try running vanilla Liberation and see if you get the same problem. I'm running CBA 3.2.1 and building works fine. From past experience, when the building system wasn't functioning in a port, the marker named ghost_spot was either not present or it's over water. It needs to be present and on land.
  9. \scripts\shared\functions\F_adaptiveOpforFactor.sqf That script figures out a ratio which is then fed into other scripts. Note that friendly AI are counted, weighted at something like 5 AI = 1 player. At it's lowest, adaptive player count is 50% of normal. F_adaptiveOpforFactor is called a bunch in other spawning scripts, such as \scripts\server\battlegroup\random_battlegroups.sqf, and seems to be used both to limit how much is in a battle group and how often battle groups are spawned, and also works with CSAT aggressivity. I haven't run any numbers to figure out exactly what it's doing, I've just read a bit of the scripting. If you're looking through a script and see [] call F_adaptiveOpforFactor, that's the script trying to find out how much to adapt by.
  10. If you're playing on a dedicated server, you'll need to adjust the server's difficulty settings by adjusting the server's profile. See https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/server.armaprofile There is an example of ARMA 3 difficulty settings, you could take that and change tactical ping = 0; to tactical ping = 1; If you're playing on a locally hosted server, whoever is starting the mission can change the difficulty settings in the same menus where they select the mission.
  11. That's weird, the functionality is built into the mission. It's possible that the guide for enabling full zeus (I haven't looked at this guide in ages, it's possible I wrote the damn thing as I was trying to unlock it) disables it or it was accidentally disabled. Either way, find zeus_synchro.sqf in your mission\scripts\server\game\ folder. Completely replace what's in zeus_syncro.sqf with the code below. Combine with the previous edits and you should be good to go. waitUntil { !isNil "huron_typename" }; _vehicleClassnames = [huron_typename]; { _vehicleClassnames = _vehicleClassnames + [_x select 0]; } foreach (light_vehicles + heavy_vehicles + air_vehicles + static_vehicles + support_vehicles) ; while { true } do { waitUntil { sleep 0.3; count allCurators > 0 }; _zeusunits = []; { if ( (side group _x == GRLIB_side_friendly ) && ( _x distance lhd > 1000 ) && alive _x ) then { _zeusunits pushback _x; }; } foreach allUnits; { if ((typeof _x in _vehicleClassnames ) && (typeof _x != ammobox_o_typename) && (( _x distance lhd > 1000 ) || (typeof _x == huron_typename)) && alive _x ) then { _zeusunits pushback _x; }; } foreach vehicles; _zeusunits = _zeusunits + switchableUnits; _zeusunits = _zeusunits + playableUnits; _zeusunits = _zeusunits - (curatorEditableObjects (allCurators select 0)); _units_to_remove = []; { if ( !(alive _x) ) then { _units_to_remove pushback _x; }; } foreach (curatorEditableObjects (allCurators select 0)); { _zgm = _x; _zgm addCuratorEditableObjects [_zeusunits,true]; _zgm removeCuratorEditableObjects [_units_to_remove,true]; /* _zgm setCuratorCoef ["edit", -1e8]; _zgm setCuratorCoef ["place", -1e8]; _zgm setCuratorCoef ["synchronize", 0]; _zgm setCuratorCoef ["delete", 0];*/ _zgm setCuratorCoef ["destroy", -1e8]; } foreach allCurators; sleep 10; };
  12. This was surprisingly easy. Follow the guide to adding a full Zeus back in. After you've done that, in the editor, place down a Set Costs (Side) module. It's under modules -> Zeus. Then double click it and set all of the cost fields to -1e+010, except the modules field which you change to 0. Then close that window, right click on the module, select connect -> sync to and then click on the Game Master module. While you're here, double click on the Game Master and make sure the default addons field is set to use all addons including unofficial ones.
  13. The save data is saved in the server's .vars.arma3profile file. The location and exact name of the file can change as it's based on a name set by the company you're renting from, but if you find the <something>.vars.Arma3profile, that's got the save info in it. You can make back ups of it. You can also take the file from one server, change the name of the file to match the new server, and it should work. I'm not 100% confident on that last one but I'm fairly sure I've done previously. Dannick, I'd suggest just starting up the server, making a FOB at a new location or shifting an old one, closing it down and then restarting and seeing if it saved.
  14. This was a few versions of Liberation back, but ASR AI used to be fine.