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  1. Hand_Solo

    Since last update: Mk-I EMR less powerfull ?

    As far as I know mk18 was never a straight one shoot kill. It was 1-2 shoots depending on the situation (on a non armoured target)
  2. Hand_Solo

    Servers missing ???

    You have a mini map for that
  3. Hand_Solo

    Show ur Clash mode stat's

    80ish games of clash in 1h??? Are you sure about that?
  4. Hand_Solo

    Body armour

    Whatever it is, is happening to often and is annoying especially when you have a limited amount of skill points that you can use and spend 6 on a body armour that you hope it will make a difference in a game and then you realise that with or without it is the same thing,it really puts you off.
  5. Hand_Solo

    Body armour

    So the problem is either the armour not working properly or the hit detection is way off
  6. Hand_Solo

    Body armour

    Is the torso( chest) a different module from the arms and legs or is just one single module? If they are different and a random shoot hits between torso and arm will the game say that the torso has been damaged,the arm or damage both modules at the same time?
  7. Hand_Solo

    Body armour

    At least someone knows the truth :)
  8. Hand_Solo

    Body armour

    Are you joking?
  9. Hand_Solo

    Body armour

    Then explain to me how I got 1 shoot by a Spar16,Mx,Mxm and CMR in the chest? Either the armour is broken or the weapon damage is just a random bullshit
  10. Hand_Solo

    Body armour

    Can one of the Devs enlight me? What is the point of body armour when i get one shoot (in the chest) all the time from every single weapon in the game except from tier 1's and lmg's?
  11. Hand_Solo

    Show ur Clash mode stat's

    Where can we meet so i can show you mine?
  12. Hand_Solo

    What is your favourite game mode?

    Are you level 1 ????
  13. Hand_Solo

    19.4mb Argo Update 7/17/17?

    New bugs
  14. Hand_Solo

    Houdan Charlie

    The whole map is a mess.It needs to be removed,at least from Clash
  15. Hand_Solo

    Amount of Servers vs. People

    People were complaining about the lack of servers,so they added a lot of them.End of story (stop complaining)