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  1. Welcome to new Improved Melee System: Reworked *Its an a WIP project* What is a IMS:R? Originally, I did the IMS on the basis of the MOCAP melee mod, but I decided to go ahead and make everything myself from scratch. Mod will include new re-worked melee system Fully new animations made by ME (not used from MOCAP melee mod) This mod will allow you to use melee, such as: 1) Bayonet attack / Bayonet charge 2) Hand to hand combat 3) Knife and Sword's actions 4) Different attacks with rifles, pistols. 5) The ability to use silent killing And of course the mod will support other mods, so for example, you will able to use KA melee weapon pack, etc. What done on this moment? - Bayonet attack - Attack animation for rifles and pistols - A complete system of fighting with swords and knifes ( Blocks, different strokes, etc.) - Bots are using bayonet attack and can use swords and knifes. - You can cut the heads of opponents WIP: - Bayonet charge - Hand to hand combat - Silent kills animations Feel free to ask any questions or add any suggestions. With love, WebKnight. Screenshots: (Coat are another WIP project)
  2. Good day to all. I'll get to the point. At the moment I am working on one project where I need an enlarged skeleton. I've already increased the standard skeleton with a blender, and it works in the game. (See screenshots 1-2). However, only in the static version. When i try to set the speed in the config, the model hovers above the ground in its standard height. (See screenshots 3). Anyone who knows a blender or a animations config can help me? With best regards, WebKnight.
  3. WebKnight

    Increase the arma's skeleton

    Well, i dont actualy care about it. Its my personal model, and i will not upload it anywhere. + Its topic about animations, not about ripped models.
  4. Wo-ah, its been a while, isnt it? Okey, so, let me to explain. First of all - i'am not dead, and i still work with mod. I've just has exams in the february, so I didn't have much time to work. But I successfully passed all exams, and I am ready to work further. So, lets talk about new things. First of all - its a new melee mechanic. I eventually won arma's cluncines. Now the system checks what attack you make, and depending on that adds damage. For example - making a chopping blow, you can hit 3 people at a time, and a stabbing blow-only one. And all your attacks go straight and do not use cursorObject command. (Screenshot 1). That system work with every weapon, not only melee one. The next thing that i am improved - its animations. I remade: Kick butt animation - Screenshot 2. Bayonette animation - Screenshot 3. And plus now i can port models by myself! (Screenshot 4-5). So, stay tuned for another very interesting thing what i will announce very soon. (Spoiler - it will have "Medieval" in the name :D); Plus guys dont forget to join my discord channel! And stay tuned for Open beta test. With love, WebKnight.
  5. Updated - https://discord.gg/4JJvnCx
  6. If anybody interested in testing, or just wanna talk with me - here is the link. https://discord.gg/4JJvnCx (And some images)
  7. Hey hey guys! I am still alive :) Here, take some of WIP screenshots of the progress. Plus, more information. I plan to release this mod somewhere in February. So if anyone wants help me and to speed up the process. Write to the PM
  8. I wast quiet for a couple of days, but dont be confused, i'am still working on my project. Right now work with silent takedowns and other animations. Here you can see WIP animation with Knife takedown (Btw you must remember that i am not a professional in animations, so right now they look a little bit clumsy. But after ALPHA release i will continue my work, and improve all of the animations.). Thank you for your support guys! UPD: Ingame screenshot
  9. Small SITREP: Ive ended making rifle and pistol animations. Now working with knifes, and other stuff. In the nearest future i will try to upload some video to show you animations and core mechanic. And *Feel the power, of the dark side* :D
  10. Now working with pistol animations. All in the best traditions of the Stalker game . And in-game screenshot.
  11. Working as hard as i can :) (WIP picture of kick butt)
  12. WebKnight

    E.P.S.M. was blocked

    Good day to all! Go to the essence. I am the one of developer of the modification E.P.S.M. Exomod. Yesterday the mod was blocked on the steam workshop. It has been said that we used the mod for commercial purposes and took the money. Also we are "stealing content". But why? We never take even a donation, and used the models only for our mod. There were no complaints from the original developer (Sledghammer) or the publisher (Activision). Mod was available throughout the year in steam workshop. Somebody can tell what did we do wrong? By this logic, you can ban other mods, because they too are "stealing content". I hope someone will respond. Thanks in advance. With love, EPSM Team.