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  1. Good day! I made here a single thread for my three texture mods: 45KO Marksmen DLC Textures http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=438801509 45KO SO Equipment http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=446915564 45KO SO Weapons http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=431114124 I can not attach any pics here so please check the screenies from Steam. The textures I have made do not represent any real life military stuff. Here are some of what are available in the mods above: Mk14: - Black - Wood - Wood Dark - Wood Light MAR-10 .338: - Black D (desaturated black because the original was colourful black) - Khaki/Black (this goes nicely with the khaki and black scopes in the dlc) Mk-I EMR 7.62mm: - Black D ASP-1 Kir 12.7mm: - Black D (also removed fingerprints) Cyrus 9.3mm: - Black D (also removed fingerprints) - Khaki/Black - Khaki/Tan - Sand/Tan Navid 9,3mm: - Black - Khaki/Black - Khaki/Tan - Sand/Tan Mk18 ABR: - Black - camo grey - camo brown - camo green - khaki - coyote Rahim: - Black Zafir: - Black - camo brown Mk20c: - black - camo brown TRG-20/21EGLM: - black - camo green - camo brown - khaki - coyote MX SW: - camo grey - camo brown - camo green - khaki - khaki/sand - panther - coyote MXC: - camo grey - panther Hope you find something enjoyable!
  2. Oooooooh. Thank you for the explanation :) Now they are showing up.
  3. I was thinking of asking this, but wasn't allowed to post new threads. However I still cannot get the MX to show up in VA. If I have both baseWeapon="arifle_MX_SW_Black_F"; scope=2; , it still doesn't work. What don't I understand? I did get trg and mk20 textures easily in VA but MX never.
  4. I wish we could retexture all weapons (and gear). Right now it seems only Mk20 and TRG rifles can be textured. MX rifle retextures no longer show on virtual arsenal?
  5. This tutorial has been very helpful. Thank you. I have managed to make several retextured uniforms, vests, helmets, backpacks and weapons. However, I have problem, I just cannot understand. I have succesfully added new TRG21 and Mk20 camos and they are visible in virtual arsenal, but I cannot get MX SW rifle retexture to show in VA. I also downloaded an other retexture mod (White MX rifles), which has retextured MX rifles, and none of those can be seen in VA. this is from my mod: class arifle_MX_SW_Black_F; class 45KO_PMC_MX_SW_delta: arifle_MX_SW_Black_F { author="45KO"; scope=2; displayName="MX SW 6.5 mm (PMC Delta)"; hiddenSelections[]= { "camo1" }; hiddenSelectionsTextures[]= { "\45ko_PMC_weapons_pack1\data\PMC_xmx_lmg_delta_co.paa" }; picture="\A3\Weapons_F_EPB\Rifles\MX_Black\Data\UI\gear_mx_lmg_black_X_CA.paa"; }; class arifle_Mk20c_F; class 45KO_PMC_mk20c_alpha: arifle_Mk20c_F { author="45KO"; scope=2; displayName="Mk20c 5.56 mm (PMC Alpha)"; hiddenSelections[]= { "camo" }; hiddenSelectionsTextures[]= { "\45ko_PMC_weapons_pack1\data\PMC_mk20_alpha_co.paa" }; picture="\45ko_PMC_weapons_pack1\data\UI\gear_mk20_c_x_ca.paa"; }; They are both the same, but only the mk20 can be seen in VA. Am I doing something wrong with MX retexturing? Is it different from other weapons? It does have scope=2;