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  1. Anwender

    [SP Mission] Takistan Storys One

    Hi, Armaholic Mirror has been updated :) Also part 2 is now being made with much more story. Greetings Anwender
  2. Anwender

    [SP Mission] Takistan Storys One

    Hi, There will be more missions, i am allready working on the second part :) Greetings anwender
  3. Anwender

    [SP Mission] Takistan Storys One

    Hi, thanks for playing! If you have the time please give me a short review on the mission. Greetings anwender
  4. Anwender

    [SP Mission] Takistan Storys One

    Hi Community, today i released the next version of my mission! Basically whats new in this one: And again thanks to McLupo...he is also the one who made up a short story that explains why you have to destroy those mean explosives ;) and he added the Voice acting/Radio Chatter. Check this one out guys i think its great :D greetings anwender
  5. Anwender

    [SP Mission] Takistan Storys One

    Hi, i fixed the download but i also changed the loadout of the enemys but now the shemags are replaced with russian boonies and even helmets?! Greetings anwender
  6. Anwender

    [SP Mission] Takistan Storys One

    Hi, glad to see that you are really caring about my mission and again thanks for taking the time to help me. I just noticed that i was using an old version of RHS:Escalation. The new version has AKM´s and PKM´s! So basically weapons that fit even better into my scenario! Tomorrow i will start changing every loadout to make it more realistic, because the enemys that i call "takiban" :D should have old equipment and not the clean Ak´s that look like they got delivered from russian factorys a few days ago. Greetings anwender
  7. Anwender

    [SP Mission] Takistan Storys One

    Hi, First off all...Thank you for playing and taking the time to write a review on my mission! The mission is all about action and the name "Takistan storys" is just because i couldnt find a good one :D i may add some sort of Story in later missions, but im not really good at writing storys. I worked on the Mission today (see changelog above). I basically added some things that you mentioned in your review. Greetings anwender
  8. Anwender

    [SP Mission] Takistan Storys One

    Hi, ...again, i didnt really know how to use google drive so i just rushed it. I hope it works now and thanks again for replying. Greetings anwender
  9. Anwender

    [SP Mission] Takistan Storys One

    Hi, Thanks for your reply. I added Google Drive for now but for me mediafire is working fine i dont know why your browser is refusing to download it. Greetings anwender
  10. TAKISTAN STORYS ONE Features -Infantry Combat -Radio Chatter / Voice acting -Unique customized Loadout -Support via radio -Helicopter insertion and extraction -Arma 3 music -Action! Required addons RHS:Escalation All in Arma Terrainpack (AiA TP) Optional addons(recommended) ASR AI 3 LAxemann´s Dynasounds Description Takistan Storys One is the first mission of many. This one is about an IED cache that has to be destroyed, but it is heavily guarded by bad guys. You have a preset loadout aswell as your teammates so you have limited resources to complete your mission. If you want you can call support (UH-60 Helicopter with 2 6.5mm Miniguns) that helps you. But if he gets destroyed you wont have another one. Known issues -RHS:Escalation is replacing shemags with helmets and boonies for a reason i dont really know. How to play Download the .rar and extract it with (Winrar/7zip). Locate your Arma 3 installation and find the Mission folder. Put the .pbo from the .rar into the Mission folder Start Arma 3 Download Google Drive Mirror 1.14 Armaholic Mirror 1.14 (if the download is not working please contact me so i can fix it) Changelog: Pictures Thanks to: -Armaholic hosting my mission and keeping it up to date on their website -McLupo for really helping me with this mission -All the people who take time to play this mission -Bohemia Interactive for Arma 3 :)
  11. Hey Undeceived, wie immer perfekte Arbeit habe auch Black Lands und For the Life of my Friend for kurzem noch Gespielt und nun auch endlich mal Dying Ember. Es gab keine Bugs alles hat Funktioniert. Meine Frage ist wann kommt Chapter 2 und wie bekomme ich den Aktualiesiert sich mein Mod dann? ^^ Mfg Anwender