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  1. We are not aware of a need for a hotfix. The workshop is in our experience not the place for accurate feedback, there have not been any reports on our bug tracker or in discord about any issues preventing servers from launching. I for one have been able to update my communities servers just fine and we have been playing with no problem. If there was a large issue, i would also expect there to be a large mention of it within this thread. 🤷‍♂️
  2. I would be very interested in where this mystical knowledge came from, as to it being simple and near effortless to just swap out several thousand objects. Unsurprisingly more than a few individuals have suggested that we could replace older era models with their Enoch counterparts, including several of us within CUP. However as 90% of the people making these "helpful" suggestions do not have any terrain making experience or knowledge, they will not know that it is by no means as simple as clicking a few buttons and replacing all the buildings with "not much work". The mod that you proceeded to mention is a prime example of this. Firstly that mod does not replace all buildings that are available, why not? Because some of them the offset that is caused when replaced in that manor is too large and causes other problems that they cannot fix. So they chose to not use those buildings. Secondly as it is the buildings they have chosen to the majority of them will have an offset to some degree, which solves one problem and causes another, additionally many of these replaced buildings you will not even be able to use correctly because of terrain that will now be clipping into those buildings. Which means modifying the height-field underneath affected buildings, by hand, on a case by case basis. So we find out now that replacing these buildings properly requires fixing a number of other issues that the replacement itself creates, and is not in fact a quick and simple job but a rather involved one. As mentioned above and in the latest release post, work is underway on new things and information will be made available when appropriate. It also comes across slightly less presumptuous if you ask questions, rather than make seemingly definitive statements in future.
  3. Satmap getting a vibrant overhaul in the next update. Before: After: Still some work to do on the rock colour.
  4. Our bug tracker is a better place. https://dev.cup-arma3.org/maniphest/task/edit/form/1/ Screenshots would be helpful too.
  5. V0.3 + Added new Island in the South. + Added two new satellite islands. ^ Improved Satmap colour balance. ^ Improved dirt satmap contrast. ^ Removed some objects that were on/too close to the roads. In an effort to improve thread organisation i will try keep pictures contained within spoiler tags. 😅
  6. -ben-

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Oh, he is actually in from community. I was going to check here if anyone else had reported/confirmed first. 😄
  7. -ben-

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Is the invisible res lod on the BMP 3 (Early) known? Affected classname: rhs_bmp3_msv
  8. Who knows. Maybe. This is likely not going to be the solution employed. The models are not 1 to 1, many of the buildings have offsets of varying levels of severity. This is inaccurate. The buildings are not scaled up. The doors on a lot of buildings were remodeled to be larger because of the way the camera works in Day Z SA. The building geometry is the same size however, but other LOD elements in the models are different to the A2 versions causing bounding box and center positions to not be the same, which makes direct replacement problematic.
  9. -ben-

    Make all DLC Maps Free

    Except they aren't free. In order to play them you have to purchase the game "Arma 3". You unfortunately neglect the fact that producing video games is a business. New things that take hundreds of hours to produce, need to be sold in order to justify the time spent developing them. Plus i'm sure it's a nice bonus that the employees that spent those hundreds of hours on those maps get to continue to feed, shelter and clothe themselves and their families. As much as we might not like it, it's important to remember that whilst games might be a hobby for the consumers, it is business and livelihood of the people on the other end. It's not really justifiable to ask for stuff for free tbh, especially given BI's already quite inclusive DLC policy in comparison to other players in the industry.
  10. [7363.68,2708.37,0.00144196] Factory building needs raising slightly, or the ground needs flattening slightly so it isn't poking through the floor.
  11. I would say the AI driving is no better or worse than any of the maps produced by BI. Had several hunters drive everywhere perfectly fine. As for the bridges i have not come across any instances where they have come to an impasse so far.
  12. V0.2 release. + Added new island to the right side of the map. + Added new satellite island on the right edge of the map. ^ Improved satmap colour balance.
  13. Update with another island and a smaller satellite one should be out this weekend.
  14. [3141.87,6824.71,0.00143814] Signpost in the road in the village of Adamow, instead of along side the road like the giveway sign next to it. 🙂