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    Panavia Tornado AWS

    @pinaz93: This is a really nice mod. Well done! So just some feedback from me: Personally I would not bother very much with the dials etc. on the cockpit. A nice overlay is perfect until you are bored one day and have nothing else to do. I never use the cockpit instrumentation in ARMA. I would rather go for a really good HUD, that is displayed in 1st person (as if it was on the Pilot's Helmet display.) This should obviously move with the pilot's head movement. I would think of creating functionality like displaying target information from the GPS/LSR Targeting System in the HUD with all the normal information like ALT and speed etc. Also, the targeting system prevents you from using the Flight Controls. It would be really nice to control the aircraft while setting up targets. All in all, this mod is really welcome, especially since it brings a proper UK fighter! I am useless at mod, so I wish I could help to build it. I will test it with ever update though! Good luck!
  2. armourite

    UAVs: Feedback and wishes

    Thanks, I think that is it. Although the drone was way too far to actually being hit, it was being fired upon (watched it with Zeus). ---------- Post added at 02:19 ---------- Previous post was at 02:13 ---------- About enabling the Radar on the UAV (changed my initial question for clarity.) When using the UAV's in any multiplayer environment, we want to prevent Human players abillity to see enemies on the map when the radar is enabled. Is it possible to enable the radar for the drones (so options like Follow / Destroy Unit works), but to not see every enemy contact? Best scenario would be if enemies can be seen on a cTab device but not on the ARMA map?
  3. armourite

    UAVs: Feedback and wishes

    Hi, Thank you for the feedback. I confirmed it does ignore my Never fire command on my editor. I will investigate more. When using the UAV's in the ALIVE environment, we want to disable that all players can see every enemy on the map when the radar is enabled. Is it possible to enable the radar for vehicles (so options like Follow Unit works), but to not see every infantry contact as well? Perhaps the infantry can be seen on a cTab device but not the map?
  4. armourite

    UAVs: Feedback and wishes

    I think the UAV's are fantastic and I would not change much. I think the functionality is really good and realistic. Two problems I picked up for the Greyhawk: If it is flying over mountainous terrain (like Clafghan) the altitude setting is really painful. If it is flying at speed on autonomous mode, it tries to keep the altitude above ground and often looses control and crashes. There should an option to either set the altitude above sea-level, or above ground. If it is set to above sea level, it should be able to set at least to 4000m, as some of the mountains are 2900m high. The Loiter option (with "Never Fire" set) seems to be erroneous. Even with Never fire enabled it would still try and engage targets that it sees. This is usually a problem if ground units are already targeting it and the Greyhawk needs rather to wait. The Greyhawk should stay in Loiter until specifically told to engage. Thanks!