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USA Aye O.K.![SP]

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Hello all. After playing BIS games since the OFP release I've finally decided to release a mission. Admittedly, I've only been making missions for myself for a little while so my skills aren't the sharpest. I have no doubt with your help I can get a helluva lot better.

Here's the first beta:

USA Aye O.K.!

Version: Beta v2.0-

The Russians have advanced into Northern Chernarus after years of separatist attacks on the Russian-Chernarus population mostly living in the North of the country. They have taken an airbase in the north and are waiting for more forces to arrive. Spetsnaz forces have taken up a position at Devil's Castle as well. Use every means available to you to take that peak and the airbase.


Urban Patrol Script by Kronzky

SOM support options(Transport, Tactical Airstrike and Supply Drop)

Artillery Support

High Command

Ambient Civilians

Civilian Vehicles


First Aid

Required AddOns:

PMC Apache:


Placeable LHD:



Kronzky for his wicked UPS

Myke and armatech for the LHD script/AddOn

PMC for AH-64s

Imutep for his bad ass missions.

Known Issues:

Not sure but there's gotta be a ton.


ArmAholic.com- USA Aye O.K.! (@) v2.0 Beta

Get em up!


v1.0- initial release

v2.0- Removed dependency on Jon's EditorUpdate and a few other tweaks

Edited by Manzilla

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Nice job Manzilla, great to see you release something public. Can't wait to give it a try.

Thanks! :)

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I hope you enjoy it. It's a little chaotic at times but I have enjoyed playing it thus far. Hopefully it runs alright, there's a lot of units on the map. I definitely got a lot to do in the mission still but I figured there was no need to keep it sitting on the HD. I need to expand the intro, make outros and probably tweak it for better performance. It may also turn into a campaign but I need to learn how to make those first. Ultimately I'd like to make this one the 2nd mission so I can expand on the story.

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Updated link in first post to v2.0beta

I removed the dependency on Jon's EditorUpdate and tweaked a few things.

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