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    Extraction when a task is completed

    I finally got the heli to move when the task is compeleted. Now hes just hovering over his land waypoint. Theres a helipad and all. EDIT: He just hovers in some random position around 100M out from the actual waypoint
  2. themenwithgreenfaces

    Extraction when a task is completed

    Its not written code. Ill step what I did. 1. Placed a helo and a kill task. When all indeps are killed it, a trigger completes the task. 2. Set a hold waypoint for the helo, switch trigger synced to the complete task. 3. When task is completed helo is supposed to move to a land waypoint but refuses to move. I can provide media
  3. Hey guys, ive been making a small campaign on Malden. And no matter how hard i try or why i do. I just cannot get a helicopter to move after a task is completed. Ive tried switch waypoints to triggers. I dont understand please help.
  4. Hey guys! me and a team are working to restart the DayZ Mod Roleplay community. We currently have a website, teamspeak, & server up. You must apply to enter the community as we are trying to keep a respectable community our details will be listed below. Website: http://gamerhub42.enjin.com/ Teamspeak3: g42.teamspeak3.com The Backstory: October 18, 2009. South Zagoria, Chernarus. During the fall months of 2009 a bio-weapon company known as Invasive Industries finished contruction of a bio-lab to study the effects and work on a possible cure for a complete zombification virus they classified as HHV-6Z,otherwise known as the ZA-Virus. It was previously limited to animals, but Invasive Industries had finally modified its genes to infect, at a phenomnal rate, the human body. Using Chernarus prisoners as test subjects, it was perfected, or so they thought at the time. During one of the finalization tests to perfect the virus' control, a subject broke free from his restraints and attacked a scientist, infecting him with the new virus. The scientist walked away with only a simple bite on his right arm. However, a few days later the scientist fell ill and was hospitalized. Diagnosed with severe Malaria, Rabies, as well as signs of Schizophrenia. One day he jumped from his hospital bed and started to attack the doctors, nurses, and everyone around him. He became known as Patient Zero. By late November, southern Chernaurus was a deadzone. Complete anarchy had taken over, the streets littered withbodies and debris. Only a handful of survivors remained. Evacuation zones were established on the airfields of Chernarus, only saving a minority of the population before they were overrun by the hordes. It was no more than a few weeks before the entirety of the country was infected. The few survivors that had held out seemed to vanish. To the Russian government, Chernarus was useless. It was set to be wiped off the map in early February. Just before the total annihilation of Chernarus, a group of surviors were found on the shores. Chernarus had hope. As the new year dawned, the ZDTF (Zero Dawn Task Force) was formed and the most elite soldiers the world had to offer were drafted to clean up the region. The task force was deployed in January and a forward operating base was established near the town of Myshkino to help aid the few remaining in the failing state and eliminate the remains of the virus It is now March of the year of 2010, the ZA-Virus is still present in Chernarus and seems to be evolving at an alarming rate. Local groups have been established, some wanting to help the weak while others take to banditry. Supplies have depleted, food is scarce, and there are not enough guns for defense against fellow men, living or undead. The fate of Chernarus now rests in the hands of the survivors and Zero Dawn This project cannot work with you guys. With the support of the ARMA & DayZ community we can get this community back up and running. You may select roles, make groups, trade routes, camps, even citys! The server is currently in its very early stages so work with us as we start taking baby steps into the future. I look forward to seeing & and roleplaying with you on the server soon. See you guys then. - B. Fox, Zero Dawn Task Force Leader
  5. Welcome to BUD/S (ACE AND ACRE!!!!!!) Hello, Me and a bud of mine are looking to create some SEAL Teams. This has been attempted before by many, but our squad however, will be the best. Were looking for dedicated players to participate in our class to see if you can make it. After the pass of your BUD/S Class training will be held every weekend, also maybe an op. If you are interested please read further BUD/S Training will consist of: Patience training Marksmanship Parachute Stealth Medical And much more. If you pass BUD/S you will be able to choose a role (Medic, Demo Exp, Designated Marksmen, etc.) We are looking for again dedicated players, but you will also need to be Mature. Patient Willing to learn and follow orders. If your still interested please reply filling out this application: Name: Age: Preferred Position: Experience with ACE: Have you ever been in a Realism Unit Before?: Where can I find you? (Skype, Teamspeak, etc.) Remember. I want my squad to be the BEST, and only the BEST. During BUD/S you will be able to quit if you would like. BUD/S Will not be easy, Show me you want to be there. Instructor Fox Out.