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  1. Who are we?: We are a NATO, Arma 3, military semi-realism unit. We are a british clan but all nationalities are welcome (as long as you can speak good English and attend most events). What is different about our clan: We make our missions and trainings as realistic as possible whilst still having a bucket load of fun! Times & Events: We have a training session on Fridays from 7:30pm and a main mission on Saturdays from 7:30pm. All the rest of the week we play paintball on the server and patrol ops 3. Mods: We use multiple mods to make our events realistic (all can be found on the website) and we also do a paintball event every now and then if people are on and we are bored. TS3: How do I apply?: To apply, head over to our website: (http://typhoonwebsites.wix.com/stowmarinesa3) We hope to see you in the field soon!