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    Hi @NeoArmageddon et al, I believe I have identified the cause of the "Daytime defaulting to 1AM" bug -- in fact, it should not just be happening "sometimes" but should be (and in reality appears to be) happening every time! I also believe that, as a consequence of this bug, "Nighttime" also defaults to 2AM and not any other time in the intended random period. In fn_initServer.sqf, the time logic appears to be correct. However, in init.sqf around line 70, there is additional time-setting logic that does not appear to have support for param values 25 and 26 the way that fn_initServer.sqf does. I believe what is happening is that init.sqf is running after fn_initServer.sqf, and then it is passing the raw value of Param_TimeOfDay as the hours argument to the setDate function. I strongly suspect that internally, setDate is taking the hours parameter mod 24 ... and 25 mod 24 = 1! Likewise, since this logic in init.sqf also lacks a check for a parameter value of 26 for the "Nighttime" setting, the logic should be using setDate to set the hour to 26 mod 24 = 2. Frankly I'm brand new to Arma scripting (I just happen to have a programming background and stumbled over this problem while setting up an Escape server, and got curious haha : ) -- I'm not sure whether it is more appropriate to remove the time-setting logic in init.sqf altogether, or to update it to handle param values 25 and 26. Since you are more familiar with the mission and scripting, I believe you should make that decision. But I wanted to at least report the root cause of this bug. I did try copying the param-25+26 logic from fn_initServer.sqf into init.sqf and repacked the PBO, and that DID appear to resolve the problem! Hope that helps! Also, thank you for making such an awesome mission in the first place! Keep up the great work! Cheers, Forte
  2. The new BattlEye update today has resolved my issue. Thanks $able and all who contributed to the fix! Cheers guys, keep doing good. :)
  3. Any updates on this issue, or thoughts on resolving it? I have confirmed that someone else I know with this game who is running Windows XP also has this problem, so I know it's not just myself and Wartheft (not sure why it would affect Windows 8 too though, sorry bud). Still happy to provide any information about my system configuration -- would appreciate knowing that someone is at least working on the issue! At least I was able to make arrangements to ensure I won't lose my in-game items. :) Still sucks not being able to play at all though. :(
  4. Hello, Just this week, I began having a problem with BattlEye that is preventing me from launching ArmA 2: OA as well as all mods for the game. Please help! Description of problem: When I launch the game via any method, I get a BattlEye command prompt with the following error message: "Failed to initialize BattlEye Service: Windows Test-Signing Mode not supported." (screenshot) Having a programming background, I did a little research and I believe the problem is caused by a newly-introduced dependence in the BattlEye software on a driver test-signing mode which is not present in my operating system, which is Windows XP x64 SP2. I found several references to test-signing modes which began being present and required with Windows Vista and later. Unfortunately, I suspect that this means all other Windows XP users may also be having trouble launching the game -- though I have not been able to confirm this. It seems to me that this problem is not one that would be caused by a problem with my system's software configuration; however, I have tried a number of common troubleshooting solutions just to say I tried them. As expected, none of them have helped. :( Solutions tried: Replacing all of the BattlEye executables with the latest versions from battleye.com Verifying game installation files Uninstalling and reinstalling BattlEye Uninstalling and reinstalling Arma 2: OA Disabling all anti-virus and firewall software Ensuring the several Arma 2 and BattlEye folders have the proper folders permissions, as well as being run on an Administrator account. I have posted about BattlEye problems I've had in the past (link), and was greatly helped by Dwarden (and $able, who helped others with my same issue) -- at that time, a new BattlEye update was released which I assume contained a bug fix for that problem. I believe that I may need your help to patch the software again this time. I know you guys work tirelessly to help people when they have problems like these ... can I trouble you for your assistance once more? Getting this resolved is a matter of some urgency for me, since I play the DayZ mod for this game, which has only temporary item storage that expires weekly. If I am unable to get into the game and access that storage again by Tuesday at the latest, I may lose everything I have worked for in the game. :( I would gladly provide any other information about my system configuration that you would find helpful, or take any additional troubleshooting steps you might have -- just let me know what you need! I will monitor this thread so as to get you needed information as promptly as possible. Thanks again for all your support and professionalism guys, I really appreciate it. Best regards, Forte
  5. Thanks Dwarren, Today, I verified my game installation, installed BattlEye through the normal wizard that launches a comand prompt to launch BEService, and used the new BEService.exe download that was released today to successfully complete the update process this time. I wonder what exactly was the problem, perhaps I'll never know ... but at least I got lucky! So as long as it's working now, that's all that matters. Thank you!
  6. Hello, Since the BattlEye update that happened around January 5th, 2015, I have not been able to successfully launch Arma 2 OA. I have tried every solution I can find multiple times, but to no avail. Please help! Description of issue: When launching Arma 2 OA, a command line prompt opens with the text, "Installing BattlEye Service." However, this program's execution is stopped by Windows, which displays a prompt asking which user to run the program as. Naturally, I choose the Administrator account which I am running on (which is the stock Windows account that has full permissions), and uncheck the box to restrict program access. After clicking OK, the command line prompt then continues and says "Successfully Installed BattlEye Service." Then, it runs again, in the same window! That is to say, after installing BattlEye, it then tries to install BattlEye again, displaying the "Installing BattlEye Service" text a second time. And then a third time, and a fourth, and so on. No matter what I do, even though it says it installed successfully, it will never allow me to actually launch the game, it just keeps trying to reinstall BattlEye over and over. If I check the box to restrict program access or I deny access altogether, it says "Installation Failed" and then just quits. Either way, I cannot even launch the game. This is happening on Windows XP x64. Arma 2 itself will launch and run, but Arma 2 OA and mods to Arma 2 OA (such as DayZ) will never run. The game was working just fine prior to the BattlEye update around January 5th. Solutions tried: Uninstalling BattlEye and reinstalling it Uninstalling Arma 2 OA and reinstalling it Validating game files through Steam Copying the latest BattlEye .exe files from BattlEye.com Disabling anti-virus protection Disabling network/firewall protection Setting all BattlEye .exe files to run as Administrator (even though they already should be) Deleting the folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\BattlEye" Unhiding the folder "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings" Messing with every file/folder permission I can find. Verifying the md5sums for the BattlEye .exe files is correct I have a programming background so I can provide any other details that you'd like me to. As mentioned, uninstalling and reinstalling the game does not work. Please help!