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  1. Heya, The ship classnames are "UNS_Sampan" and "UNS_Skiff" and the two maps I use the most are "RungSat" and "prei_khmaoch_luong" Thanks for doing this
  2. Heya amigo, done some tweaking to the .hpp and I've got a pretty sweet setup with the Unsung vietnam War mod, towns are packed with civis meaning i've really gotta watch my fire when bullets start flying, plus the fog in the jungles looks great. Small request tho. I would use the BOATS module, but it only seems to spawn the vanilla ARMA 3 2035 boats instead of the rickety sampan boats fitting for the rivers of 'nam, would it be possible to add an option to black/whitelist strings and select only a certain pool of boats, like with CIVS, CROWDS, and CARS? Cheers for the great mod all the same. :D
  3. ReznikDeznik


    Hey, i was testing this out earlier and i have a problem. When I deploy the balloon, the parachutes appear for a split second then disappear, the rope and chemlight then float up without the "balloon" attached. Any idea why this is happening?
  4. ReznikDeznik

    TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms

    Could I make a small request? Would you be able to make OD and tan versions of the bullet proof vest? I find that black, blue and white doesn't really fit in with a lot of loadouts. Another small request would be to make a seperate version of the bullet proof vest in the back pack slot, that way we can wear chest rigs and harnesses on top of it. Thanks for the mod so far, its fantasic. I really can't play without it anymore.