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  1. Still the same, i can see arma3sync running from task manager but i cant visible see it.
  2. Anyone has a problem that arma3sync running but it doesnt display?
  3. nightsky

    [WIP] French Army Mod : ArmaModFrance

    Good job guys, cant wait to test it.
  4. Anyone else has or had a problem where the ai spawns normaly but they are like frozen to the position they spawned? Refuse to follow orders from zeus and stuff too..
  5. nightsky

    co10 Escape

    Hello everyone, me and a friend of mine made a version of your escape with ravage mod, and i just wondering cause i searched all the internet, any of you know a way to put ace into escape cause i cant use any of nades or smokes from the rhs mod.
  6. nightsky

    co10 Escape

    Hello sorry for the stupid question but what mods should i use to play the Escape us tanoa version? cause every time i load only the rhs mods with cba i got that ace script error