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I'm trying to make a 1v1 multiplayer map so my friend and I can dogfight.

The goal is to get one opfor and one blufor to respawn ad the respective airports and have 3 planes each. SU-25, AV8, F35.

I've created each side and got the player respawns to work, but for the aircraft I've got some problems.

1) I'm using the same code for every aircraft but only the BLUFOR team's AV8 and F35 respawn, nothing else will, heres the code:

BLUFOR Acft Names:




OPFOR Acft Names:




The init codes are in each acft as follows:

VehicleName respawnVehicle [-1,0] (VehicleName is replaced with each vehicles assigned name.)

2) How (after I get all the acft respawning like they should) would I go about making them respawn exactly where I put them at the beginning of the game? Right now they spawn in the area of my respawn_east/west markers I've assigned for the player restarts.

My description.ext:

class Header


gameType = DM;

minPlayers = 1;

maxPlayers = 2;






showCompass = 1;

ShowGPS = 1;

showMap = 1;

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If you're using the default respawn system it can only respawn to the respawn_east/west markers. That's how it works. For a respawn-in-place system, you'd have to use a different respawn script or make one yourself. There's a few you can find on the forums.

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Alright I get it now, my friend and I played around with it just because we where bored and when he wrecked his first set of airplanes nothing but the SU would come back to him, and I got all his planes.

I think my next step in learning to make a mission is addons/scripting. I'd like to get proficient enough at it that I can make my own little sarani life for my old roommates and I to play.

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How can I change the teams of the F35s? If the OpFor gets in the acft the BluFor guy is going to see him as a friendly, instead of being able to lock him up like the OpFor can for the BluFor in the same acft.

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Hi all,

To change a unit or plane to the other side, you have to go into the MISSION.SQM file and find the object there, then change the "side" to the side you want it.

So you place F35 on the map, save the mission, go out of your game "ALT-TAB" and find your mission in your "my documents" location. (i have got no sample here so i can not give you the exact directions)so somewhere under "\my documents\arma2\mpmissions you will find your just created mission in "open form", its a folder with some files in it(probly only 1 now) nl MISSION.SQM.

Open de MISSION.SQM with a "notepad" and find your F35 in there.

If you find your F35 you see that there is some information about this object, for instance the location/height, but also the side, for the f35 it will be west.

If you now just change "west" to "east", your f35 will now be clasified as an east treat to west.

Like i said, i have no sample here, but i think u understand what i'm saying.

Editing in Arma is NOT only in the editor, Most editing will happen in the scripts inside the "open mission" folder under your "my document", so be prepared to "alt-tab" very often.



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