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  1. Koylio

    Public Beta

    Sorry, missed this. You can use Lutris or winetricks to install steam + dxvk and their dependencies. I used winetricks, but you need a rather recent version. Then install Arma 3, and with steam running in wine, run arma 3 from commandline. Exact steps would depend on your distro etc. You might need to install some dlls or other components if you get errors.
  2. Koylio

    Public Beta

    Did a quick test few weeks ago, and I did get A3 windows version to run with wine and dxvk. The launcher didn't work, but that's the situation with the ports too. I didn't run benchmarks, try battleye or play for long, so there might be issues. Wine might be your best option to keep version parity with your windows running friends.
  3. Koylio

    Public Beta

    Did some quick benchmarks on Windows 10 vs. Linux with Arma 3 Benchmark v0.51 Stratis. I did my best to make sure a fair comparison by eg. disabling security features on W10, but I'm not really familiar with W10. I was lazy with the benchmarks, and only did multiple runs with first run or when there were some disk activity during benchmark. There were differences in enviroments, for example linux version was run from NFS share vs. W10 from local HDD. Using the average results where multiple runs were done, all results are average FPS of said benchmark. Graphics setting Linux Windows low 109 106 standard 92 93 high 79 83 very high 70 74 ultra 55 62 This is with Intel i5-4690K and Radeon R390 on some mesa git version between 17.3 and 17.4. Version 1.76 of Arma was used on both.
  4. Koylio


    I have been using that for Arma 3 a while, with no issues. It helps with most, if not all, VP ports. Which version of mesa are you using? I might test it with Arma:CWA port too, and ask them to be included in mesa so everyone would benefit from it out-of-the-box. For now, I would recommend mesa users to enable it in /etc/drirc by adding following lines.
  5. Koylio

    Public Beta

    In case someone else is having rendering issues with trees on radeonsi, there is a bug open at b.f.o you might be interested to follow: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=101739
  6. Koylio

    arma 3 on game on linux

    If I would have to guess, you won't be getting the full windows experience on linux until windows version runs on wine. And thats fine with me, I'm not interested to eg. give root privleges to battleye. There are lots of things to consider in multi-platform game developement, if you are interested take a look at linux gaming sites for articles about those. I'm patiently waiting for the 64-bit version to come some day.
  7. Koylio

    Apex Linux(Arch) Problems

    You can try the "legacyports" branch. See https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Experimental_Ports#Cross-Platform_Windows_Compatibility
  8. Koylio

    [Linux] Joysticks

    In case some one else has the same issues, something I have found out while battling with the analog joystick: 1. You need to define mapping in SDL2 format either in Steam BPM, SDL2_GAMECONTROLLERCONFIG enviroment variable, SDLGamepad.config file in installation direcory, or --eon_gamepad_mapping= command line option, unless you already have a model listed in SDLGamepad.config. Only later evdev API gamepads are supported. 2. Despite what wiki says, remapping buttons and axis in game via Options -menu works. 3. Default bindings are gamepad keys A,B,X,Y for buttons, dpad for POV-hat, left stick for controls, and triggers/shoulderbuttons for thrust/rudder. 4. Joystick doesn't work every time the game is launched, for me atleast. 5. Inverting axis (and maybe other recent additions to SDL2_gamecontrollerdb) via mapping is not supported. Trying to get the SC to work next.
  9. Koylio

    [Linux] Joysticks

    I haven't had any luck to get joysticks to work with the port. I have tried with old analog stick connected to game port, and Steam Controller on another box. Everything else works with SC, except joystick movement. I can map the buttons, stick etc. to keys and mouse, but not as joystick. The analog stick doesn't work at all. The community wiki has this to say: I'm quite not sure what "modifying the mapping text" means. I have configured both with Steam BPM, so SDL_GAMECONTROLLERCONFIG is defined, and the logs show that, but in game joysticks still wont work. Has someone had any luck with analog joystick inputs on the linux port?
  10. Koylio

    Linux - Textures always reset to Low

    According to community wiki, the ports are limited to 768 MB of VRAM on Linux due to being 32bit OpenGL application. Hope we get an upgrade to 64bit builds to fix this. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Experimental_Ports#Known_Issues
  11. Koylio

    Public Beta

    I case this is news to you, linux and mac versions of Cold War Assault (renamed OFP) are in beta. Arma 2 runs in wine with AMD graphics and gallium-nine as fast as in windows, and without issues. Gallium-nine unfortunately doesn't work with Nvidia, and there is a bug report about graphics issues with Nvidia drivers. Maybe we'll get ports for Arma and Arma 2 too in the future.
  12. Koylio

    Unable to start game since Apex

    If you have AMD graphics and OSS drivers, upgrading mesa will fix this.
  13. Koylio

    Public Beta

    You are propably using mesa prior version 12. If so, an upgrade to mesa version 12+ will solve your issue.
  14. Koylio

    Linux - Textures always reset to Low

    Just to let you know, that the videoram is now limited to 768Mb on my system too, so limiting VRAM is not nvidia only issue anymore. More info in the generated .rpt file at "~/.local/share/bohemiainteractive/arma3/AppDataLocal/Arma\ 3/". I still can set the textures to high, so this issue with low textures is propably caused by something else.
  15. Koylio

    Public Beta

    Might be worth checking that you have enought space for temporary files. Atleast version 1.54 required about 2gb of available disk space in /tmp, or it crashed. On your system it's on root partition, df -h will tell if that's the case. If you think it's an issue with display drivers, there might be other forums where you might have more people who might be able to help you.