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  1. Where can I find the place to rebind the key for the afterburner on jets?
  2. How do you use the knife item, that spawns on pilots?
  3. J Godin

    Iron Front in Arma 3

    They refuse to work, saying my mod files are corrupted or do not exist. Don't worry about it, i'm probably doing something wrong.
  4. J Godin

    Iron Front in Arma 3

    Is there a way to update this mod without using those exe files, they never work for me.
  5. J Godin


  6. J Godin

    Mod-menus dont work

    It could be a file that is in your vanilla arma 3 directory, that may be a requirement for these mods to work. I suggest verifying your files through steam.
  7. J Godin

    Mod-menus dont work

    I'm no expert, but i suggest re downloading the mod, and making sure you have all of the required addons. If this doesn't work go to the ace topic in this forum and post your problem. You can also report this on their bug tracker. But I suggest you re download it first.
  8. Bud, the whole point of this mod is to add more content into Arma 3 from previous titles, not to make pristine models. Many of the people here are happy that this team is able to spend their time porting content, and putting it up to Arma 3 standards. Modelling and texturing take time, their goal is to get it all into Arma 3, so then later on it can be retextured. I appreciate all the work this team is doing and I hope that they continue on this path, I think the content is great, it looks quite good and it gets the job done.
  9. Can any of the landing craft seat large amounts of people, for beach landings?
  10. I can't seem to be able to enter my configuration settings when using this mod?
  11. For some reason, when ever I try to switch fire modes my weapon holsters. It is very annoying and now I cannot switch fire modes.