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  1. Thanks for the input. I have a few ideas for a number of areas on the map already, there is also the benefit of having Chernarus Plus as an inspiration from Day Z SA. So we will see what the future brings.
  2. -ben-

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    We wrote a compat internally to add these classes back into "CfgMagazineWells" for "class M249_556x45" and that has fixed the issue for us. "rhs_200rnd_556x45_M_SAW", "rhs_200rnd_556x45_T_SAW", "rhs_200rnd_556x45_B_SAW"
  3. -ben-

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I believe some magazine class names were changed for consistency. The old names still exist but they are scope 1, however it does appear that they are not included in the guns mag-wells for the M249. A noticeable amount of missions on our server now have autoriflemen with "old" boxes that they cannot load into the weapon.
  4. Had a test with the latest version on dedicated server and ran into a few issues. 1. The load interface seems to be client-side. I.E When i load a boat into an empty helicopter in the aft section, other players see the boat get loaded but if they go into the interface to try and load another boat, their interface doesn't see the boat that i loaded. This happens with unloading as well, the interface isn't updated across clients. 2. When trying to recover two boats, the first boat can be successfully recovered into the helo (RHS CH-47) and the crew of the boat gets recovered and placed into the cargo seats then the boat is moved up to the fore position , however when trying to load the second boat after driving it inside there was no secure option. We didn't have time to test deploying two boats from a chopper yet.
  5. Cannot reproduce. Not an issue with that wall in this model.
  6. The short answer is maybe. I have done some measuring and it might be possible to fit Utes within the existing map confines, but as Chairborne said placing it several KM off the coast so there is a large distance between them is not possible without effectively reversing the heightmap resolution increases that i have put in to the new version. So if Utes was to be put into Cherno 2020, it would be another island like Skalisty Island. I.E fairly close and at the very least a short boat ride away. However it is not particularly high up on my priority list to even consider properly let alone actually implement which is a complex task within it'self. There are other improvement and new content that i want to get started on first.
  7. Nice job. Glad i was able to provide feedback to get this improvement. 😄
  8. Yes we were in the same squad as it was just a few of us testing it out.
  9. Both RHS CH-47 and CH-53. With human in cargo and human pilot. No AI about. Running on dedicated server.
  10. I think this might not be working. I have had to manually eject each time when doing this on dedicated server with full player controlled process.
  11. When casting with players, in cargo and flying the helo. (Dedicated Server). Is the Helocast option that the pilot uses supposed to auto kick out the players in the back like it does with the AI, using the specified animation? Also have you considered allowing the RHIB to be castable? (If that makes sense being balanced against realism)
  12. V0.4 + Added new Island in the center of the map. + Added new satellite island. ^ Improved colour contrast of the satellite map. ^ Redesigned the surrounding landscape at the village of Axhul. ^ Improved the village of Elth. @ Fixed majority of the floating small rock clusters.