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  1. co10 Escape

    Few playthroughs are here (co10 Escape videos only) I can't thank you enough guys, best experience I ever had in Arma 3.
  2. co10 Escape

    The helicopter is annoying but thats its job. You can kill the guards without alarming anyone or you can kill them quickly and run for cover. Dodging the helicopter is easy if you are patient and dont do crazy stuff, just hide behind trees, use terrain, buildings etc and eventually the heli will give up and fly away. Never had any problems with it, we often shoot it down and steal it if it survives the fall :) You have to be really really unlucky with the spawn but even then, you can still hide in your prison you escaped from ;) Just keep them as they are, they are supposed to be big threat as in real life. Playing CUP btw.
  3. co10 Escape

    Hey guys, just wanted to say that this is really great mission, its the only mission we play now and always have so much fun. Neo do you plan any updates to the mission with more features, nothing in particular, just wondering, maybe bigger towns more defended with enemy encampment, i dont know or strategic locations, ports, towers etc. Also check out our attempt on Altis with CUP, we were doing so well until..
  4. co10 Escape

    Also we played this mission on friday, great fun, cant play today. Every killed soldier sinks into the ground and we see artillery markers on the ground where its gonna drop. Unplayable. We didnt change anything so I am wondering what is wrong since it was fine yesterday. EDIT: it seems the problem was caused by that AISS2 AI mod, removing solved it.
  5. co10 Escape

    Which custom AI would you guys recommend, if any to use in this mission? You said ASR AI but what about AISS2 AI? Any experience what to pick and why? Thanks
  6. co10 Escape

    if only every encounter on Escape Altis would be this eazy :)
  7. co10 Escape

    ah i see, thanx rex :)
  8. co10 Escape

    Is it? :D sorry :D havent played it in A2, but never seen it happen in your A3 version. Do they look mean though with special gear to make them formidable?
  9. co10 Escape

    How about adding random paratrooper drop. would happen only sometime, transport heli would fly over your known position and drop lets say 6 special mercenary soldiers with appropriate badass uniforms with balaclavas and better gear/weapons and higher skill then the rest of soldiers. Maybe this could be true once you hack the communication center, when you piss off the AI, so they try harder to stop you. But not every mission and not at the same time. Make it random, when you stop at one location for too long or you're going through town or something. Or they could drop at the location of your vehcle to stop you driving away.
  10. co10 Escape

    would it be possible to change the revive animation to one that shows player healing other player? atm its the same animation used for healing yourself. Btw as Rekkless said, the best coop scenario around for me as well :)
  11. co10 Escape

    I am sure it should be :D We were searching the prison for ages but it was night so u re probably right. Does it spawn at random location inside the prison?
  12. co10 Escape

    I had the same. Map now works, well done. But sometimes couldnt pick NVG from some bodies and it worked from others..odd. Also once we spawned and there was no backpack on the ground so we run away but got shot in the end obviously :D
  13. co10 Escape

    We played escape altis on the weekend, and couldnt pick any map from dead bodies. It was there but couldnt move it to our inventory. oO I see other ppl found it. So we were lost but still managed to die hilariously, gotta love the artillery fire. Great fun, awesome job. Thanx NEO!
  14. co10 Escape

    Thanks for answer. And are they supposed to shoot at us immediately once we spawn, without touching the bag?
  15. co10 Escape

    The issue with AI happened to me as well. Running vanilla A3, enemies wouldnt shoot at all or they would but only some of them or after considerable delay. Played yesterday, enemies started shooting at us immediately after we spawned and havent touched the backpack yet or moved. Also the helicopter spawned right next to the prison and we couldnt get rid of it. But otherwise great mission :)