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    Since last update: Mk-I EMR less powerfull ?

    As far as I know mk18 was never a straight one shoot kill. It was 1-2 shoots depending on the situation (on a non armoured target)
  2. Hand_Solo

    Servers missing ???

    You have a mini map for that
  3. Hand_Solo

    Show ur Clash mode stat's

    80ish games of clash in 1h??? Are you sure about that?
  4. Hand_Solo

    Body armour

    Can one of the Devs enlight me? What is the point of body armour when i get one shoot (in the chest) all the time from every single weapon in the game except from tier 1's and lmg's?
  5. Hand_Solo

    Body armour

    Whatever it is, is happening to often and is annoying especially when you have a limited amount of skill points that you can use and spend 6 on a body armour that you hope it will make a difference in a game and then you realise that with or without it is the same thing,it really puts you off.
  6. Hand_Solo

    Body armour

    So the problem is either the armour not working properly or the hit detection is way off
  7. Hand_Solo

    Body armour

    Is the torso( chest) a different module from the arms and legs or is just one single module? If they are different and a random shoot hits between torso and arm will the game say that the torso has been damaged,the arm or damage both modules at the same time?
  8. Hand_Solo

    Body armour

    At least someone knows the truth :)
  9. Hand_Solo

    Body armour

    Are you joking?
  10. Hand_Solo

    Body armour

    Then explain to me how I got 1 shoot by a Spar16,Mx,Mxm and CMR in the chest? Either the armour is broken or the weapon damage is just a random bullshit
  11. Hand_Solo

    Show ur Clash mode stat's

    Where can we meet so i can show you mine?
  12. Hand_Solo

    What is your favourite game mode?

    Are you level 1 ????
  13. Hand_Solo

    19.4mb Argo Update 7/17/17?

    New bugs
  14. Hand_Solo

    Houdan Charlie

    The whole map is a mess.It needs to be removed,at least from Clash
  15. Hand_Solo

    Amount of Servers vs. People

    People were complaining about the lack of servers,so they added a lot of them.End of story (stop complaining)
  16. Hand_Solo


    You may want to see a doctor. Last time she gave me a nasty rash
  17. Hand_Solo

    Tactics in scenarios

    No No Hell no Again no. The only advantage you should have is the one you make for yourself The only "tweaks" that can be used is for a player to try different approaches for his objective in a game\round Just no
  18. Hand_Solo

    Supporter Emotes

    You don't access them.At the end of each game if you are in top three you will see your character doing some mumbo jumbo.
  19. Hand_Solo


    It's not a hack,it's a bug
  20. As the title says,do u guys (devs) care about your veteran players? As far as i have seen not a single "Thank you guys" or anything like that and now you put them trough that awful gear grind again.I know some of them don't even have the time or energy to go trough that again and i think the least u can do is give them their level,points and score back that they had before the last wipe.Cheers
  21. Hand_Solo

    Do the devs care about the veterans?

    What?????? A lot of players run in the middle of an open field and then get snipe buy someone on a hill with a dmr and they start to scream that they died because the other player had a better gun.
  22. Hand_Solo

    Do the devs care about the veterans?

    Why do u ppl always complain about the weapons?In a game where it takes just a few bullets to kill your target any weapon is as deadly. You now have a lot of level 15-10 vs level 1 players.Does that make it fair? According to you,no so lets just keep every one at level 1 then because "fair".In this game u die a lot from the mistakes u make during that game,not because the other player had a "better" weapon.So please spare me the bullshit about the weapons!
  23. Hand_Solo

    Ask us anything!

    Again? At least increase the XP you get when playing Clash cuz at the moment you get more XP from playing that mumbojumbo call of battlefield Link. And make the servers to be dedicated for Clash/Link/Raid,not mixt
  24. Hand_Solo

    Update 0.77 not avaliable on steam

    U know there is a queue for that right