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  1. Artenis

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    I'm very pleased with this mini campaign, a bit overpriced as always with BI but still a good DLC imo. My main concern is on the technical performance side. During my playtime my FPS never went above 30 and were 90% of the time between 10 and 20, especially in the third and fourth missions. I have an "old" setup with a i7 3770k @4.4Ghz, 16Gb of RAM and a GTX 980, which is not the most powerfull system but still, I was able to squeeze between 40 and 60 FPS in the APEX campaign and 40+ when playing Invade&Annex on a public server. Might be the amount of scripts or particule effects, but I strongly suspect that the missions in the Contact DLC were designed to have a fixed viewdistance and viewobject settings, which could makes sense on the gameplay side of things The means of communication with the AFOs are a bit confusing, but not game breaking. I hope these performance issues will get adressed in the future as this is a good DLC imo.
  2. Artenis

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    Heh guys, just want to know something : did you use GameUpdater to download Tanoa, or the old "Beta > switch to developement branch" within the Steam app ? Back from work i was able to download the 6GB update using GameUpdater (i do own Apex, since January), but once i'm ingame all i have is this ugly blue "purchase" button. I don't really want to screw up my Arma 3 regular installation, so i'm a bit reluctant to switch using steam application. Edit : nevermind, Varanon answered while i was typing :p
  3. Sorry then. In that case, considering that afaik RHS team adds a lot of parameters in each weapon class (and not only one base class and only sound/texture replacement in the others), it might be better to simply copy/paste all the original cfgWeapons config, delete the classes you don't want to edit, and change the desired textures paths. It's kinda rough tho... Anyway, this post might be helpfull, even if there is no Weapons Replacement Config example
  4. Works for me. basicDefines.hpp config.cpp Please try to learn how things work before shouting for help.
  5. hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"AK\ak105_co_paa"}; For all your textures paths : .paa not _paa Also i believe you have to list every HiddenSelections if there are more than one, even those you don't want to change, and define all the textures accordingly.
  6. Artenis


    Thanks for the answer Mistyronin.
  7. Artenis


    Hello Community members, i have a quick question regarding incoming APEX and 1.60 updates. Devs have stages in their last SITREP that they're planning to realease the stable 1.60 by the end of the week, which is great. But i'm a bit confused about what exactly is the 1.60 update : - is it the full APEX expansion, with Tanoa, Visual Upgrade, coop campaign and all that stuff, coming at once ? - or is it just the first step and the APEX will be delivered across multiple updates (for instance first Visual Upgrade, and later on Tanoa, and finally the Tanoa campaign), like they did with the East Wind campaign ? Since their is not much information about Tanoa (i don't even think it's part of last RC branch), it makes me wonder what to expect from the next update.
  8. Artenis

    Creating texture for glass windows

    First resize your texture to get a *2 format (256*256, 512*512, 1024*1024 and so on). Then you need to have an alpha channel in your .tga, which is a greyscale layer where all parts of your texture that are colored in black will be 100% transparent and those in white will be 100% visible. All the values between full black and full white (aka grey values) will define the visibility strengh of these parts. You can also export your texture in the .png format without compression and with transparency, and then TexView2 will detect the alpha channel.
  9. Artenis

    Guerrilla retexture issue

    Hello, After looking a bit in the A3 config, it seems the class "I_G_Soldier_base_F" has either a wrong model path or a wrong hiddenSelections config. Anyway the model in this class points to this one but the texture linked is applied to that one. So the Guerilla1_1 config should be class soldier_classname : I_G_Soldier_base_F { [...] uniformClass = "suitpack_classname"; hiddenSelections[] = {"Camo1", "Camo2"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\path_to_tshirt_texture.paa","\path_to_pants_texture.paa"}; }; And the Guerilla2_1 should be class soldier_classname : I_G_Soldier_base_F { [...] model = "\A3\characters_F_gamma\Guerrilla\ig_guerrilla2_1.p3d"; uniformClass = "suitpack_classname"; hiddenSelections[] = {"Camo", "insignia"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\path_to_texture.paa"}; }; Don't know if that helps, as I'm not sure what uniform model you want to retexture