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  1. ARMAKrush

    How To Repair Vehicles With Repair Truck?

    Thanks for the help - will give it a go :)
  2. ARMAKrush

    Special Ops Campaign

    I had more of a look on the workshop today, and you're right, there are a lot of high quality spec ops missions. However it only makes me want a spec ops campaign more! The fun gameplay the theme offers with the expertise and resources of BIS is something that would result in a fantastic gameplay experience. The scenarios also made me notice something - why is East Wind always played in blistering sunlight? The game looks beautiful with the wind swaying the grass, the grey skies and raindrops falling. Not to mention some of the missions that require a stealthy approach during the campaign would've been better played during rain/overcast. I played a mission today (or part of it - I had to go about half way through but I intend to finish it tomorrow) and swimming up to the coast, listening to the seagulls and the waves crashing, it's something you don't really experience in Bohemia's scenarios/campaign. It's all played in bright sunlight or complete darkness. I also checked the link - I don't really understand what it is or what it does :(
  3. ARMAKrush

    Zero Dark Zero

    Posted in the wrong thread - if a mod could delete please :)
  4. First of all - apologies if this in the wrong section, mods, please move it if it is. How do repair trucks work in this game? I was out on patrol with my squad when we were attacked. We managed to kill them all so I went back to get a repair truck from an 'immobilized armour' objective we had just cleared, thinking that I'd be able to do the same that I do in Arma 2 - that being drive up next to the broken vehicle and abracadabra hocus pocus everything's fixed. Didn't work. So now I'm stumped. I tried going into the repair truck and checking for a 'repair vehicle' thing, but it never showed, nor did it when I got into the off-road and tried it. How do I do it? Here's a picture of how close the vehicles were: https://i.imgur.com/VmfiMhc.jpg http://i.imgur.com/JMi6eWt.jpg
  5. ARMAKrush

    Special Ops Campaign

    I don't think they 'save the day' as you put it, but are used in situations where a small, mobile, elite force is needed to do things quickly and quietly. They wouldn't be tasked with things like 'sweep this village and clear it of hostiles' or 'clear this roadblock of enemies' they'd be tasked with very specific high difficulty things which the regular forces couldn't do. What those are is up for discussion. Sounds logical and is probably correct. I misunderstood you before and thought we'd be the ones having to run around as these guys gathering information, but I see now you meant that it's done for us before we're tasked with the mission. True. What do you propose? Perhaps if they didn't make a full campaign as I stated (for example East Wind) but a small, concise group of special forces missions. Maybe 10-12 extensive missions for £10 (or your equivalent). It doesn't necessarily have to have an engrossing story, just something that gives a bit of purpose to what you're doing. This DLC would be pretty much all about the gameplay.
  6. ARMAKrush

    Special Ops Campaign

    That's not what it would be like. SF are meant for stealthy operations. By the time the enemy knows what's happening, special forces should be long gone. As I said in the OP missions would generally be at night and all weapons would be silenced. If there was something to happen that was loud (for example we're tasked with taking out a communications hub) we would set the charge and only set it off once we were either extracting or about to extract. Or if we were tasked with taking out an officer, a sniper would take care of that so the officer would die and the enemies would never even know where we were. It's about operating like ghosts. This is the type of thing I had in mind: http://i.imgur.com/KxlaciT.jpg Larger scale ops like what you're suggesting doesn't sound appealing (to me). I find doing things quiet and unnoticed more satisfying than doing it by sheer brute force.
  7. ARMAKrush

    Special Ops Campaign

    Glad to hear you're on board with the idea! The more people we have supporting this, the better. I hope BIS notice this thread and start working on such a DLC. Would be great fun :D I think Kerry is just a standard US soldier who has joined up with some guerrillas. As far as I know he's not special forces.
  8. ARMAKrush

    Special Ops Campaign

    Fixed. Exchanged SAS for SBS.
  9. ARMAKrush

    Special Ops Campaign

    While I've no doubt this has been discussed before, I thought I'd bring the topic up again. I'd like an official 'spec ops' campaign. Small 4 man teams, silencers, NVGs, black suits, balaclavas, scuba diving, high quality equipment and plenty of support available for use. While the official campaign we have now is great, playing as guerrillas, you're the 'underdogs'. The odds are always against you and you have to scavenge for equipment. This way, while the numbers are still against us, we have MUCH higher grade equipment and support available for use. We would be given tasks that the regular forces couldn't handle. I'd like some discussion going on this one to see how the reception is. I'd also like to know how much you'd be willing to pay for such a DLC. Some pictures to get people in the mood: Pakistan's SSG: http://i.imgur.com/olBmNOp.jpg Israel's Shayetet 13: http://imgur.com/DdIAwTc US Navy SEALS: http://i.imgur.com/zc3g6CM.jpg UK's SBS: http://imgur.com/ABC7Scw Denmark's Huntsmen Corps: http://i.imgur.com/DYmAqe1.jpg (For some reason the pictures aren't showing up in the actual post even when I use the correct code, so links is the best I can do. Apologies :))
  10. ARMAKrush

    More Options for Squad Leaders

    I edited the post to account for this. Thanks for the information :) What's the problem with it? I don't understand how the missions are made :confused:
  11. ARMAKrush

    More Options for Squad Leaders

    Thanks for the tip :) I suppose this in conjunction with this would make commanding a squad a bit more flexible. Still not as good as it could (perhaps should) be, but an improvement for sure.
  12. ARMAKrush

    More Options for Squad Leaders

    While it does seem like a nice mod, it would be better to have it implemented by BIS themselves. I noticed a few 'known bugs' that would be quite frustrating to run into. If it was added to the vanilla game these bugs wouldn't happen.
  13. I'll make this post short and to the point. I'll expand on these later on, I just want to get some discussion started. Please note this is for the singleplayer. Allow parent squad leaders to pick fireteam leaders (they'd be in charge of the men in the fireteam while you're away with your own squad completing a different objective) Allow parent squad leaders to pick an objective from your tasks list for your fireteams to complete (your team, white team, could be clearing a village while green team is clearing a small encampment and red team is retrieving some weapons caches) Add 'Clear building' command (pick a couple of men from your current squad to clear the targeted building of hostiles) Add 'Link up' command (join up with the selected fireteam so they are back under your control again) Add 'Defend building' command (orders the selected soldiers to take up defensive positions within the selected building) Add 'Sitrep' command (requests the leader of the selected fireteam to give you a report of what's going on where they are) Add 'Retreat' command (orders the selected fireteam to retreat to a pre-determined location. If a location is not set, they will move away from the conflict and regroup with you and the parent squad) All new ideas are welcome :D I'll add any good suggestions to the list and remove any if the reception isn't good.
  14. ARMAKrush

    Stratis and Altis?

    I agree with the above post. To run both maps at the same time would need a behemoth of a PC. That said as long as it was limited to the editor only (any campaigns, scenarios or showcases taking place on that size of map would prevent everyone bar those with the most powerful PCs to be able to play it) I don't think anyone would be opposed.