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  1. This is cleared up by the hint about the memories, you should press U to end the memory.
  2. Can someone help me with the CSAT airstrike? It fails the mission everywhere I aim. It's quite frustrating. Edit: Managed it after another go. spoilers ahead for where to aim, and what to do.
  3. Hey ISD, they work you've done so far is amazing. If you're going to add to it, I'd siggest adding medical facilities (for vanilla, if someone wants to do ACE, they can add the items to the containers). Something like a small temporary medical station, a medium Field Hospital, and then an infirmary for a main base as a large. Thanks - William Edit: Just been into the editor, you've done the medical stuff, it just needs to be ported over to Pacific stuff. I'll do that manually.
  4. Where would I put this? I assume not in the init.
  5. Is there any way to do what the title says? I'm making a Co-Op mission, and I'd like to set off a claymore if an enemy gets too, like a APERS Mine would. Is there any way?