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  1. Life Roleplay Erie County First of we would like to say no we are not the best Life server i'm not going to lie we are a straight up honest community, Our team has put in a lot of time, effort and dedication into the server to make it fun for you. We have a great team of staff that have a good partnership with the players and the community. We spent a lot of time on documentation to minimize error and misunderstanding. We spent even more time implementing the scripts, mods and all the objects around the map. The community's future all depends on its players without roleplay it isn't going to be a very good server therefore we enforce Roleplay to a mass degree and every member that returns will start to spread the word and bring even more experience and knowledge to the community At the moment our community is using Mods these mods provide better material to have better roleplay some of these can be realistic guns like M16A4 and cars like a Ferrari, they add a much more realism effect to the community. Some other features we have are: FTP for easy mod updates and fast download rate No Huge mod pack Maverick Skills and XP System Sheriff, Medic, FBI Panic Buttons Task Force Radio Evidence Locker Sheriff Keycard Enhanced Movements Custom Threat Menu Placables Seatbelts EarPlugs Dynamic Weather Tear Gas, Zip Ties, Blindfolds Suicide Vests , Speed bombs Intro Cam and Music Lawyers / Courts Bank Dynamic Market Upcoming Delivery Missions Fire Events Use Drugs Cruise Control And many more We pay attention to every suggestion no matter what, 'A community is not made by the developers it is made by the players' If you have read this far down and are wanting to give us a shot www.liferoleplay.org ts3.liferoleplay.org:55555 ftp://repo.liferoleplay.org/.a3s/autoconfig