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    co10 Escape

    Thank you for your answer ! Hum I see ! So now You can see the slot of the headless client in the lobby ? I tried without the game logic this morning, the headless client seems to be connected to the server. The AI worked. But I don't know if the server or the HC handle the AI : /
  2. Wassily

    co10 Escape

    Plop ! :) I have a question about Headless client. I saw in the initPlayerServer.sqf, somes lines are here to detect the presence of a Headless client. Is this feature working at the moment ?
  3. Wassily

    co10 Escape

    Excuse me, I think I don't understand, we have to reach the ComCenter to be able to hack an UAV terminal ?
  4. Wassily

    co10 Escape

    Plop guys ! First of all ! Thanks Neo and Scruffy for this great mission ! It's very challenging and well made :) I'm not very good at coding but I tried few modification to understand how it works. For now I can do very basics things. Somehow I can understand somes sentences, perhaps I will be able help with the ACE3 issue. I love this overhaul and I think it goes well with Escape. I installed a few mods to play with Escape : ACE3, ASR AI3 and STHud. And I haven't encounter Rekkless's issue for now. Sometimes I notice that the AI isn't quick enough to spot us. Once I drove next to them with a QuadBike and I had time to eject and fire on them before they could do anything. I think it wasn't related to a mod issue, but in fact it was my server having a hard time to process. My computer is the dedicated server and one of the client at the same time, it run smoother than if I host the mission. I have a question, is the hacking of an UAV terminal working with the mission without AC3 ?