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cti prBF (clone of crbf)

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I would like to share with you my mission: cti prBF which is clone of great mission by Cleanrock - crbf (known from OFP).

This mission is not port of "original" mission - it has some diffrent features and it's written from zero (using sqf, jip stuff etc).


It's kind of mix cti and c&h but there is no bases and commanders. You can buy units/vehicles and weapons. Captured cities is what you need for respawn and buying (except for initial buying on the begining).

prbft90.th.jpg prbfvybor.th.jpg

prbfgui.th.jpg prbfnight.th.jpg


  • diffrens sizes of cities (small, mid-size and big) which causes diffrent city defence (resistance) and income for this city
  • no bases - cities you captures are place when you can spawn units and respawn
  • you can choose normal version (PvP) or coop version in which opossite side has much more money, skill and income
  • no commander - AI can buy vehicles and capture cities
  • remote buying (units and vehicles)
  • ammo and weapons in "bonus" ammo truck
  • score for city capturing
  • you (your side) win if:
    • you have more points on the end or
    • enemy has no cities and soldiers (on the battle area) which can capture some city
    • all cities are yours

    [*]easy to edit - moving/adding objects in editor or editing one file

    [*]performance (I think :))

    [*]localization (currently - english & polish)


MP options:

  • time fo the day
  • number of money for score
  • changing of weather
  • type of fight (PvP/west coop/east coop)
  • duration of game
  • grass
  • size of group (number of soldier in group)
  • additional constant income
  • town income
  • start positions (fixed/random)
  • unit types filter (on/off: infantry/light/armored/heavy/air)


No additional addons neeeded except for Central Everon version:


or Sbrodj version:


Bugtracker and ideas:


Download prBF links:

prBF CTI-x (all missions)(Armaholic)

prBF CTI Norht (mini)(SWDepot)

cti prBF North (mini)

cti prBF North

cti prBF Central Everon

cti prBF Sbrodj

Changelog 1.20:

-new missions added: prBF North and prBF Central Everon, Sbrodj

-added and improved many MP options: town income, filters for types of units, viewdistance, duration, daytime, grass,

-minor changes (look dev-heaven)

Thanks to:

-[PR] Trawa (for testing and ideas)

-Xeno (for bit functions)

-kju (for feedback)


[PR]zemek kondor

Edited by Przemek_kondor
adde Sbrodj version

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thx ! I will test this next time...

Sounds good !!!

CRBF was a cleanrock version of the Battlefield 1985 stuff as far as i can remember...

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Well done [PR]zemek kondor!

Did a short test round last night. Added some bugs and thoughts in the project space.

Overall server FPS was great. You should consider to offer even larger group sizes.

It is a great training mission. Though I suggest to make the towns way closer to each

other as long AI uses infantry.

Income and prices surely need to be tweaked.

Again thank you and hopefully you consider some of the suggestion!

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I like the coding. Looks pretty clean. It's like a very lightweight warfare. Something like this could also layer over a more traditional mission to create a sort of hybrid background war with static content to flesh it out. Except the swarms of vehicles spawning out of thin air... that's a bit jarring on reality.

What might be interesting is a modification of this which only spawns lighter units and uses paradrops to deploy them. It would add an additional element of protecting your airspace to allow the transports to make it to their drop points.

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Added new missions: prBF North (big version) and Central Everon;

Fixed and improved some minor bugs/features;

Added many MP options to make game more elastic

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Thank you. Will try tomorrow morning and will be back with feedback. :)

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Very nice mission!

Playing on everon feels a bit like good old OFP.

Man, I wish someone would remake the REAL MFCTI without als those extra stuff.

MfG Lee :)

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