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  1. Hymmnos

    NIArms Release Thread

    Good morning. Doing that now.
  2. Hymmnos

    NIArms Release Thread

    Wow, gotta say that I love the Nightforce ATACR F1 optic. Isopod is also hilarious. Left a bug report on Github: https://github.com/toadie2k/NIArms/issues/140 Thanks for the hard work and amazing content. Edit1: Gonna keep editing with new bugs or weirdness Izhmash RPK12 has a bipod on the gun model but it can accept bipod attachments. When using a bipod attachment, the RPK's model bipod does not deploy. Edit2: All HK33 rifles have the "2" on the rear sight at 400m, and the "4" on the rear sight at 200m sighted. Rear sight hole looks to be the same size for both 2 and 4. 200m aperture is missing and is currently using the 400m aperture. 400m aperture has the incorrectly labeled "2" on it. https://gyazo.com/bfb2878858080ac7720fa800ff66dfa7.gif Edit3: Similarly present on the HK53 variants, however, the apertures are correct for their ranges, the numbers displayed beneath them are incorrect. Swap 2 and 4. Edit4: H&K G3A3 Rifles and G3KA4 rifle rear sights are in the correct order but the numbering is reversed as shown: https://gyazo.com/187427c7e1c13373cb6aa877a8a42f8b.gif Edit5: Using the M14-DMR, you cannot see the front sight when zeroing out past 400m. I think the weapon is supposed to tilt the front upwards to allow you to properly see the front sight. https://i.gyazo.com/61f3f619ee854cdb72cbfca199e6ad2b.jpg Edit6: MP5A4 Rear sights are in the incorrect order. Currently 1-4-3-2. Other MP5 variants have the correct 1-2-3-4 ordering. Edit7: Just realized you no longer manually have to unscope to move the bolt using the weapon event handler framework stuff. It automatically unscopes you and cycles the bolt. Neat. ACR-E 6.8 Long/Green has incorrect icon. https://i.gyazo.com/8655e079dfc05435eefb8431d656c459.jpg Edit8: All HK416 rifles: have a similar issue to edit 2 and 3. Numbers correctly go 1 2 3 4, though aperture size 2 is the same as 4. The correct aperture size for 2 is missing. I'm only making my assertions based on assumptions. Maybe H&K does their apertures all funky. In that case just call me dumb and ignore it. Edit 9: Replacing the default muzzle device which seems to be a suppressor on the Honey-Badger with a flash hider does not change the sound when firing the weapon. I don't know if there's supposed to be an unsuppressed sound but I'm just pointing out that there isn't one currently. I think that's it for my bug reports or observations. Hopefully I'm not pulling it all out of my ass, I'm no expert but these are thing I've noticed which seem weird. Little disclaimer: I have NOT gone through ALL the weapons and fully tested every one, but this is just what I found quickly when going through the weapon list. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers.
  3. Hymmnos

    User Mission Request Thread

    Does anyone know of a map like this: ? I'm looking for a single-player map with respawning AI enemies and preferably multiple different AI factions fighting each other. This scenario I linked is basically perfect, but the map / area is getting a bit old after hours of play time. Anything on other maps or areas?
  4. Hymmnos

    NIArms Release Thread

    Hey all, I've encountered an error that I have pinpointed to this mod that's been happening ever since the Apex / 1.62 update. The error pops up on the main menu when loading the game and reads: "No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/Iteminfo.scope'." I have every mod disabled except for CBA_A3, NIArms Core, and a NIArms weapons mod. All mods are downloaded through the steam workshop so they should be up-to-date.
  5. Hymmnos

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    While taking control of a helicopter as a gunner, is there a reason you cannot use the pilot's munitions (usually rocket pod)?
  6. Hymmnos

    [SP] War of the Hats

    I would totally love to see similar style missions in other cities / areas. This mod is extremely fun with high replayability. Just you, and a city full of baddies trying to kill eachother. It's definitely more fun to just Deathmatch it and survive.
  7. Hymmnos

    NIArms Release Thread

    Just dropping by to say thank you for the quality mods. Your steam workshop All in One collection really made it super simple to make sure everything is downloaded, and I know now that it's all up to date since NIArms came out. Cheers.
  8. Thanks for another release and all those updates to support ACE. Here's to another release.
  9. Hymmnos

    [WIP] Halo Covenant

    Hey man, as long as progress is made, I'm sure everyone will be happy. I'm sure as you get more and more done there will be more people available to help out on the project too.
  10. ?? The bullet and rifle is a closed system, it can fire in space just fine.
  11. That video, 10/10. Another good read is this news post on the Nexus (the main hub of mods for multiple games): nexusmods(dot)com/skyrim/news/12454/ (I can't post links because my account is under 1 day old) Mainly applicable is the part titled "Permission changes regarding paid mods" Basically: If something is stolen, how can you tell? You buy the mod to check it out, right? But you don't want to buy the mod. So you buy it and refund it... for steam wallet credit... valve takes your money anyway. It's stated much better in the article but that's the gist.