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  1. Looks like the mission file still has an addon listed for the wrong Chernarus map. In mission.sqm, try changing 'cup_chernarus_config' to 'CUP_Chernarus_A3_Config' instead
  2. Is there any way to hide the runway outline on the ingame map? or spawn it in without the DynamicAirport_01_F so the carrier isn't actually treated as a runway? i'd like players to have to try and find the carrier's location but the rectangle on the map gives away its position :/
  3. I would like to randomly spawn the USS Freedom in a different location on each server restart so the player has to find it, but the runway rectangle that is drawn on the ingame map kinda gives its location away! Does anybody know of a command to hide the rectangle which is drawn for each runway on the map?
  4. mcgough

    X-Cam-Taunus Version 1.1

    The Neu-Anspach hotel appears to have an unwanted guest
  5. mcgough

    X-Cam-Taunus Version 1.1

    Superb work, really impressed! Although i'm having a server key issue i'm hoping somebody could help me with? I have copied over all of the included bikeys from the 'server_keys' folder but i cannot seem to join the server running the map as i receive the following ingame error: My client rpt logs the same error: is the Taunus download missing some bikeys or am i missing something glaringly obvious?