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  1. Bl00dWolf

    Arma 3 VRAM leak.

    up O.o
  2. Bl00dWolf

    Arma 3 VRAM leak.

    Hello. So i found massive vram leak in Arma 3, and vram doesn't flush automatically. So VRAM leak can be 11gb, 24gb (if you have p6000 :D ) and etc. Сan you fix it please?
  3. Bl00dWolf

    Arma 3 VRAM leak

    Ok, i'll try. Stable, standart. Yes, but nothing with mem\ram and etc: skip logo, skip loading map in menu, enable HTT
  4. Bl00dWolf

    Arma 3 VRAM leak

    -_- Ram 8-9 gb as you can see And yes - 10gb is VRAM! Stop spamming please
  5. Bl00dWolf

    Arma 3 VRAM leak

    No one knows? =(
  6. Bl00dWolf

    Arma 3 VRAM leak

    So I just wanted to record fps test video BUT then I noticed VRAM usage - 10080MB!!! 10GB VRAM! What, actually, the hell? O.O Here in video: MEM: VRAM_usage; VRAM frequency And graph (green color) - Memore Usage I don't think mods can do that... so it's arma engine bug or what? Never noticed that bug before... Playing 1440p. ultra (all ultra) PC config in signature P.S. Sry for my English.
  7. Bl00dWolf

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Why X-55 doing zero damage? (Tu-95MS)
  8. Bl00dWolf

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Lol what the hell with vehicles in this mod? :D
  9. Bl00dWolf

    Loadout\Arsenal bug - fix it please

    Thx for answer, but one problem is still remain: I can't "create" EMPTY backpack, can't delete some useless ammo\items from it, because thay are not in the list =( Sry, my fail.
  10. Bl00dWolf

    Loadout\Arsenal bug - fix it please

    Can someone please post this bug to https://feedback.bistudio.com/? I can't because I don't receive a letter from site for some reason =(
  11. ARMA 3 Apex without mods Why i'm getting useless ammo every time, when editing loadout? And even can't delete it. Please fix this bug.
  12. Anyone got problem with Javelin only with ACE mode? Cas it don't do ANY damage. I tried BMP-1 and T-72 (without any reactive armor) VS Javelin. Nothing happens to both of them. And without ACE Javelin can destroy bmp-1 and t-72 without any problems. Please fix this bug.
  13. Bl00dWolf

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Can anyone help me? Wtf with gun on ALL tanks. Some times it fires.... wrong!!! Just look: What the hell with stabilization? :D