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DEATHMATCH (for up to 32 Players)

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UPDATED TO VERSION 1.03 (AS OF 01/11/2010)


Armaholic mirror:

- DM Mission Pack DM-32 v1.03

URC Site mirror

- DM Mission Pack DM-32 v1.03

These DM layouts are infantry based and small-medium sized in nature so that you don't get lost. They are designed for competitive gameplay for leagues and groups who enjoy relaxing DM sessions. Customize your session using the server sided parameters, choose your weapon, spread out and cover your points to see if you can be the victor over your opponent. As I update these DM missions or add to the mission pack I will update this post. It will mainly depend on player feedback.

Each mission consists of the following:

  • These missions entertain any number of players, however, the player slots were increased to 32 for larger server capacities. I can add more slots if server hosts want me to. Just ask...
  • Each mission has a detailed NOTES section. Click M, then NOTES and read about the gamemode details, objectives, Hints, Designer contact info, and more.
  • On Screen Leaderboards exist so that you know who is in the lead at all times. There is also a Round Timer with a HINT BOX indicator that pops up at 15 minutes left, 10 minutes left, 5 minutes left, and 1 minute left. No need to have to hit I or guess the scores or how much time is left to play.
  • Enhanced the Spectator Mode - 3 non-player slots exist for server admins to watch as a round plays out. Great tool to locate glitchers, cheaters, etc.
  • Quick Grenade Binding Key - the Salute key, when used, quickly switches to grenades to use when you quickly need to throw a nade. It automatically switched back to your normal weapon in a second if not used.
  • Persisitent Scoring - In some missions when a player leaves the sore goes with them. With persistent scoring that will not happen.
    Customize your gameplay using the great server controls
    • Server sided options for # of LIVES per player - by default each player has infinite lives, however, if you wanted to setup your DM session for a Last Man Standing, you can using this parameter. If you limit the # of LIVES per player, as a player is elimintated they get to spectate through the living player's eyes and watch as the round unfolds.
    • Server sided option to enable/disable Camping penalties. Set to Enabled by default, this is a server sided option to turn this feature on or off based on player's requests. When enabled there is an invisible floating marker which follows each player around. When you start to camp the marker will eventually catch up to you, warn, then tag you so that all other players can see your gametag above your head. Once you move away the tag will go away. The farther you run away, the longer it will take for the marker to catch up to you. This is a feature setup so that to keep gamers moving at all times. For those who enjoy camping, this can be turned off by the server admin.
    • Time Limit options (set your round for various time limits
    • Terrain Detail Options
    • View Distance options, and more...


  • GHOST TOWN (utes)
  • TOWN BEACH (utes)
  • THE MOG (chernarus)
  • P.O.W. Camp (chernarus)
  • DEPOT STATION (chernarus)
  • EMBASSY (chernarus)
  • URBAN RESISTANCE (chernarus)

Author: Tom Anger [uRC]FATMAN


Extract the pbo files to your ArmA2\MPMissions folder.

Required Addons:


Change log:


  • Uses PVP Script Pack v3.02 by [sBS]mac
  • Added Time Indicator box to come up when there is 15 minutes left, 10 minutes left, 5 minutes left, then 1 minute left
  • Added Server parameter to modify # of LIVES per player
  • Added Server parameter to enable/disable Camping penalties
  • Added Server parameter to modify Round time limit setting
  • Added Server parameter to modify View distance and more
  • Added Persistent Scoring so that if players leave, the scores don't go with them
  • Added Quick Grenade Bind Key - the Salute key switches quick for grenades then auto switches back to your weapon after approx 1 second
  • Added Spectator Mode - 3 slots for admins to spectate. Great for seeing if anyone is glitching, cheating, etc. Also a good tool for Leagues to use.


  • Fixed the Time Of Day Bug
  • Added Space Bar capability to quickly switch to Grenades
  • Modified loading verbage to be more player friendly


  • Uses PVP Script Pack v2.08 by [sBS]mac
  • 8 vs 8 player slots with 3 spectator slots to be used for admins or referees in scrimmages/matches.
  • Minefields (indicated by signs) border the fight area to focus the battle in a zone fit for 8 vs 8 gameplay
  • Round timer will not start until at least 2 players are in the session. So if 1 player is in the game this gives them time to roam around and review the map until others join in.
  • Player spawns are protected by a sign barrier, so if your opponent crosses the line they will perish. All player slots spawn in the same location each time they die to allow them to get back on track quickly.
  • Character Classes and Weapon Loadouts are the same for both teams with weapon crates available to customize your kit. If you die, you keep your customized weapon loadout when you respawn.
  • On-screen scoring hud and timer so that you can see the status of the game as it plays out.

Credits & Thanks:

Gameplay scripts by [sBS]mac Script tracking Forum

Edited by Tom_Anger

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I will have to try these out later when I get home, thanks!

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You can hop on the URC server if you like as well and just vote one of these up to try. I'd like to set up some group sessions if you want to work on some dates. Some real good 16+ player gatherings would be great. I work 3rd shift bud, so we may be able to get some stuff going this weekend together if you like. I've been eyballing the Dualla Island which has alot of nice grassy and vegetation which would be real nice for some DM/TDM sessions.

One thing I didn't mention on these is you can hop on the game and if you are the only one in the server it will say "Waiting for players". The round won't start until there is at least 2 players present.

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I like these a lot, great use of scenery and clutter I thought. I like stuff like that in missions.

But unfortunately I only had 5 or so people testing them, so kind of big (I also make my missions anticipating a bigger crowd, which I never get, so I need to adjust that in my own missions).

But still, I like it, and will use your missions... especially if you make some smaller 8 person maps (for warming up, attracting a bigger crowd, etc) with the same style.

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If you want to reduce the borders on those feel free. Basically what I did was take a size for TDM and add 32 player slots. The Camp prevention helps a bit, but if you want to reduce the sizes go right ahead. I am going to work on some other smaller faster paced versions in the future so that I can get a couple of higher profile designs out there. I am going to work on a Shanty Town mission, but I have to find the right location. Unfortunately the Island Duala has a great great location, lol. It is an addon though so I may make a chernarus version and a Duala version.

By the way - some of the missions you will see stacked containers, boxes, and other items. If you want to cut and paste any of those into a mission you make up feel free to do so. Those take time figuring out the correct heights and I am not one to complain if someone stole a method I used. I like to think of it as someone is utilizing a decent idea. Heck, take the airbase in chernarus and throw crates all over the place and make that a map, lol.

Edited by Tom_Anger

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Some suggestions:

- Get rid of the respawn mode where you stand immobile for everyone to shoot

- Reduce terrain level: grass impairs fps and introduces the much hated visibility paradox

- Compress the ginormous music files

- Make the grace period for camping a little longer: you don't have a chance to move out before getting tagged

The locations are nice and I like playing your maps but the mentioned things make them feel a little unwieldy.

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