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  1. ghost77788

    X-Cam 1.0 for Arma 3 released

    Tanoa objects have been released from ebo to pbo. Now all we need is a xcam file to see them in game.
  2. Goodday Bohemia, I was wondering if the announcement that all tanoa assets would become available to all members of arma 3, also ment that those assets would be coming out of ebo format to pbo format? As that was the reason to release them to all players, as they couldnt play on some terrains that did use them in some way or another. This making it easier for the people making those terrains and expanding the arma universe with them. Thank you for all the hard work.
  3. To use TP you actually have to export the heightmap out of TB because TB adds the coordinates(200000,0) it needs, otherwise the shape roads file doesnt know where to make the adjustments.
  4. ghost77788

    X-Cam 1.0 for Arma 3 released

    Has anyone else experienced issues with mikeros tanoa objects. So i build a project with xcam, exported it to TB, viewed it in buldozer but when i get in game its all f**** upped. tanoa walls are following elevation when in xcam i didnt use follow slope function. Buildings are lower then they are in xcam or in buldozer. So im at the point where im going to quit, even after having placed more than 50000 objects in xcam for my terrain. Because i used a lot of tanoa objects for diversity and if they all act this way where i have no idea if they are wrong only after having crunched my terrain its just to much work to do it for each single object. (roughly 100sec * 10000 objects). PS when im in buldozer and i select a object a new option is added to properties with this in it : follow elevation or keep absolute position. Only problem is that i can only change it while in buldozer and when i close buldozer it reverts back. Thank you for reading this rant.
  5. ghost77788

    Ground blending issue

    OK update: Apparantly the "maxClutterColoringCoef" had to be added to each individual surface withing cfgsurface and not in the general config area. So now only thing left is the sat map shining through as shown in the image above.
  6. Hello everyone, So im having an issue with my clutter color as wel as my ground texture color. When asking on discord Ice let me to this site https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Visual_Upgrade#Ground_Blending However after crunching my terrain multiple times with different settings for these values my clutter is still showing mayor color difference because of the underlying sat map even at close range, same goes for ground texture. Does anyone know how exactly to manipulate these settings so that my clutter is the same color, especially for close range viewing. basically that my satmap doesnt shine through as much as it is now. Thanks in advance.
  7. ghost77788

    Pboproject cant crunch my map

    UPDATE*** Mikero has fixed the problem. So just install the newest version and everything should work again. Thank you mikero
  8. ghost77788

    Pboproject cant crunch my map

    Still confused. The name of my wrp is the same as the name of my class aswell as the name in cfgworldslist but it still doesnt go anywhere during crunching
  9. So i just updated pboproject to version And now everytime i try to crunch my terrain it stops with the following message(no warning label): <searching for cfgworlds.nameofwrp> there is class tiad_greece.wrp in cfgworlds Now i mention the update because it didnt have a problem before the update. So my question is did anything change in regards to the wrp setup in the config,cpp or is this a pboproject bug? Thanks for the help.
  10. Jakerods suggestion works for me: It might have to with map coordinates. Where your .asc that you imported into TB has the old coordinates in it and then you move it to E-200000 and N-0. And your shapefile is trying to be applied to that E-200000 and N-0, but your asc still has the old coordinates. And by exporting from TB on your .asc the new coordinates are applied and the shapefile now will have the same coordinates and be applied correctly. Hopefully that made some sense, also if im wrong on any of this please correct me. Nothing worse then bad info.
  11. Goodday antonstryuk, i wrote additions to your amazing ares mod. and i was wondering if you woul like to include them or if i may upload them to armaholic. thank you here is the link to them https://www.dropbox.com/s/mbvbd7u1s735jpu/ares_zeusExtensions.pbo?dl=0
  12. ghost77788

    C2 -Command And Control

    2016-01-03 23:47 Posted by Ghost77788 Hey i just saw your 1.4.1 video and it really looks good, i do have a suggestion that units on the first floor have a small "+" sign next to their number to make it clear that they are higher then other units and for other floors just add another +. Also couldnt you add a parameter to check which ground position is closest to the units current location and select that instead of always position 0. But all in all it really looks great. 2016-01-04 00:07 Posted by Ghost77788 Sorry back again i found this in a post about closing doors in a area and it had this in the script: _doorPos = _building selectionPosition (format ["Door_%1_trigger", _doorNum]); https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/170813-arma-3-close-doors-in-radius/ https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/selectionPosition hope it helps to visualize the door positions in the interface.
  13. Hey everyone, i was just wondering why when you get out off a helicopter (UH80) cargo seat you are put on either side randomly. Also are there position selections used for the get out action on helicopters to set the person on that spot. I ask this because it would be nice to be able to get out either left or right with 2 action menu commands. I got this to work with addaction entries on the helicopter however i had to disable collision with the helicopter otherwise i couldnt position the person close to the door of the helicopter. So i was just wondering when i press the get out action what that action uses to set the person on either side of the helicopter and why it is random. I would like to add a get out right and left action via : class UserActions. But not use a comprehensive script that has to disable collision and rather use a point (if there is one) that the get out action uses. Thank you very much for helping me out. Sincerely, Ghost77788
  14. ghost77788

    Bouncing 40mm Smoke shell

    Hey Inlesco, thank you for your quick response. Yes i have set up a fired eventhandler which waits for the projectile to go below a certain height. The istouchingGround command doesnt work with the projectile. But thank you for response, it made me rethink the issue.