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    All maps/scenarios require 'purchase'

    Damnit i have the same problem but with different conditions. I am running a server which doesnt let anyone join who does not own the APEX DLC (same thing with the buttons). I have it tho, so i cannot test it myself. Playing plain vanilla also works but as soon as we play a community terrain, the server doesnt allow any new players who do not own tanoa (saying the map would be depended on the apex dlc - but it isnt. this becomes clear when hosting these missions locally, which works). BI doesnt give support tho, because they say it is a mod problem. Do you have any idea what could help in this scenario when it seems to be server sided?
  2. no, it wouldnt have - because i found it here and it helped me a lot!
  3. Hello, i recently set up my server again after a year of not playing and stumbled upon a weird problem.Since the EDEN editor now is much easier to handle i tried to build my first mission. the mission was set on a community map named kerama islands, which doesnt need any DLC content to work. After a friend tried to join with the islands mod he was able to join to my locally hosted game with no trouble at all. But when i tried to start the mission on our dedicated linux server the game kicked him after the briefing because the map was supposedly based on tanoa (which it isnt) and that he was "missing required dlc content". This does not happen when i use a vanilla map like stratis EVEN IF i spam the map with Apex content and run it on the server, nor when i locally host the modded island. The server runs on linux and works pretty much fine except for this. So the problem cant be the map because i can host it locally without problems but it cannot be any apex content either because it works fine with vanilla maps. Any Idea what could cause this? Tank you so much for your help, i'd love to start playing again but i am so frustrated right now :(
  4. I would love different types of ammonition. Especially with APEX where you are no longer just placed against armored infantry. Unprotected units like the syndicate would ask for jacketed hollow point or similar. Anti material rifles simply need armor piercing and high explosive ammo. And of course the one thing i was always hoping for: subsonic ammo. The KIR is the only one with proper ammunition. Every other rifle should have the option to load subsonic ammo.
  5. Hi, when playing as zeus and placing a tfa gear box i cannot see and therefore edit its content. Players can see the content and take the inventory tho. Do you have any idea how to fix this? thx!