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  1. Techtronic

    NORAF WIP Thread

    Are you going to reskin the f-35 to the real Norwegian skin? http://s240.photobucket.com/user/janseverinsen/media/Gardermoen%20flysamlingen%20F-35/IMG_0001a_resizeF-01iflysamlingen.jpg.html
  2. Hey Randomslap, how is it going With the f-35B. Any release date yet. I'm sry to hear that the f-15 is Your last Project, you are so talented.
  3. Techtronic

    Norwegian Units

    My first message to Vasilyevich was sent late February 4, February 13 I sent him the same message and still have not received any reponse. Vasilyevich if you see this message plz reply to the message I sent you February 13th.
  4. are you still working on the Gripen or is the Project still on pause
  5. Techtronic

    Norwegian Units

    HEY Vasilyevich can you take a look at THIS Not the camo, but the clothing like jacket and pants are basically the same dude. The helmets too. So it would be cool if he did make Norwegian Mod out of the Swedish where many of the vehicle like the Leopard II and cv90-30 and cv90-40. and armored cars like the Patria Pasi and the Patria AMV are the same that Norway uses. And Vasilyevich you have done a good job With the Camo, but it still some work left, in the Wood Camo you have a bit much sand color, focus a bit more on the green and the square tread pattern(http://i00.i.aliimg.com/img/pb/749/785/085/1085785749_468.jpg)(http://i01.i.aliimg.com/img/pb/743/785/085/1085785743_520.jpg) you see that rute pattern?. One the desert Camo you can use the same sand colour as the swedes, Your is a bit to green. Actually you can use the same desert colour like Sweden but not the gray colour ofcourse. Can you plz do this. would be the best arma 3 mod in my point of view.:)
  6. Techtronic

    Norwegian Units

    But are you going to use the swedish mod unit clothing? which are the same clothes that Norway are currently using!
  7. Techtronic

    Norwegian Units

    Hey Vasilyevich, great work with suits but you should use the m90 suits the Swedish mod makers have made for the Norwegian outfits. There you can use the old camo like in the 1.2 Updater for your suits as they Norway was useing in 1990-2000 and use the m90 suits for the period from 2000 to 2015, and I will send you picture about how "Forsvaret" thinks a Norwegian costume would look in 2030. Good work With the forest and desert camo, but if you take a look at the Swedish mod, we are also usein one square tread pattern. I do not know if it comes with the suit or if you must do it yourself. Your desert suits have to much green in it, here you can use the same colors as the Swedes but remember to not use the gray color they have. Greeting Techtronic;)
  8. Hey Rock, I want to ask even if you dont like it. But have you planned a release for the Gripen model? I'm in a pilot team named Astfor Air Force, and we are going to have the gripen as Our plane. Right now we useign the F-16 and eurofighter as training jets, couse they are most simular. Well as I said, can't wait. Keep doing what you love, making mods for Arma 3 lovers, hehe. jk. Keep up the good work!;)
  9. Friday update day!!!!
  10. What is that Orange thing? a pillow?
  11. Update day!, Cant't wait.
  12. I'm sorry for your loss, it was not meant as criticism. I'm not English speaking by birth. So I write other words that I see could be perceived as offensive. But as I said, this is something he said to me. He also said how amazing your work is. This was never supposed to be mean. I'm so sorry. Specially in this emotional time of Yours. plz, do not end this incredible Project that we all love so much.
  13. Ok, couse the creator of the ARMSCor mod was interested in the Jas gripen model of Yours. But he had to make his own becouse of you not responding. " I have tried cooperating with them but have not had any responses". But I can't wait for Your Gripen mod, Love the details. Have you planned a release?
  14. Techtronic

    NORAF WIP Thread

    The F-35 or the fc-37 as you are useing, are not looking like the real Norwegian version. Go on google and past in this "F-35 Gardemoen" and you will see it.