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h-53e pack released

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Hi all :)

I released "h-53e pack" v1.3.

This include update version of my MH53E for ARMA.




2009.10.6(h-53e pack for ARMA)

version 1.3

- fixed AI call this UH60

- new textures by soldier2390

- add refuelprobe by soldier2390

- add side gunner to gac_usn_mh53e

- add side/tail gunner to usaf_hh53e/gac_usmc_mh53e

- sound filesize reduced

- changed hitpoint LOD/firegeometry LOD


version 1.2(MH53E addon for ARMA)

- config and some file adjusted for ARMA

- Changed classname/VehicleClass

- Changed geometryLOD "heavier"

- Fixed main rotor position more correctly

- Changed main rotor width & form

- Added RotorLowIn/HighIn sound by Miles Teg

- Added icon / map icon

- Reduced cargo seats's polycount


version 1.1(MH53E addon for ARMA)

- Fixed main rotor position

- New texture and smdi texture(include detail texture definition)

- Some sounds updated by Sgt.Elias / Yag

- Gear down/up automatically

- Fixed shadow lod


'USMC_MH53E' Addon by gachopin







This Addon include :

[gac_USMC_MH53E , gac_USAF_HH53E_DG , gac_USAF_HH53E_LG , gac_USN_MH53E]


how to fold rotor wing:

[this] exec "\gac_USMC_MH53E\script\MH53fold.sqs"



how to spread rotor wing:

[this] exec "\gac_USMC_MH53E\script\MH53spread.sqs" or engine "on" or choose action "spread rotor-blade"



how to open ramp:

this animate ["door_cargo", 0.3];this animate ["door_cargo2",1];

how to close ramp:

this animate ["door_cargo", 0];this animate ["door_cargo2",0];

Credits :

Miles Teg / Sgt.Elias / Yag /soldier 2390 and all advisers of BISforum :)

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Hi, i've seen one bug that's there from the begining and two problems, the bug is this one:


Those white boxes when you turn On the lights, that i hoped it to be fixed on this release;

and the small problems are the next ones, the chopper is always turning to the left so you

have to be corecting the flight all the time, not only the pitch; and the second small prob

is that when you turn On the NVGs as pilot, happens the same than on the SU-34 cockpit.

That the instruments mess up the brightness of the NVGs, well... the game's HDR really

does it, so i'll blame BIS for this. Those are the issues that i've seen on the choppers

aside of how pimp they're. Let's C ya


I also forget to mention that there isn't any chopper with "Marines" written on the sides,

that the most distant destroyed LOD show the tail and a bit of the main rotor but if you

get close... the closer LOD don't show this things, but booth LODs show low qual damage

textures. I've also forget to mention that the hands of the left window gunner has his

hands blocking the sight of the M249 if you aim down the sights and that there's no way

of enter or switch to the right window gunner. Also, the ramp gunner don't has no feet

for his M2HB, so the man (let's call him... schwartzenager) hold the 45Kg of H. MG just

with his arms, a clap for that AI please.

Edited by wipman

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yeah i forgot to add the marine markings to the side of the usmc version, as i said before once i get time ill fix it! as for the rest ill long into them once i get time too!

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Hi, good to hear it, i would had taken some screenshots; but i was too drunk as for take

screenshots and make a detailed issues report, if you've the .psd files of the grey USMC

MH-53's with the wire frames, i could try to do a 90s euro camo version too if the O2 isn't

needed for do it. For some reason the "P:" virtual drive that it creates has dissapeared from

my computer, without any advise, i just looked one day and it wasn't there; but if it isn't

needed... i could try it. Let's C ya

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Any news on an updated version of this? I've noticed a big bug with the cargo proxies. The cargo proxies for the two air force and the Marines versions are messed up. The units in cargo are standing up in the aircraft instead of sitting down, and the copilot's body is protruding through the frontal section of the fuselage. The cargo proxies for the USN version are perfectly fine though.

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I get the same problem too - I've reverted back to the original version.

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