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  1. -NBR- Magic

    EXP Not Being Rewarded

    Awesome thank you very much. It did seem much more reliable last night. Cheers.
  2. -NBR- Magic

    EXP Not Being Rewarded

    OK so most of today i have not been getting any XP. I have 9 hours streamed to youtube if the devs want to look at it and see whats happening?
  3. -NBR- Magic

    EXP Not Being Rewarded

    Yes official servers only. I wouldn't mind but when you play clash it goes on a bit and to find you didn't get anywhere at the end of it is depressing.
  4. -NBR- Magic

    EXP Not Being Rewarded

    Have been playing Clash most of the day and several times, the last 3 games in a row, i have not been rewarded with any EXP. The MVP screen does not show, just a blank landscape it is most annoying. Sometimes during the game the scoreboard shows you as having just one point if you have made one kill. I finished a match with 7 kills and 5 flag captures and only had 7 points, there was no MVP screen and i didnt even get the 7 points added to my overall score. Could we get this sorted out please? Or could the points be added retrospectively? thanks. (i cant seem to add a link to the screen shots on my steam profile on here :s)
  5. -NBR- Magic

    CLASH - End game BUG

    Yeah me too, i have had 3 consecutive rounds with no points. I'm also sure there have been many more rounds today i haven't been rewarded for! This sucks pretty hard when you work hard to be MVP but get no sweets for it..
  6. Well dude, seeing as these types of mods are the reason people play Arma 3, wouldn't it be nice if Bohemia actually collaborated a little bit with the creators of the mods so that 1, they have a chance to iron out the bugs before you release an update. And 2, you help them get things fixed quickly after an update. A3Wasteland, Exile, Altis Life, King Of The Hill are the main ones, maybe a little bit of help and understanding of those mods, considering you guys wrote the game it wont be difficult to work out how the mods work and maybe even make some suggestions as to how to optimise or improve them?
  7. I have this problem on a wasteland server its a real jip. I have no idea how to script around it.. Any ideas?
  8. -NBR- Magic

    No thermal on nightstalker

    Its a problem with the scope itself, this happened before with an update i think and they fixed it. Instead of being the black and white thermal image its like all red and dull.
  9. I am having big problems with with my wasteland server, yes i know its a mod and it isnt supported here, but i feel the issue might be editor related or if not it is certainly an Eden thing. I converted my old 2D mission.sqm to the new eden editor, made some changes to the map, tested locally and all is good. Once i made it live on the server i noticed that although all the changes i made were properly positioned with no issues, the server was unusually quiet. It turns out that most players were selecting a team and a class slot and then it would just hang on the loading screen, i think this is a common error so hence why i dont think it is wasteland specific. After investigation i found thousands of lines of errors in the RPT about groups and subgroups having no leaders. We tried joining and rejoining the server and tested every available player slot and it seemed that nearly all the Combat Life Saver (group leader) slots seemed to work (one or two still didnt) and on the whole most of the other slots (diver, sniper, engineer etc) didnt, although there were a few random ones that did. I noticed in the changelog for the Eden release that there was some sort of fix where sub groups no longer follow leaders or something and i am wondering if because i started editing this mission in the RC eden editor could this have caused a conflict? All the sets of groups in the wasteland spawns have the callsign starting Alpha. So bluefor has Alpha1-1 Aplha 1-2 etc and opfor has the same as does independant. So i dont see where it is looking for any teams classed as Bravo or Charlie as there is no entity like this on the map. I have tried going through and making each group Alpha for bluefor, Bravo for opfor and Charlie for Independant but the problem still remains.. These are an example of the type of errors in the RPT with the full RPT link at the bottom. 0:36:28 Group R Charlie 1-2 (0x4ca0ce00) - network ID 2:659 0:36:28 - no leader 0:36:28 Subgroup R Charlie 1-2:<No leader> (0x4c9af420) - network ID 2:897 0:36:28 - no leader 0:36:28 Group R Bravo 3-2 (0x53900180) - network ID 2:902 0:36:28 - no leader 0:36:28 Subgroup R Bravo 3-2:<No leader> (0x4caa6840) - network ID 2:907 0:36:28 - no leader 0:36:28 Network simulation, time = 0.000 0:36:28 "Player connected: __SERVER__ ()" 0:36:28 Group R Charlie 1-2 (0x4ca0ce00) - network ID 2:659 0:36:28 - no leader 0:36:28 Group R Bravo 3-2 (0x53900180) - network ID 2:902 and also hundreds of errors about this too: 0:41:39 Ref to nonnetwork object R Bravo 3-1 0:41:39 Ref to nonnetwork object R Bravo 3-1 0:41:39 Ref to nonnetwork object R Bravo 3-1 0:41:39 Ref to nonnetwork object R Bravo 3-1 0:41:39 Ref to nonnetwork object R Bravo 3-1 0:41:40 Ref to nonnetwork object R Bravo 3-1 0:41:40 Ref to nonnetwork object R Bravo 3-1 0:41:40 Ref to nonnetwork object R Bravo 3-1 0:41:40 Ref to nonnetwork object R Bravo 3-1 0:41:40 Ref to nonnetwork object R Bravo 3-1 0:41:40 Ref to nonnetwork object R Bravo 3-1 0:41:40 Ref to nonnetwork object R Bravo 3-1 Link to full RPT: www.waveneytales.com/arma/rpterror.txt
  10. The Awesome No BS Revolution Website: www.nobullshitrevolution.com The gaming world is sadly full of silly little kids that are not mature enough to be in control of a mouse and keyboard let alone be left unattended with a microphone. You have to suffer crappy, laggy, unimaginative servers with either over zealous or non existent admins. Then you want to be part of a group but you encounter military structures with ranks and pomp and ceremony... You just want to play and have a good laugh right..? To try and solve this problem and provide sanctuary from all the BS. The No BS Revolution was formed many years ago from a collection of experienced, level headed, competitive gamers who just want to enjoy the time they have for gaming and not have their game time ruined by a load of BS. The time has come for the the Revolution to rear its ugly head again so here we are with a brand new Wasteland dedicated server. The server itself is the result of countless hours of development and features the most advanced version of A3Wasteland with some of the most innovative addons and features from some of the best scripters from the Arma community. Our server has only today been released to the public and we believe it will standout from the crowd, so why not take the opportunity to tackle some of our AI missions while things are quiet and fill your ATM account in preparation of the impending battles! We have a free Teamspeak server for our players to use and a stats package to display all your kills/deaths/captures/beheadings (yes beheadings!) will be implemented in the coming days. Our Wasteland server IP is: We welcome any like minded individuals to join us to make a few friends and have a good laugh playing on a server that is designed around the wants and needs of our regular players. We do not suffer fools kindly and we look after our own. We encourage suggestions from players as to how they would like their server to run and will gladly implement any ideas we feel will improve the No BS Revolution experience! Visit our website for the razzmatazz and all that jazz: http://www.nobullshitrevolution.com Peace.. Errrr... I mean... WAR...!!
  11. -NBR- Magic

    Arma 3 Exile Mod

    Does this mod still have lots of bullshit bugs that make playing it an infuriating experience?
  12. Whenever i join a server in the chat in the bottom left iit comes up saying "optimizing graphics settings" How do i stop this please? I optimise the game via the Nvidia GeForce experience software before i launch the game, but the game overwrites these settings everytime i join and set the view and draw distances back to a stock 1500 and 900 i think. Its driving me crazy having to reset everything each time i join a server. Its probably something simple, but google searches on the issue brings up loads of tweaks guides which arent really much help. Any help apreciated thanks.
  13. -NBR- Magic

    Audio Lets This Great Game Down..!

    Nice one cheers, you link useful information like a lvl 86 boss.
  14. I'm wondering if they are any plans to revamp the audio in this game? I find the directional and positional sound to be really low quality compared to other games. You can hear gunshots in the distance and they sound way closer than they actually are. So you start searching close to you but the guy could be 300m+ away. It doesn't feel like the crack of a 50 cal sniper rifle wafting over 1km is very authentic, and once you get in a 100m - 200m range the intensity of gunfire doesn't seem to increase too much. I know sound travels and there will no doubt be some sort of realism based reply, but in the modern era of hi fidelity surround soundscapes I think vast improvements could be made to do this game justice. Does anyone else share this experience, or is it just me being a div? Also, the sound a vehicle makes when it hits just about any obstacle is pretty much the same, that horrible low budget generic movie crunching sound. I'm not asking for 1000+ scenario hi def sounds for each individual collision but a little variety would be nice. Cheers
  15. -NBR- Magic

    How many missiles is realistic for infantry units?

    It's still a game, so it's not real, seeing as you get shot and 30 seconds later after 10 seconds of treatment you are up and sprinting again.. So carrying a hundred grands worth of missile is ok with me..