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  1. I managed to achieve my goal without CBA requirements, for future reference this is the code I used I only needed to run it on units spawned at mission start though. It could easily be turned into a loop as you said, with a delay at the end to lower resource usage. {if (typeOf(_x) == "classname_1" OR typeOf(_x) == "classname_2") then { _x addEventHandler ["Killed", { params ["_corpse"]; private _dummy = "#particlesource" createVehicleLocal [0,0,0]; _dummy setPosWorld getPosWorld _corpse; _dummy say3D (selectRandom ["deathsound_1","deathsound_2"]); }]; } } forEach allUnits;
  2. Hello, I think of myself as decent when it comes to Arma scripting, but I can't seem to figure out event handlers for this case. I'm basically trying to create two event handlers that will play sounds when a unit dies or is damaged. One event handler will play a randomized death sound The other will play a randomized on hit sound effect I have already defined sounds in my mission description file. However, how would I apply these event handlers too all units in the mission that match certain unit classes (i don't want to have to place something in every unit's init). Is this possible? It's worth noting that this is for a MP environment (not dedicated) and I plan to use say3d on a dummy object for the death sounds.