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7th Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment

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The 7-75th is a Virtual Realism unit that operates in the same manner that the United States Army Rangers and runs its day to day operations; from Basic Training, promotions and Different MOS‘s (Military Occupation Specialties), 7-75th has many opportunities for you to be involved. We use ARMA 2 Combined Operations as our virtual battlefield. We are looking for people who are ACTIVE, who can show DEDICATION. If you are looking for a structured, Chain-of-Command, realism based Squad, then the 7th of the 75th IS for you!

Joining the 7th of the 75th involves several steps; your application, interview and meeting the other members of the Unit are your first steps. Then if accepted you'll start Tier 1 BCT and begin your career in the 7th, once you pass your Probation period you'll be a full on member of the 7th.

* Before enlisting into the 7-75th, make sure you fit the requirements:

-Must commit to the Rangers Creed (both real and the 7th Virtual creed).

-Must be a mature person and speak understandable English.

-Must Have Teamspeak 3 and a working headset/michrophone.

-Must Be Able To Follow Commands and give them.

-Must have ARMA 2 Operation Arrowhead Combined Operations installed on your computer and operational.

-Must have the latest Version of ACE 2 installed and operational.

-Must be willing and able to download and install addons for the above mentioned game - this includes the @7th mod pack which is necessary for you to be able to participate in our training and operations.

-Must enjoy working as part of a Fire Team or Squad. Lone wolves need not apply.

*What we have to offer!

- We have are own server for ARMA 2 Operation Arrowhead: Combined Operations.

- Advanced Individual Training (AIT) for duties on the battlefield.

- We also have a Development team that creates different maps for ARMA 2 specifically tailored to our Battalion and our realism concepts.

*The Realism

One of the main concepts of the 7-75th is our dedication to trying to create a realistic military unit in virtual reality. As a member you'll receive the same respect as anyone else should in the real military, if you show respect to others you will gain it. respect works both ways in the 7-75th, we treat others as we expect to be treated ourselves. We don't 'roleplay' like some realism units, instead we base our ranks upon service to the Unit, during combat you will be assigned a duty, this usually is where the 'rank' system comes into play; if you are a Fire Team Leader then everyone in your team obeys your orders regardless of his 'rank' in the 7th.

* A rank structure as based upon the U.S. Army's.

* Positions, Jobs, Duties and Roles in the unit.

* Intense goal oriented missions and training.

Here at the 7th of the 75th we follow the Ranger motto; "RANGERS LEAD THE WAY!" and we intend to do just that.


Information Site: http://www.7-75th.com

Server - filter for 7 - ours server uses ACE and Combined Operations - we also use other mods - mostly other islands such as Lingor or Tora Bora - check the map before joining.


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If interested in joining us, please come onto our teamspeak at least 1/2 hour before mission time to be given a 'slot' in the mission.

Event Date: Sunday October 3

Time: 11:00 am Pacific Time (-8GMT)

Hosting Server: 7th RANGER ACE (A2+OA) Search for 7th

IP / Port:

Type: Coop Campaign

Details: Teamspeak 3 using ACRE - ip is; 7thsfg.net port 9988 password is; hooah

Mods; ACE, ACEX_USNavy, ACEX_RU, ACRE, Mando Missiles (all with other required mods)





7th Btn 75th Rangers (ROMEO 1-8) Lead is ACTUAL, FT LEAD is BRAVO

26th MEU (DAGGER 1-8) Lead is GRANDPAPPY

7PPCLI (A-COY 1-4)


26th MEU (HOTEL 1-4) 26th MEU LEAD is SUPER 6-1

7CMBG Dragoons (VICTOR 1-3)



10:00 HRS LOCAL – low pressure system moving into area, winds gusting to 20kph, rain and some fog expected. General Sarkov and the Rebel Takistani Militia (RTM) have discovered our capture of the Southern Airfield (STAGING AREA) and are gathering forces to probe our defences as well as re-capture the runway. SATINTEL indicates that RUSSIAN MECHANIZED UNITS, are moving Southward along various roadways towards the STAGING AREA. They are also reforming their units and preparing to attack Eastward of their main body. OPFOR air (RTM as well as RUSSIAN) have been noted in several areas North of STAGING AREA and are expected to begin probing the area as well as patrolling the roadways leading North.

Non-resident civilians are being transported out of Takistan as C130’s arrive with fresh supplies and troops. Keeping the airfield open is therefore a main priority.

UAV flights over Northern regions has detected several possible ARTILLERY and/or MORTAR sites that are being prepared to fire upon the STAGING AREA. Capturing or disrupting these sites is a primary objective of the operation.


Enemy Forces

SARKOV REBELLION – front line Russian forces including INFANTRY, MOTORIZED, MECHANIZED and ARMOR units. The Russian Government has ordered removed most units from the AO, but General Sarkov (local commander) has refused to return to Russia and face possible court marshal. Several units of Spetznaz as well as VDV (airborne) have been spotted by UAV over the Northern regions. It is unknown if these forces are operation with or against Sarkov.

Infantry Units – Takistan Defence Force 17th and 26th Motorized Infantry Brigades – latest generation Russian weapons and equipment. Exact numbers unknown.

Mechanized Units - RTM Units - various IFV's and MBT's (most of which are 2nd or older generation). T90 MBT’s are not known to be in the AO but this is unsubstantiated, Russian forces using these platforms may be in the area.

Air Units - 223rd Air Brigade (RTM) – Hind C, Mi-17 and other helicopters.

232 Air Assault – Russian – Hind C, Ka-50 – possible in high value areas.

Various local Milita groups are also known to be operating in the AO and will have various types of equipment most of which will be out of date.

Takistan Missile Command – SCUD launchers with chemical and explosive ammunition known to be under control of the RTM forces are also thought to be in the area.


Minimize civilian casualties.

Stop the advance of the RTM and Russian units. Destroy CCC, artillery and SCUD sites.

Restore order.


Russian Units – are considered HOSTILE unless indicated by HQ. Although the Spetznaz and VDV units are not identified INTEL suggests high probability that they are acting under General Sarkov’s command and must be considered THREATS.

Rebel Takistani Militia – are considered HOSTILE unless they lay down arms.

Local Militia – are considered HOSTILE – local civilians have been informed that anyone bearing arms is considered HOSTILE by our forces.

Civilians – NON HOSTILE – DO NOT ENGAGE UNLESS FIRED UPON – minimize Civilian collateral damage. DO NOT use unguided weapons or artillery in villages or cities. DO NOT engage civilian traffic on roads.

Non-resident civilians – these are considered FRIENDLY and should be protected.

AIR THREATS – All require proper IFF to be operating. GROUND FORCES – must verify visually all air units once BLUFOR units are airborne. All BLUFOR Air Units must inform ground units when operating in area and leaving area. AREAS are considered to be 1.5km diameter around ground forces. UNIDENTIFIED AIR UNITS WITHIN 1km WILL BE ENGAGED BY GROUND UNITS.


ROMEO and DAGGER teams will choose either 1 or several paths Northward to recon and engage the Russian and Rebel forces. Their main goal is to eliminate the ARTILLERY, MORTAR and SCUD systems that are spread out along the Northern part of this sector. A-COY will deploy with DRAGOONS in supporting role (AT/AA) for the INFANTRY. Due to high incidences of man portable Strela SAM systems flights over 50M above terrain is highly dangerous and therefore all CAS, CASEVAC and TRANSPORT flights should act as followup or called in action only.

RED AIR THREATS are high in most areas and designated AA must be a priority while moving towards objectives.

UNIT COMMANDERS will have discretion on course of action for mission.


Chan 1 – ROMEO



Chan 6 – RELAY

NOTE – all support vehicles should switch to appropriate channels when supporting ground units (call a SQUAK – CHANNEL REQUEST when moving into a units area).



ACE – Version .400

ACEX_RU - Version 7

ACEX_USNavy - Version 8

ACRE – latest version (could change before op date) PRESENT VERSION

Mando’s Missiles – version 2.4b9 (found here http://www.ofpec.com/ed_depot/index.php?action=details&id=653)

Teamspeak 3 – 3.0.0 build 12268 (DO NOT UPDATE UNLESS TS3 SERVER UPDATED) OLDER VERSIONS FOUND HERE; http://ftp.4players.de/pub/hosted/ts3/releases/

Working headset and some command of the English language and ability to follow orders in a high stress environment.


Sgt. Sim 'Serf' - CO 7th Btn 75th Rangers (Virtual)

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7-75th Rangers utilized the Ranger handbook as our sole resource for emulating the real Ranger teams. In fact we have a veteran Ranger for real life resources, and plenty of other outstanding military personnel.

When you engage in our operations, you will notice professionalism, smooth communications, excellent reaction to contacts, and more.

At the end of every one of our missions, we gather to discuss how the mission went, aka: "After Action Report." We are a very mature unit who is able to constructively criticize each other so we can move forward together as a unit and correct problems that occured.

We do not do politics, we are very direct and by doing so we disable tensions that may arise, so that we can continue to work together effectively.

Finally, we do not accept anyone off the block. There is a Candidate & Cadet phase so by the time you make Private, you have earned your uniform as everyone else.

Increase your gaming knowledge and experience for the rest of your gaming career, you are bound to learn many things.

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Qualified Candidates have the following

  • Discipline
  • Thick Skin
  • Great Followership
  • Leadership Skills
  • Effective Communication
  • Goal Oriented
  • Motivated
  • Honest
  • Stable


During combat Operations or standard Training Sessions, maintaining a higher level of discipline is a necessity. We do not tolerate folks who are messing around during these activities.

- Doesn't mean you will not have fun or a time to relax, simply means know when to operate, when to chill out.

Thick Skin:

Often times, you will be criticized in a constructive manner to improve yourself, this is especially true in your initial training phase. If you struggle with taking criticism and don't understand its intent is to help build you, this isn't the team for you.

Great Followership:

Can you take orders? Can you execute the orders given? Are you able to stay within your controlled fireteam element? Can you respect others during their time in command? If you answered yes to all of these questions, you are likely a solid follower, and a qualified candidate to join our team.

Leadership Skills:

Every Ranger is a leader here, even in your first 1-2 weeks you will be put in charge of seasoned Rangers so you can experience the necessity to learn what to do. This is an effective means to see how you are understanding the overall training, and it is crucial to the definition of your leadership growth.

Here in the 7-75th Rangers, you growing as a leader is a top priority. We often play with the international community, and you may be tasked with leading troops. Equally, if an FTL or SL goes down, you need to know how to take charge.

Effective Communication:

Being able to communicate effectively can be difficult, but as you exercise it more you'll understand. As a Ranger, you will need to rapidly report a compass bearing, distance, and unit type of enemy or friendly positions / threats.

You will be trained how to report, when to report, and who to report these types of things to.

Goal Oriented:

Being goal oriented shows a desire to be motivated. Let's not confuse Goal oriented with Agenda driven. We do not do politics here, we squash it rapidly to be bluntly honest. But we do want our Rangers to have a sense of pride and something to work to.

We host a variety of classifications & qualifications for you to work towards and improve, ie: friendly competition or pride in your classifications.


From day 1, you must be motivated. We invest a lot of time into you that will impact the duration of your online gaming career. The tactics and procedures you learn here will make you an effective leader and team member in any other unit that simulates the real world military training we provide.

It will take time before you are given the honor of Ranger and the rank of Private in the unit. Once you earn it, you will be qualified as a Virtual Ranger in an outstanding Virtual Ranger unit.


You will be honest from day 1, no need to cover up old news or not be direct about it. The worse thing is for us to review your records with the ArmA community and find something that is abnormal.

Honesty shows a great deal of character about someone, and there's certainly zero need to be unhonest in an online gaming syndicate =).


Is your personal life stable? Do you have time to commit to the unit? Are you interested in staying a member of the unit for awhile? If you answered yes, these are good signs.

We don't do unit hoppers, again the time we invest is too critical for us to do this. Please be honest and direct initially so both parties are satisfied with the arrangements.


To APPLY, visit our forums and see the "Join 7th Battalion" forum. We look forward to seeing you in a Ranger Uniform! http://www.7-75th.com

Sergeant Callahan

7th Ranger Battalion

75th Rangers (Virtual)


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As a virtual Ranger in 7th Battalion, you will have opportunities to expand your personal gaming experience in many regards. The best part is, what you learn here you can take with you to other games.

Direct Application Link Area


Have questions? Pm me here or in our team forums.

We appreciate having all new interested people to apply first, hop on teamspeak with an NCO / Recruiter, and then attend a training session. WHY? Quality, over quantity.

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The 7-75th Rangers will be hosting "Warrior Weekend" event where all community members are encouraged to swing by and drop in. We will be running ACE & ACRE during operations, so be sure these are updated and squared away.

For more information, visit our front page at: http://www.7-75th.com to have a great time!

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Become A Ranger - Succeeding on any battlefield starts here

Airborne training is one of the many things we work on here in the 7th Rangers. We are unique in having a large real world military presence in the unit.

This helps us identify weak points, realism factors, and areas of improvement that are necessary to finding a true balance between game mechanics and real world TTP's.

In the above picture you can see three sets of chalks with its team leader in front facing their elements. We do a standard review / check of equipment to ensure that no team members go up in the air and do not have proper chutes or equipment so when it comes time to jump... well I think you can put together the rest.

In the pursuit of continuing to be a prime team, we are in the process of restructuring our training and adding new advanced courses for members who have been here longer then others and have completed their BCT courses.

That means while the Ranger-In-Training has been here for 1-2 weeks, those 3 or more month old Rangers are able to focus their skills in new areas like specialty MOS's. We call it "Tier Training," and you can expect to see some updates about that in the near future.

7th Rangers Prepares You For Success

Have you ever been in a unit where training wasn't adequate and you were expected to do impossible tasks that hit you as frustrating? 7th Rangers was built on the experience of different teams trials and errors.

We continue to develop our organization so that it gives you a competitive edge on any battlefield or video game. We make leaders every day and with every member.

Expect To Become A Leader

Even if you thought you were not a leader before, when you become a Ranger you are equipped to lead Fireteam's into heavy combat situations. You are trained on a multitude of TTP's that enhance your ability to predict and adapt to overwhelming situations, resulting into mission success and higher friendly survival rates.

Basic Combat Training - 7-75th

  • BCT1- Land Nav, Formations/movement techniques, Loadouts, Radio Communications, First Aid
  • BCT2- Convoy Operations, Air Assault, Airborne ops
  • BCT3- Weapons familiarization, React to contact drills
  • BCT4- Fireteam Leader Instruction
  • BCT5 - Combat Ranges/ MOUT training
  • BCT6- Fireteam Leader Test, Weapons Qual

Think you have the potential to be a Ranger in 7-75th? Apply for the team and see if you can make the cut, we don't accept anyone who applies. You must be a motivated and capable candidate.

Become A Ranger - Succeeding on any battlefield starts here

Command Team

7-75th Virtual Rangers


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In an effort to improve our combat abilities the 7th of the 75th Rangers will soon have Support and Assault piloting duties available.

How do I become a pilot in the 7th?

Everyone in the 7th of the 75th Rangers is first and foremost an Infantryman (11B). Anyone wanting to be a pilot in the 7th must first make it through BCT and RCT and be at least a Private for three (3) months prior to applying to be a pilot.

How long will I be a pilot?

We are looking at four (4) month rotations - you train, fly and do support duties for four months (unless we have low numbers then pilots will be expected to be part of the squad) and then you will rotate back to 11B. This may change due to force strength.

Do I get a promotion?

No - since everyone's rank in the 7th is based upon leadership and activity pilots will not be given automatic promotions. Of course if during their time piloting a person demonstrates a lot of leadership they will (as usual) get promoted.

What about qualifications?

All pilot applicants will demonstrate a high degree of flying skill as well as a thorough knowledge of the weapons systems used in them. 7th pilots will be rotary wing only (no jets), and be expected to fly from an FOB or Carrier deck as well as land at those locations. Pilots will also be expected to create training documents, standardization of practice and be well versed in training others on pilot skills.

Interested? Drop by the 7th of the 75th and join the Rangers.


SSG. Sim

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OPORD 2011-0724


Time Zone Used Throughout the Order: PST (Pacific Standard Time) -8 GMT

Mission Date and Start Time – 11:30 Sunday July 24, 2011

Task Organization:

7th of the 75th Rangers (1 Squad), Ranger Air Support, Other UN Forces

Rangers – Infantry and combined arms using Strykers and HMMVR vehicles in the AO

Ranger AS – Transportation and CAS using precision guided weapons

Other UN Forces – to support the Mission Objectives

Weather and Light Data:

0600 Local time August 2 2014 – Early Morning (pre-sunrise) high cloud. Forecast is for clearing skies.


Open scrub desert and Close Set (Detached Buildings) along with Detached, open-set apartments/shops. Average building height is 2 stories. Varied Urban terrain.


US FORCES deployed to North Eastern Somalia (Puntland District) after the local UN backed government collapsed due to internal fighting and corruption

After 15 days of intense battle the countryside has been partly restored to order and UN relief teams have been able to help refugees of move out of the main urban centers.

7th Rangers have been tasked with restoring order to the city of Qardho (formerly Ceel Laqoday) which has remained under control of the Al-Shabaab party, a Muslim fundamentalist group with widespread support.

Over the past few days it appears that the Al-Shabaab and Tribesmen have been actively working together to take over the city and surrounding areas.


Somali milita units as well as tribesman from various Clans. SMU (Somali Milita Units) organized into Soviet style squads and teams. Supported by various NATO and SOVIET (early generation) vehicles and armor as well as TECHNICALS and LIGHT ARMOR (Soviet Bloc).

SMU also has access to nearby air elements but it is unsure how many they can field if any.

TRIBESMAN are in loose Clan based units – some operating in combination with obsolete SOVIET Bloc vehicles and possibly some very old armor.

SMU and TRIBESMAN units are deployed both in and surrounding the city itself. SMU known to use HUMAN SHIELD defences around artillery or valued Assets so care must be taken when assaulting those positions and unguided air to ground weapons are to be used only as a last resort.


7th Rangers to conduct RAIDS into various sections of the city to determine and undermine the strength of the Al-Shabaab Military units in the area.

If possible, recapture small military base to the South of the city and use it to stage raids into other areas.

Due to the fighting in other fronts air support is extremely limited, also COMMAND does not want to cause collateral damage to the city so you cannot rely on being supported from the air.

Artillery support will also be limited


Commanders Intent: to maximize the effectiveness of the 7th Rangers by various deployment methods, to cause the least amount of collateral damage while carrying out the Units objectives.

Concept of the Operation

Attempt feints or false insertions into various areas of the city during RECON PHASE of operation before committing to use of entire force. SCOUT HELO's available for this purpose.

Attempt RECON BY FORCE into main CITY AREA from best chosen route. CAPTURE and SECURE various parts of the city (designated on map) to allow maximum use of local facilities and to preserve them from possible destruction.


TEAMSPEAK 3 – various assigned radio channels with channel whispers to each Fire Team and direct whispers to SL and FTL's and AS.

TS3 information:

Server Address: chicago.jestservers.com

Port: 7455

Password: hooah


GREEN – PZ (Pickup Zone) and COVER/MASKING

RED – Target Marking (unless otherwise indicated)


All loyal locals have agreed to lay down arms.

Anyone ARMED in the AO who is not a member of UN MILITARY is considered HOSTILE and a threat.

Limit collateral damage to the populace and their property.


ACE latest versions(@CBA,@ACE,@ACEX,@ACEX_RU,@ACEX_USNavy, @7th_mods, ISLA DUALA (v1.95)

@7th_mods can be downloaded via SIX UPDATER with link provided on www.7-75th.com

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In an effort to provide timely updates to our missions I have created a thread on the multiplayer forums - http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=125484 These will be updated with information about upcoming events.

At the present time the 7th is recruiting and is looking for people who want to be part of a tight knit realism group that isn't into role-playing, but who strive to use real-world tactics and training ideas in the Armaverse. We train every member to be a leader and to be a part of the team.

While the 7th doesn't have age limitations we do have maturity rules - and we won't allow younger members to skip school or assignments to train or 'play' on the sever. We also require people to actually attend training sessions or find a mentor to assist them with their training before they are given their Ranger Tabs. We also constantly re-train and change and update our training to keep ourselves prepared and to keep updated on the latest changes to the game.

To the other realism units out there; the 7th of the 75th operates as a Direct Action, multi-delivery Unit (Helo, HALO, HAHO, land vehicle and boat) and specializes in MOUT, Long Range Patrols, reconnaissance and pathfinding. We have our own pilots for insertion and extraction, and train for both day and night operations. We use ACE and ACRE and ASR_AI. We do not use 3rd person view except when filming 'promotional videos' or training videos.

If you want to Co-op with the 7th please PM me on these forums, or drop by our webpage.

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Our present group of Ranger Cadet Trainee's have almost earned their Ranger Tabs - meaning that we will soon be starting our six-part BCT over again. This is an excellent time to apply to become a Ranger in the 7th of the 75th.

The 7th is different from other Arma Units in several ways;

Every member is expected to be able to lead - we train everyone to become a team/squad leader. When given a Fire Team or Squad - YOU are in charge - other members will offer advice but the responsibility and leadership is YOURS. No other Unit that I've seen in the Arma community does this on the same scale as the 7th of the 75th.

We don't role-play - every member (once past the CDT (candidate phase)) is a full member of the 7th of the 75th. They wear our tags and can vote on issues affecting the Unit - they can also voice their opinion without fear of reprimand or demotion. We respect each other both on and off the battlefield. When the 7th agrees on something everyone moves forward with that decision.

We move and fight as a Unit - not as individuals. The 7th is a tight-knit Direct Action group. We aren't 'snipers' or 'lonewolves'. We take care of each other and our area of responsibility. We work as Fire Team or Squad to accomplish goals. Other Units have air brigades, armored groups, Seals, medics, artillery, etc. all consisting of 1 or 2 people. In the 7th we are all 11B - Infantrymen - first and foremost. Other duties (such as helo pilots) are assigned and trained as needed - but you won't sit in the rear waiting for a radio call - nor will you spend 2 hours in a mission waiting by a ammo truck to be called in to resupply everyone. The 7th 'fights'. When we need something done we do it as a team.

Think you've got what it takes?

Drop by our teamspeak and we'll talk.

TS3 info; chicago.jestservers.com:7455 password: hooah

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The 7th just wrapped up OPERATION SPINNING WHEEL, a 4 part linked campaign with approximately 20 hours of hard combat.

Here's a taste of some of the action from the perspective of one of the members of Bravo Fire Team.


Unlike other Units the 7th doesn't make you wait in the rear with the gear! Every member is included in our missions and training right from the start of their career in the Rangers.

We also now have our own youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/7thRangerBattalion

We are now starting a new campaign - Operation Angry Spectre - set in Fallujah.

Drop by and meet the team. www.7-75th.com

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NOTE - non-members are welcome to attend this mission, they must have the following installed; Arma2 Combined Operations, ACE (and related mods), ACRE, @7th Mods, @7thMaps (both found on our webpage), Jarheads --- please note that the 7th uses signed mods on our server, if you do not have the correct mods you will not be able to join in. Please drop by at least 1 hour before the mission start (1330 Pacific Time (GMT -8)) to test your game.

Teamspeak Server; chicago.jestservers.com:7455 Password: hooah



US forces have successfully captured the main city area of Zargabad and eliminated the Command and Control Center, located there. UAV flights over the chemical factory area North West of the city center (called Nango or Shapur depending on which of the local dialects is used). The 7th Rangers have been tasked with entering and clearing the area. Due to the risk of a major chemical spill or lack of containment - USSOCOM has elected to not use any air assets in the area.


The 7th Rangers will stage from FOB Revolver (located in the South Eastern part of the AO). The 7th will stage strikes on the various OBJECTIVES in the AO paying particular attention to the 'month' named Objectives. Attention must be paid to Area TANGO which is a major base of operations and the most likely area where reinforcements will be staged from.


Same as in last OPORD.

UAV Photographs (Taken approximately 1 hour before time hack)


OPFOR military base








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Here are some questions and answers about the 7th of the 75th Rangers.

What are the 7th Rangers?

The 7th Rangers is a light infantry Unit that uses a number of different deployment methods to insert and extract from their objectives. Modern light infantry carries out the duties of reconnaissance as well as direct action against their opponents, the 7th attempts to recreate this form of warfare using the Arma 2: Combined Operations simulator. We called ourselves the 7th Rangers (Virtual) as a sign of respect for the actual Ranger Battalions who exist or who have existed in the past. We also made sure to say we were 'Virtual' Rangers and not actual Rangers. Our members think it is important to respect actual serving and retired military people by not 'pretending' to be them or their Units.

Do you use snipers?

The 7th does not utilize snipers in it's standard operations, firstly because we do not field enough people (a modern Ranger Battalion has several hundred members – of those only about six men are on the sniper teams, no matter what Hollywood says) and we would rather have our members work together as a team to carry out objectives. We do use pathfinders – members who jump in advance of the rest of the Unit to secure landing zones and to carry out reconnaissance of targets – but they do not normally get into firefights. The 7th also sometimes use Designated Marksmen – Fire Team members who engage specific distant targets for their team (OPFOR spotters, snipers, gunners etc) – these members are still part of a Fire Team and are expected to carry out normal duties in the team.

Why don't you have lots of ranks in your Unit?

The 7th operates as a small tight-knit Unit rather than an actual Battalion – our force numbers dictate our ranks and since we do not have a huge number of members there is not need for Officer ranks at this time. In fact the highest ranking member is Staff Sergeant. Members who have passed Ranger School and have their 'tabs' are usually Privates. Those who have carried out significant amounts of leadership are Private First Class and who have demonstrated command skills on and off the battlefield are Corporals. We don't believe in having a whole bunch of 'rankers' running around shouting orders at everyone, our Unit command structure is based upon mutual respect and working together; not roleplaying military ranks and procedures.

How often do you train?

The 7th is always training! We constantly cycle through our Basic Combat Training (BCT) courses and Advanced Infantryman Training (AIT), brushing up on our skills, improving our abilities and modifying our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) if required. We hold formal training on Tuesday nights at 1800 Pacific Time, but we also do 'informal' or pick up training whenever we have enough people online. Every member of the 7th is expected to constantly want to improve their skills on the battlefield and we expect everyone to want to participate actively in training.

What mods do you use?

The 7th uses ACE along with ACRE as well as several other island maps (Isla Duala, Lingor, CLAfghan) and the Robert Hammer weapon packs as well as some 'not-required' mods like JSRS (Jarheads sound mod). Yes its a lot of mods! We have technical support to help new members get their mods installed and working and have a lot of experience with getting people up and running. We play Combined Operations as well – some folks don't always understand that. We also sometimes play I44 (a WW2 mod) for fun and for training purposes.

Can I see you guys in action?

Yes we have our own youtube channel; http://www.youtube.com/user/7thRangerBattalion it shows some of our missions and training. We also allowed interested people to participate in training and/or missions.

Do you use artillery or aircraft in your missions?

We use modifications of Bon's artillery scripts created by our member Kempco, as well as actual members using mortars for artillery if required during missions. We also have two members who serve as our pilots (transport and CAS) again, when required. We also use AI extraction sometimes during missions. We do not use fixed-wing aircraft in our missions nor do we need pilots for them.

How can I find out more about the 7th Rangers?

Drop by our webpage; www.7-75th.com or our Teamspeak server; chicago.jestservers.com:7455 password: hooah and get to meet the 7th members.

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The 7th Rangers are recruiting again!

With the large influx of new Arma players we've noticed that a great many folks are attempting to join our servers while we are on missions and training. Most likely these folks don't realize that the 7th Rangers use a wide variety of signature protected modifications to make our games more realistic and add a greater feeling of immersion.

We have also noticed that many players are saying they are new to Arma and might be hesitant about joining an older 'Elite' Unit.

I can pretty much say that here in the 7th we don't care about your 'skillz' but about you as a person and how well you fit into our team. Other Units make you role-play to get your rank within the Unit, and this is fine for them, but it is not how the 7th of the 75th operates.

We train everyone the same - even experienced Arma players have to go through BCT with everyone else - so that everyone on the team knows what is expected of them at all times. These are our Standard Operating Procedures or SOP's. Also everyone in the 7th learns how to 'lead' a team and how to do every position in the team.

So what does the 7th want from applicants?




We don't expect people to be online all the time, but we do expect people to show up for training and missions when they can. We expect you to be honest with other members and yourself, and we expect you to work hard at working with the other members of the team.

Think you've got what it takes?

Drop by our webpage www.7-75th.com and check us out or visit our Teamspeak 3 server: chicago.jestservers.com:7455 Password: hooah and get to know the team.

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We have recently been getting a few applications from Europe and Australia - while we appreciate the interest please be aware that we operate on Pacific Standard/Daylight time (it changes twice per year) which is GMT -8/-7 respectively. Our training night is Tuesday at 1800 - which makes it near impossible for most Europeans and folks Down Under to attend. Our mission days are Sunday at 1400 PST. While we don't automatically disapprove applications from different Time Zones we do highly recommend you make sure that you can attend our training and missions.

The 7th Rangers has a rather complicated training plan, our BCT has six separate sessions (some of which actually require two sessions to complete) and everyone who joins must complete BCT 1-6 to become a 'Tabbed' Ranger. We do encourage members or potential members to join us on operations/missions but they will not be expected to lead teams under fire unless they are completing their BCT. The 7th Rangers takes leadership training seriously - we don't make folks take 'paperwork' courses - but expect leaders to be able to maintain their cool under fire - communicate to their teams and up the chain to HQ and still operate effectively - this doesn't happen overnight even for the most 'experienced' game players. We strive to make our missions and training as close to the edge as the Arma game engine will allow.

Here's an example of some of the things we do;

Interested? Drop by our webpage www.7-75th.com and apply - or drop by our Teamspeak 3 server: chicago.jestservers.com:7455 Password: hooah and get to know the team.

At the present time we are looking for 11B (Infantrymen), 13B Cannon Crew (artillery and support), 15T (transport helicopter pilot). NOTE that all applicants must complete BCT before moving on towards a MOS other than 11B.

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Lots of folks have attempted to drop in our missions and training and don't have our required mods, this isn't surprising considering we use about 45+ mods, to make the game more interesting and realistic. That being said we'd like folks to be able to come by and see how the 7th Rangers operate, so without further ado; I'd like to announce...

Vanilla nights on the 7th Rangers server!!

Sort of Vanilla nights anyways - we will still be using ACE and ACRE, but most people should have those mods and if not, they are pretty easy to get installed and set up.

Vanilla (sort of) nights are Wednesdays and Friday's after 1700 Pacific Time.

Even members of other Units are welcome to drop by and do a mission or two with us. Remember to drop by our TS server first! TS information is chicago.jestservers.com:7455 Password: hooah

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The 7th of the 75th Rangers are heading into our third year of operations in Arma. With Arma 3 hopefully being on the market soon we have seen an increase in interest in joining realism units and loads of new 'realism' units showing up on the BIS forums. The 7th classifies itself as a realism unit, but with a very important difference; we don't role-play.

Many of the larger (and even some of the smaller) Arma 'realism' units attempt to operate as if you were actually in the real world military. While we respect and honor the real world military and those who serve we feel that attempting to apply the discipline and demands of military command structures on people in a virtual environment takes away too much of the enjoyment and initiative of Arma.

In other words; no guy in his 40's wants a 16 year old 'Captain' yelling at him, especially if that Captain is doing things wrong. Nor do most people want to be ordered to "stand at attention" when someone comes onto their Teamspeak channel. Those are aspects of role-playing that a great many of us just don't want to bother with.

In the 7th of the 75th Rangers we operate more like professionals do; people have tasks assigned to them and others follow and carry out their responsibilities. You don't act for yourself (scoring kills) but for the good of the team (covering your zone, completing the task, healing a buddy). Sure the 7th has ranks - all below Officer rank due to our numbers - but the ranks indicate your commitment and training level much more than your 'leadership' in and to the team. We have a Chain of Command - and it operates as such during missions and training, but every member is expected to show leadership ability, in fact; the only way to become a "tabbed" Ranger is to pass several leadership training missions and prove your leadership to the other members of the team.

So if you are looking for a group that has been around a while together (many of us came from other units) and uses real-world training (Army Field Manuals, Rangers Handbook, other military documents), then check out the 7th Rangers.

We aren't looking to be the biggest group in Arma, or the one with the most Generals, Colonels or other brass, but we try really hard to immerse ourselves into what we're doing and to push ourselves to our limits. Much like the Rangers do in the real world.

Drop by our webpage at www.7-75th.com and check us out. We have a teamspeak server as well; chicago.jestservers.com:7455 Password: hooah

Drop by and say "hello" to the members of the 7th. We also run two servers right now our 'Vanilla' server has ACE and ACRE on it while our main server has several other mods (islands, weapons, boats, helo's) and requires you to download more mods if you want to join in. We use six-updater for our mods and have our own 'how to' pages (for folks that have never used six-updater before) found here; http://www.7-75th.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=1483

So when you've finished checking out all those new groups with 30-40 members on their rosters (but only one guy posting in their forums or on their TS) drop by a small but tight-knit Arma group and see how we operate.


NOTE: the 7th of the 75th Rangers operates primarily in North America - our operations occur based on Pacific Time (UMT -8) and while we have several members from Europe they do have problems attending our training sessions (held on Tuesday nights at 1800 PST). Also we do not allow members who are under the age of 16 to join the 7th.

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The 7th of the 75th have recently moved to a 64 man dedicated server due to our increasing numbers and the complexity of our campaigns. We are still happy to accept new, dedicated members to our ranks.

Do you have what it takes to be part of the 7th Rangers?

The 7th Rangers operate in a wide variety of theaters (maps) in both day and night time operations with HALO, HAHO, Airborne, Boat, Vehicle and plain old walking as our insertion and extraction methods. The 7th Rangers operate in small Fire Teams as part of a Squad. Every team member is an important part of not only that team but the squad itself. With proper training and weapons a Ranger Fire Team is a serious threat to OPFOR infantry, vehicles, aircraft and even armor.

Our training consists of both BCT (Basic Combat Training) and AIT (Advanced Individual Training) with weekly sessions concentrating on a BCT class and followed up with a live-fire mission. All members of the Unit that can make it to training participate - so every member is constantly upgrading their skills. A Ranger Cadet Trainee (RCT) who completes his 5 BCT classes will then go through his final test - BCT 6 which is a live-fire, combat mission with him as one of the Fire Team Leads. The RCT must prove himself not only to his own team mates but the rest of the Unit under live fire conditions.

Some of our requirements:

Dedication - you must be able to attend training and mission days. Sure real-life is important , but if you want to become a 'tabbed' Ranger you'll make the training and missions and demonstrate your dedication.

Skill - and the ability to learn - not everyone can operate at night; it's confusing and identifying friend from foe isn't always as easy. Night time HALO jumps are without NVG's - you're literally jumping in the dark with only your fire team Leads chemlight and the horizon to give you visual cues. You have to trust your gauges and use your head or you'll pancake. You have to constantly be adaptable to new and improved training. We change our SOP's as we adapt new methods and weapons. You have to be able to adapt and learn from your mistakes.

Good command of the English language - we've had some wonderful guys try to join the team, but they didn't speak English all that well - and during combat that language barrier made them a liability to the team they were with. Worse, it confused them. While we realize that it seems unfair to deny folks a chance to be a member of our team because of where they are from, we also realize that if you can't understand the orders or reports your hearing, or that we can't understand yours under fire; then it just isn't going to work for you or us.

Maturity - most of our team is over 30. Sure we've got some young members (several of whom have left us to join the actual military), but we demand maturity from our members. While we appreciate young people's interest in joining our group we just don't feel comfortable with extremely young people being part of our team.

Equipment - check your computer and internet specs before applying! Go here; http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/CYRI/Requirements/arma-iii/11156?p=a if you aren't able to play ARMA 3 (yes ARMA 3) then you won't be able to play ARMA 2 with our mods turned on - and that means you won't be able to participate in training and missions.

Still interested? Then check out some of our videos on our youtube channel; http://www.youtube.com/user/7th75thRangers we are updating them near daily with more videos.

Drop by our webpage for more information - www.7-75th.com

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With so many Arma groups popping up and disappearing I thought I'd point out to everyone here on the BIS forums the date of the first post in our recruitment thread; 16/04/2010. Making this the third anniversary of the 7th Rangers posting for recruits here on the BIS forums! In today's gaming world that's like 30 years (just kidding). Still we at the 7th Rangers are proud to be one of the 'older' Arma 2 (and someday soon) Arma 3 groups in continuous operation.

There has been a great deal of changes going on at the 7th.

- Webpage - we are presently finishing off our new webpage design and will be switching to it in the very near future.

- BCT - All of our training has been re-vamped, updated and changed - it no longer consists of the 6 BCT classes but instead in concentrated on 4 BCT classes followed by AIT (Advanced Individual Training) and Squad/Platoon level training.

- Our traditional Tuesday night training time is now 1730 PDT and is now formatted for Squad/Platoon level drills and instruction. BCT will be covered at various times during the week depending upon the need of the trainee. This should make it a lot easier for new members to get their Ranger 'Tab'. It will also make it easier for us to carry out our Sunday missions which traditionally were our largest events during the week.

- Sunday missions - presently we are carrying out Operation Rust Belt on the Island of Panthera - fighting against local Rebel forces and cut throat PMC's. It's turning out to be a challenging campaign with the 7th Rangers operating in a hostile country with limited resources and equiptment.

Arma 3 - with the lack of dedicated server files and the requirement of having multiple Steam accounts (for server, headless client and player), and lack of dedicated server administration ability, we are holding off migrating fully over to Arma 3 at this time. Remember - it's still an Alpha and the 7th Rangers do not feel that in its present state it is worthy of us concentrating our efforts on. A great many of the 7th Rangers are playing Arma 3 and following the development closely, but as a team; we are not moving over to it just yet.

So I'd like to close this with a big thank you to the BIS community for their help and support over the past three years, from the 7th of the 75th Rangers!


2LT Sim (Commanding)

PS - we are still recruiting, drop by and check us out.

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Tired of realism Units just being about military rank and having nothing to do with actual combat?

Tired of having to salute some guy with an overinflated ego who then orders you to do virtual pushups for not calling him "Sir"?

Fed up with idiots dropping bombs or firing the main guns of tanks nearby you while your operating and blowing you and your team to bits?

Terrified every time you get into a helicopter with some 'experienced' pilot who flies it like the Goodyear Blimp over the AO and getting you shot down?

Then take a look at the 7th of the 75th Rangers.

The 7th operates as a Direct Action Light Infantry Unit - this means we are the pointy end of the spear. Or as Wikipedia say's "In the context of special operations, direct action (DA) consists of: Short-duration strikes and other small-scale offensive actions conducted as a special operation in hostile, denied, or politically sensitive environments and which employ specialized military capabilities to seize, destroy, capture, exploit, recover, or damage designated targets. Direct action differs from conventional offensive actions in the level of physical and political risk, operational techniques, and the degree of discriminate and precise use of force to achieve specific objectives."

The 7th Rangers carry out precision missions based upon real-world training (modified for Arma of course) and operate as a small tight-knit group of highly skilled operators. We don't carpet bomb or lay waste to the map - we use surgical precision to carry out our operations. The 7th carries out missions weekly based upon a storyline that we hope mimics the real world as much as possible within the limitations of the game. The Cold War Era version of conventional war is pretty much over - tanks cost too much to ship and maintain and can't be quickly transported to the battlefield. 7th Rangers are fast deployed to get into the thick of combat and either stop or cause so much damage to the enemy that they have to change their strategy.

Interested? Check out our youtube channel or drop by our webpage or teamspeak and get to know the members of the 7th.

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The 7th Rangers will be moving all of its Operations and Training over to ARMA 3 on September 6, 2013. We will still participate in ARMA 2 Operations, but we will concentrate our efforts on ARMA 3.

The 7th Rangers will be happy to listen to invitations to participate in ARMA 2 related missions but after our 'switch' date will no longer train new members in ARMA 2 or make our own missions for the same. We have been slowly and steadily moving our operations and training to ARMA 3 and now the vast majority of the team believe it is time to switch fully over.

We are still accepting applications - but applicants should be ARMA 3 capable.

Thanks to everyone in the ARMA 2 community! We've had a great time with ARMA 2 and look forward to moving forward with ARMA 3.

We may post updates from time to time on this thread but mostly for information purposes.

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