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  1. Alright, so what are you suggesting for a channel that have some good tutorials?
  2. Thanks you! :D old informations like are GOLD! 3DS MAX is a little bit hard to learn, what do you think about Blender? and why I should not start with retexturing? because I think re/texturing is the easiest thing for newbies like me :)
  3. actually I plan to start with re/texturing, so I can be familiar with what i'm gonna do in future. and sure i'm not gonna jump into the heavy work, I'll start creating a new uniform, and then a new characher and so on. Thanks you for advice :D Thanks! that's gonna really help me!^^
  4. thanks for your reply :D what I want is create a new faction with custom uniforms and vehicles. Let's say a mod of new army (e.g: Candian, U.S, Russian, etc...) first, thank you for moving this topic to the correct section :) second, I already downloaded a lot of mods, that's one of the reason (that I didn't write in the 1st post) why I wanted modding. texturing,model making,scripting,new factions,new weapons,vehicle design, this is what I really want I don't care if it's gonna take a lot of time to create this mod :)
  5. Hello everyone straight to the main topic. I played A3 about 1000hrs and I really enjoyed it but lately I started to get bored a little bit, and I want to try something new. I looked up for ArmA3 mods to find anything interest, and in the middle of searching, I said to myself "what about making a mod by myself?" I went to google immediately to search "How to be ArmA3 modder". unfortunately I havn't found anything that could help me (or I am not a good searcher..). So, I need your help people to How do I become an A3 modder? I'm actually newbie for modding and scripting :( thanks for taking your time by reading this :) And sorry if you didn't understand something because my English isn't my 1st language :(
  6. SasiExpLosioN

    Panavia Tornado AWS

    It would be awesome if you added the RSAF camo :) here is a few samples :D and this is the Insigna: and this is the gray one: I couldn't find any Sqn emblems for the Saudi Tornadoes, sorry :( . NOTE: Arabic is being written from Right to Left, so please don't opposite it xD.
  7. SasiExpLosioN

    RKSL 3 - A new start... Discussion

    Hi Rock :) a few questions. are the Typhoon going to be interactive cockpit? and what is the textures you are planning to add? and how much you finished the aircraft? (I hope you add the middle eastern textures. just saying) you don't need to answer all of the question. And take your time for making this mod more beautiful :)
  8. SasiExpLosioN

    F-15 Eagle Series Standalone

    thanks for the Alpha 0.3 update. but the "Envelope" thing isn't fixed yet! but the aircraft handle is alot better than before :) keep the good stuff.
  9. SasiExpLosioN

    Eurofighter Typhoon AWS

    here is a pic for it: also
  10. SasiExpLosioN

    F-15 Eagle Series Standalone

    when it reach above 400 KMH the jet just moves up even if I am flying at +1500m . EDIT: when you are going to release 3rd update? I'm so excited for the new features & bug fixes :D
  11. SasiExpLosioN

    Eurofighter Typhoon AWS

    wow its really great! could you please add the RSAF texture in the future updates?
  12. SasiExpLosioN

    User Mission Request Thread

    I want Dynamic missions, DUWS is great but its buggy with mods Whole Lota is good too! but sometimes I can't see anything because the weapon is standing in my face, if u know what i mean.
  13. SasiExpLosioN

    F-15 Eagle Series Standalone

    keep the hard work dude :D