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  1. FO training... Aardvark SASR, Viper Artillery, ACE Islands ;)
  2. Happy Anzac Day everyone.
  3. A pic of 5 Italian commandos returning after searching 4 square km for a downed Blackhawk and setting demo charges on it. A - Gnat subs, Rebus Italians, ACE OFP islands, Swiss Faces, Milkduster Dark rifles, MadMatt Rain Effects ;)
  4. Still here guys - A1 for the win! A - CMcD 1ID, Swiss Faces, Wipman Gloves, Milkduster Darkrifles, ACE Islands ;)
  5. G'day guys, Posting in the A2 section because, let's face it - not many people read the A1 section anymore. The next time you're inserting by helo - have "Long Tall Sally" by Little Richard (from the Predator Soundtrack) playing in the background - it's very cool! Cheers Stew
  6. A - Ace Islands, EddyD Choppers, Velox Germans, Aushilfe G36, Viper Artillery ;)
  7. Still here guys! Irish troops, Steyrs, Saru Is.
  8. A - Velox Germans, Sonotaugh District, AusHilfe G36, Stewy's Bases (unrl) ;)
  9. ExA & Stiltman RG31 (unrl), ACE Islands ;) ...and here are the weapons we captured from the Enemy from our patrol (another bonus of having the RG31 - you can carry enemy weapons from a contact back to base) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone ;)
  10. Stewy

    Battle Of Fallujah Map

    Good luck mate - hope is really all that A1 players have for addons these days.:bounce3:
  11. A - Brazilian Units, Swiss Faces, Wipman Gloves, ACE OFP Islands, Brazilian army flag from the net ;)
  12. Still here! Thought this was just a cool shot - on our way to a raid. A - SBP Slovenians, German Nh-90 helo
  13. Can't go past Chammy's Sound Mod for A1 for my mind. It's be permanently on my A1 game since it came out. Smaller enhancements include MadMatt's rain/smoke effects...I don't use any AI/dispersion mods.
  14. A - ACE Messor Is, Freddern Norwegians, AimPoint Rifles, Viper Artillery, Milkduster Darkrifles, Swiss Faces, WipMan Gloves, Stewy's Base (unrl), Norwegian flag from the net ;)