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  1. Hey IP You are the man !!! That works !! ... i guess there in no altenative solution to it? either create PBO or start with ARMA3.exe - filePatching parameter? Thanks a lot for your help and the prompt responses!! Looking forward to your next campaign :) hopefully soon. Boosterchen
  2. Hey IndeedPete No, I don't think so... could you let me know more about that? how to.... ? btw: I really enjoyed you big campaign M.E.R.C.S !! :jump_clap:
  3. Hi, Actually i'm working on a campaign. Everthing works pretty well so far, but was thinking to change current structure as I want to move some functions out of the mission folder in order that these can be used by other missions as well without copying them to every mission again. ... that's were the problem started... I tried several ways to achieve that but none of the methods i used seem to work... I am using the standard 'ShowOSD' function. For this, i have created a configfile: cfgFunktion.hpp in 'Campaigns\DM_BST\config' which contains the classes: (cfgFunktion.hpp is included in the description.ext of the current mission: #include "\Campaigns\DM_BST\config\cfgFunktion.hpp" class CfgFunctions { class DM{ class intel { class showOSD { file = "intel\fn_showOSD.sqf"; }; }; }; }; the function fn_showOSD.sqf (which is the standard function of Jiri Wainar) i have it in a subfolder within the the mission folder -> xHub01.Stratis\intel from a customer script (within the missionfolder), the function then gets called using [] spawn DM_fnc_showOSD; So far everthing works as it should! :D but.... when I try to put the function (fn_showOSD.sqf) outside of the missionfolder eg into: Campaigns\DM_BST\functions\intel\ and adopt the path in the cfgFunktion.hpp for the function showOSD to the new location, eg: class showOSD { file = "Campaigns\DM_BST\functions\intel\fn_showOSD.sqf"; }; when I launch the mission the showOSD function dosen't work. Also, what need to be considered when putting something outside of the current missionfolder within a campaign? would really appreciate to get some help here.... Boosterchen
  4. boosterchen

    A LoadoutFramework for Arma 3

    did find the solution myself for the problem described above. :D
  5. boosterchen

    A LoadoutFramework for Arma 3

    Hey BG What would i need to do - if I want to offload the LoadoutFramework to a outside of the misssion folder? Let's say for a campaign that the loadoutframework function can be used by different missions. The structure I'm looking for as shown below: Folder: \Campaigns\DM_BST\Missions -> containing the missions like x1,x2,x3, etc. \Campaigns\DM_BST\LoadoutFramework -> LoadoutFramework containing all the files apart from the classes! The classes I would like to have in a seperate file , eg. as shown below: \Campaigns\DM_BST\cfg -> That where I want to put the config file, called "cfgFunctions.hpp" containg the classes such as: #include "loadoutFramework\base.hpp" class CfgFunctions { #include "loadoutFramework\cfgFunctions.hpp" }; and also the ones described in the File "CFGFunctions" whithin the LoadaoutFramework folder. I tried several times with different options to achieve this but none of them worked. The problem start there as soon as i want to take out the classes described from de description.ext. (Of course I changed the file pathes to it accordingly and did adapt the individual decription.ext file of the missions with the '#include'.. #Include "\Campaigns\DM_BST\cfg\cfgFunctions.hpp" Would appreciate some help with that.
  6. boosterchen

    A LoadoutFramework for Arma 3

    Hey BG I have reinstalled ARMA 3 and use the same selfmade missions again. Now, everthing works!!! :) :D :D :D Must have been a bug with the app itself. Thank you for your help on this. Again great work and support! Really appreciated. Boosterchen
  7. boosterchen

    A LoadoutFramework for Arma 3

    can do, where shall I upload it ? I think attachment is not possible here. Is it? Another suggestion: Would you be able to create and test a simple mission containing one or two units and your loadout script included, which works on your machine? I then could download it and test here. If it's not working on my client then there might be an issue with my Arma3 installation? ....
  8. boosterchen

    A LoadoutFramework for Arma 3

    Hello BG, Thanks for the proper resonse. Yes 'xmen' is an AI unit (NATO & Rifleman) and it is executed on the players (my) machine only (I try to create a simple SP Campaign). However, at this stage I did not yet put all the misions toghether so it is just a mission currently which can changed in the editor as often as needed. I used your code <if (!local this) exitWith {}; [this, "Rifleman"] call BG_fnc_applyLoadout;> in the Units init. Still no change :(. Yes, I downloded the original files from the GIT Hub 2 days ago. my cfgLoadouts.hpp: class Rifleman : Collection { uniform[] = {"U_BasicBody"}; -> tried to replace the unifrom to Underware only vest[] = {"V_PlateCarrierL_CTRG"}; headgear[] = {"H_HelmetB_camo"}; goggle[] = {"G_Combat"}; backpack[] = {"B_AssaultPack_mcamo"}; handgun[] = {"hgun_P07_F"}; magazines[] = {{"16Rnd_9x21_Mag",2}}; itemsBackpack[] = {{"FirstAidKit",3}}; linkedItems[]={"ItemWatch","ItemCompass","ItemMap","NVGoggles"}; class PrimaryWeaponClass : Weapon_MX { // Some Collections added to Rifleman Collection primaryWeaponOptic[]={}; // Change optic to iron sight for this collection }; }; my cfgTemplates.hpp: class Weapon_MX : Collection { primaryWeapon[] = {"arifle_MX_F"}; primaryWeaponOptic[]={"optic_Aco"}; primaryWeaponLoadedMagazine[]={"30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag"}; primaryWeaponBarrel[] = {"acc_pointer_IR"}; magazines[] = {{"30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag_Tracer",3},{"30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag",6}}; }; Looking forward to hearing from you. Boosterchen.
  9. boosterchen

    A LoadoutFramework for Arma 3

    Hello BG I really like your introduction on the loadoutFramework. Great Job! :) However, I do have a problem that the unit I defined does not change eg. "Iron sight" or the uniform I defined with the ascociated parameter change. Something seems to be still wrong. I did follow the order a described: Copy the loadoutFramework folder to your mission folder Edit your description.ext and include -> #include "loadoutFramework\base.hpp" class CfgFunctions { #include "loadoutFramework\cfgFunctions.hpp" };) I think soemthing with the applying part of the lodout to the unit might be wrong :blink: [<unit>,<loadoutName>] call BG_fnc_applyLoadout; I created a unit using the editor an put the syntax to the initialize field of the unit. Unit is called 'xmen' and i want to use the class 'Riflemen' defined in the cfgloadout.hpp. Then, i created the below syntax' in the units initialization field but none of them seem to work. Also I'm not sure what does 'local' mean as explained in your introduction. [this, "Rifleman"] call BG_fnc_applyLoadout; ["xmen", "Rifleman"] call BG_fnc_applyLoadout; [xmen, Rifleman] call BG_fnc_applyLoadout; How does the code look like in a .sqf file? I also tried to put these into the init.sqf of the mission created. -> no success either. Can you help me ?