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    Helmet Mounted Displays MOD

    @kremator Agreed, a fix would be the best solution, if it can be fixed.
  2. Gryphon

    Helmet Mounted Displays MOD

    Hi Kimi, Just wondering if it is possible to disable the version of your mod that is contained within ACE 3? I've asked and PM'ed the ACE 3 team but there has been no response. Reason for my request is due to an issue I reported some time ago to you - where the AI gunners in the attack helo's (Kajman, Comanche) acquire but do not engage enemy infantry with their guns, even after the weapons are cycled through, open fire orders are given or an engage at will command is given. The solution for me at the time was to remove the hmds_kimi_weapons pbo, but with ACE 3 I am now unable to do so. Would it be possible to provide an option to disable the weapon behavior changes from the HMD mod in future versions of ACE, for those of us that play offline and require the gunners to function semi autonomously as they should. Thank you for the mod :) aside from the issue above, the actual HMDs are superb and they make piloting the helicopters so much more practical. Kind Regards Gryphon
  3. Great Job with the mod :) Hoping someone can assist me with a frustrating issue that I am now faced with for the second time. I've been using the Kimi's HMD mod by Geraldbolso1899 from before it was incorporated into ACE 3, and encountered a strange issue where the AI gunners in the attack helicopters (Kajman, Comanche) refused to open fire on enemy infantry, even if weapons were cycled through etc - they would simply train their crosshairs on target and aquire them but not engage at all, even if ordered to attack or given an engage at will command. This issue was reported by me to the mod author. The issue was eventually traced to the hmds_kimi_weapons PBO contained within the original mod, and removal of this PBO solved the problem for me, and allowed the AI gunners to behave and engage as they should. The problem now though, is that Ace 3 does not show this HMD mod in the form of PBO files, so I cant disable the weapon pbo as I usually would - I know that it is somewhere within the ace_aircraft module...but that's it. Is there any way to disable the HMDs and weapon changes to the helicopters caused by this mod, so that I can perhaps run this mods standalone version outside of ACE 3, or can we receive the option to turn the HMD mods weapon effects off in later versions of ACE 3? Any help will be appreciated, Thank You
  4. Dear McLupo, Outstanding work :) Thank You for this quality mod and the amount of time and effort you've put into it. I understand that this mod has only been vanilla proofed for now - the only issue I encountered while running it with other mods was the result of a conflict with the latest version of the JSRS 3 Dragonfyre sound mod. This issue only occurs when when MLI and JSRS 3 are run together. For some reason, all armed versions of the Ifrit, Hunter and Strider are unable to rotate/traverse their turrets or open fire with their weapons - whether the said units are AI or Player controlled. It is almost as if the turret is locked as it does not respond to any mouse input when within the gunner's view screen. All other vehicles contained in this mod, e.g. air, armored, support work as intended. Any idea what could be causing this or if there is a way to fix it? Love both of these mods and it would be a shame to choose one in favor of another. EDIT: Found a workaround solution for this issue by removing the individual pbo files for Hunter, Strider and Ifrit from JSRS 3 mod folder, effectively causing these vehicles to revert back to their vanilla sound sets. Re-tested in editor and all turrets and weapons are now operating as they should. Oh well lol...compromise I guess :rolleyes: Kind Regards, Gryphon