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  1. aztec_ghost

    [COOP-6] Evade and Survive

    @Zenophon Thanks for the mission and update. My group was looking missions like this for out COOP's nights and this sounds like a good one. We will run it and let you know if we have any feedback. Edit: Anyway to increase the player count to about 12? Thanks
  2. Also, does it auto support rhs or cup mods or would they have to be edited in editor?
  3. aztec_ghost

    BMR Insurgency

    @diesel tech Diyala runs fine on BMR. The only issue is how you place some of the AI spawn points on the map. The map has a canal that runs on the west side and AI get stupid and get stuck and cant get over it. The map maker needs to create more bridges to get over river/canal but it still works well. The map currently needs the 1.60 lighting update as well. The skyline is currently black from the arma 3 1.60 update and the map author is currently updating it. We have a blast on it when we run BMR on Diyala.
  4. We played this for about 2 hours yesterday on your server. We will be hosting this as well since we had a lot of fun with it. Good job mate! Some feedback: Sectors that are already controlled can be voted as the next sector of conflict. Some players didn't understand the concept and would vote for the same sector previously capped. When people do this it causes a loop and you can never advance and clear the sector. it says 200 of 200 but never finishes. I would make it so you can not vote on a sector you already own until it taken by another side. Lower the sector control timer to 100. 200 is way to long. Seems like you have reinforcements set at 100 to contest the capture but it takes forever if one opposing unit is 300 ms away and you have to hunt that enemy and return to restart the timer. If possible limit the amount of support a player can order. When we got stuck on a previous sector described above, players were ordering tons of support tanks and infantry to the point it was causing a ton of lag. Question: Can we port this to another map? Once again good job on this and hope it does well. We will be putting up a server later today for anyone that is interested in trying out this CTI mission Mod. Check http://www.SonsOfWarGaming.com for details on server later today.
  5. aztec_ghost

    BMR Insurgency

    @Diesel I have not experienced those errors at all. Gonna ask just to ask.... Are you sure you are running the latest version of BMR?
  6. Are these updates only on the single player version? Looking to run this for MP on a dedicated server.
  7. aztec_ghost

    BMR Insurgency

    @Jigsor I didn't see this on list or I'm just blind but do you support MIDDLE EAST WARFARE units by Massi?
  8. aztec_ghost

    BMR Insurgency

    Absolutely! I just need to update my files with Jigsor update from this week and I will share. I will do that this weekend.
  9. aztec_ghost

    [ALiVE, COOP, SP] Fallujah Assault

    I have loaded CUP Maps and Core but still get a UTES dependency and server will not load. Anyone else have this issue and find a way around it?
  10. aztec_ghost

    [ALiVE, COOP 18] A Bright Morning

    Anyway to allow 3rd person? Can't seem to find where to change it
  11. aztec_ghost

    [ALiVE, COOP 18] A Bright Morning

    We will definitely put this up on one of our servers tomorrow. Nice work AUTigerGrad
  12. aztec_ghost


    I can host on a Dedicated server if there is enough interest. My group has always enjoyed Warlords and we just ran one using the new Diyala map.
  13. Man no wonder you are seeing crossed eyed! You spent sometime thinking about it but then again so was I. I added a few random civilians in the market and it works. I also put a few unarmed rebels in the square standing by a loud speak with the Isis propaganda clip. I'll play around with it some more and if I find a good balance I will share my triggers with you. I was thinking that it would be cool to put the radio sounds on random civi vehicles and hear it as they pass by if you are close enough. I know there is no way now but it would add to the effect.
  14. How wide did you make the mosques triggers? I wanted the trigger to go off about atleast a street away but cant seem to get it to do that. I also added at each corner of the mosque some of the people and market sounds so it blends in but cant get the prayer trigger to kick on from that distance when you enter the zone trigger.
  15. @HeroesandvillainsOS I started adding triggers yesterday to Diyala and so far it does add alot more realism to the map. Not verse in the language but its making our mission that much better. Just my two cents.