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  1. [3141.87,6824.71,0.00143814] Signpost in the road in the village of Adamow, instead of along side the road like the giveway sign next to it. 🙂
  2. Got a bit too into picture taking, and took some more. This island should also be a bit more vehicle friendly.
  3. Not too far off from another island being finished.
  4. You know admittedly, I did not consider this. Would be a reasonable amount of work to calculate the offsets and apply to Livonia i guess. :l
  5. @DnA We have noticed that the center positions of the improved Arma 2 buildings have ever so slightly moved on most objects. This makes a direct replacement of old versions of buildings more difficult, though not impossible. Given that models (i assume) are still in a state to where they can be changed, would it be possible at all for the center positions to be moved to match the A2 source for buildings that are a direct Arma 2 replacement? Thanks.
  6. Been mucking around with new vegetation composition. Not going to be dense jungle everywhere. Also i hope people like micro terrain.
  7. Remembered to upload a 2D view of the map.
  8. Added terrain specs to OP.
  9. WIP Release V0.1. Archipelago intends to be exactly what it says on the tin, a series of pacific style islands of varying shapes and sizes, with smaller breakoff land masses scattered around and in between. Hopefully to allow better use of both vanilla and modded boat content, and amphibious gameplay. At this time only two of the medium islands and some surrounding islands have objects on. Mainly infantry focused, tight jungles and narrow roadways. There is currently no schedule/roadmap for updates to come, all that i can confirm is that the largest islands will likely be done last, or possibly in stages. Beyond that, everything is subject to change. Any feedback or suggestions for what to do on the other islands is welcome. Do take into consideration that the current topology of the other islands is not final, it's very rough at the moment. Download from Steam Workshop Technicals: Grid: 4096 Cell: 2m 8192m x 8192m About 39,000 objects so far. Known Bugs: Some trees may be really close together or the occasional tree trunk inside another. Many, many small rock clusters that are floating to varying degrees above the floor. I'll probably fix them at some point. Pics to follow.
  10. -ben-

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    Fair enough. Been a lot of noise around this, didn't think of it being treated like a mod, if there was a free version.
  11. -ben-

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    Correct me if i am wrong,(which is very possible :D) but those two statements are mutually exclusive are they not? With Apex, if you don't own the DLC you can't use the terrain and have "more difficulty" using the other content. But the data still exists on your hard drive. You still have the pbos on your machine, otherwise how else would you be able to see the guns that your buddies are using in a mission on other terrains where you are allowed into the mission despite not owning the content. So if 3rd Party DLC was to behave like official DLC, everyone would have to have the content installed regardless of if they have purchased it or not right? Which removes the ability for it to be 100% optional. I personally am not too fussed about that, but what happens when we get a future 3rd party DLC that is more niche in it's theme. Then you will have similar uproar about how people have upwards of 10GB of data for ArmA that they don't ever use or want. I'm not sure there is a simple solution for us to have it both ways. In terms of the low res/quality versions of assets being distributed as the free versions, firstly it suffers from the last point about people being forced to load stuff they don't want. Secondly there is an PR/Optics point of view, compared to when BI did this for A2, the prevalence of games media has grown dramatically, it's not a good look for BI to be publishing content that is either super low poly or drastically low res textures in today's industry without the context of how their DLC policy works. Finally, there is also the fact that all of the work to actually make the free versions of everything will sit on the developers of the DLC it'self. Which is time they may not want to put it to essentially depreciate their own hard effort and work. It's a complex problem, that i'm not sure there will be solution for that isn't going to leave a large proportion of players unhappy.
  12. -ben-

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Well that explains it. For the time being i think we are going to stick to HP rounds and try go for crew kills. Thank you for the response.
  13. -ben-

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hi, Been experiencing on both stable and dev recently, that AT4 (particularly HEAT rounds) are not doing much to BTR's. Obviously the BTR's have very thin armor and you would expect a normal HEAT round to be able to go through, however i was scoring side and rear shots and the vehicle just kept on driving. Shots the the front seem plausible that they could be deflected, however even the HP variant are only sometimes killing the crew or at most knocking out the engine. I wonder if this is due to the changes to adopting the sub munitions or are the BTR's more tanky then they should be? Or i could be experiencing a unique experience. Is anyone else experiencing this? Thanks.
  14. Money doesn't make models magically appear unfortunately. Thank you for the sentiment though. 🙂