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  1. 0321fox@gmail.com

    Eden Composition Spawning

    1. Great script, thanks Larrow for your hard work 2. Anyway to diagnose what is specifically causing my "Bad vehicle type" error on compSpawn? Everything else is working fine.
  2. Anyone know how to "terminate" a mission event handler? I have: private _mapclick = addMissionEventHandler ["MapSingleClick", { params ["_units", "_pos", "_alt", "_shift"]; **a bunch of code that works fine including a group spawn** removeMissionEventHandler ["MapSingleClick", _mapclick]; }]; This is spawned as one of my custom functions, it runs but I can click on the map forever and it just keeps running the script over and over, including the group spawn. I need the EH to stop after a single map click LIKE IT'S STATED PURPOSE. The idea is that the player clicks on the map once, and a group is spawned with a waypoint. While the team is spawned, the player has the support option removed and cannot call it again, until the waypoint is complete or the team is dead. Anything yall got is helpful thanks!
  3. 0321fox@gmail.com

    Command Group AI to use silencers?

    How in the world do you add/remove units from your squad. I have google'd and youtube and no answer.