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  1. I may have kind of forgot that this thread exists. So here have some pictures.
  2. -ben-

    GRAD Trenches

    Is anyone else having strange behavior with the trench preview in MP? On our dedicated box, when someone is choosing where to place the trench the model is displayed but with the center position about 20m above ground level, causing for a brief moment until it is placed a giant dirt or grass wall. I would have thought this would have been reported fairly quickly if everyone was running into it.
  3. -ben-

    Standing Static Line

    It wasn't super obvious from the two videos, but what actually controls the getting out of the plane? Is it just a normal get out action that is overwritten or is control of getting out taken away from the player and handled automatically?
  4. -ben-

    GRAD Trenches

    Am i correct in thinking that the players position is used to evaluate the surface being stood on, and therefor if you can dig or not? If so, would it feasible/make sense to change the detection to be the surface underneath the model, as i have noticed its possible to do things like block concrete roads by standing on a surface next to it and angling the player offset to the road, which will allow the digging rather than standing on the road directly. Not sure if a change like that would make things more accurate, or if the current implementation is "you are digging where you are standing and building where the trench is previewed". Was just a thought i wanted to share. 🙂
  5. V0.6 + Added new island to the top centre of the map. ^ Improved relief and texture of the satmap. Last of the medium sized islands done. Onto the bigger ones now and their satellite islands.
  6. -ben-

    GRAD Trenches

    Out of curiosity what was wrong?
  7. Mostly in game. I had help with one of the towns and a bit of its adjacent farmland on this one. But the others were solo.
  8. V0.5 + Added new island to the top left. + Added new satellite islands to either side of the central island. Well this one took more than slightly longer than i wanted it too. Got stuck in a bit of a creative rut with it, but here it is. The next update should be the last of the medium sized islands then its onto the two big boys. Not sure how long updates will take with balancing time against work on CUP Maps 2, but we shall see.
  9. Actually the whole layout of the town itself has changed, including the creation of new platform objects that most of the townhouse buildings sit on.