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  1. Ok guys, we are not talking about DayZ. And we are not loading any MOD !, just Arma2OA vanilla :) Here is the shortcut that will give me the MP missions : "D:\Program files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\Expansion\beta\arma2oa.exe" -noSplash -noFilePatching -showScriptErrors "-mod=expansion\beta;expansion\beta\expansion" Here the shortcut that does NOT give me the option to pick a MP mission : "D:\Program files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\Expansion\beta\arma2oa.exe" Why does the first shortcut(created with six) shows me the MP missions and why does the second shortcut not giving me the MP missions ? Then the next will be the same problenm with somebody who has the game true steam, we can not find the MP missions at all. Thanks. PS: DVD VERSION If i start the "Arma2OA.exe" from the main arma directory, the game just crash on boot. If i start the "Arma2OA.exe" from the /extension/beta folder without any parameters,game starts but NO MISSIONS TO PICK TO HOST MP If i start the Arma2OA.exe" from the /extension/beta folder with the extra startup parameters ALL IS FINE So again, i do not really have a problem, it is just that we have the same problem with people that have the game true steam, the only thing with this version is we can NOT find the MP missions in any way. The .pbo missions files are in the correct location. Thanks again //////////////// It must be something with this beta directive parameter, i just can not understand this seemingly simple MPMissions folder operation, i have always just pored missions to it and was always able to play any of them without ever NOT seeing one. "Noramlly" i always played Arma without the beta, since this dayz i'm constantly running the beta version. Now after some Dayz i'm returning to arma and have these little bugs/problems. I don't know, i'll just fffcc about some more and will say if i solved the problem for the Steam users, because thats what all this fuss is about. I myself do not own a steam version, so i can't test it out, but i will solve it. Thanks again, have a nice day :)
  2. I'm playing and editing from the first day OFP came out, i know where to place stuff and i know what parameters to use. It is just since dayz, and i'm playing the beta patch version. As soon as im home i will write down the exact parameter line. DVD version: Starting the game with the original start up shortcut will not show the MPmissions. Starting the game with the six shortcut, the mp missions will show. Steam version: Starting the "normal" shortcut start the game but NO mp missions. Starting with adjusted shortcut parameters will crash the game . I'll get back in 3 hours with the startup line. Thanks man
  3. Hi All, I have not been editing for a long time, i have been away from Arma to long. But because of this DayZ mod i'm back again. I'm using the six updater suite to get my mods installed, and i have made a start-up shortcut with six. Now this is happening : When i start my game with the created "six updater shortcut" all seems fine, when i go to the multiplayer setupscreen i can go to "NEW" and host a new game, when i do this i can pick all missions i have put in the MPMissions folder. Now, when i start my game with the startup exe from the main Arma directory, all is fine but there are no missions to choose, while the missions are inside the MPMissions folder. I hope you understand what i mean, for me this is not a big problem, i just start my game with the start up shortcut created with the "six updater", i can even just make a new shortcut to the exe file in the arma directory and copy and paste the startup parameters from the "six updater shortcut" to the new created shortcut, this will also work. Now the big problem : My friend has Arma true steam, we have the same problem there and more, we can not get it to work,he is NOT able to see his MP Missions in his MPMissions folder. If we put extra startup parameters to the shortcut he will not even be able to start his game. We are running the game with the beta version ! So anybody have any idea why we are not able to see our MP missions in our MPMissions folder ? Thank you, i have done some searching but was not able to find anything about this, i hope some is able to help. Thank you very much, Alphons
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    I would like to see a very detailed capitol hill :) Probably i'm flaged now, also because my entebbe map, they found out that there are very easy accesses to viral stuff in Kampala.... Duh, why u think i'm making this airport....The UN and USA have invested millions in security in that country, but nobody knows about this. We need more "real" locations. Later, Allie
  5. Alliexx

    Black Textures..Help!

    Hi, My sat_lco and Mask_lco are both 8 bit (RGB) Later, Allie
  6. Alliexx


    Hi there, I'm on the point of making my first buildings too. There is an ok tutorial on top of the page for O2 editing, i used it and combined it with Mondkalb's tutorial. So my experiance is that you can model your house in 3ds max, make sure all polygons are quads or trips !! very important. Then you can make the uv maps in 3ds max too(nice and easy, NOT easy in O2). after making the Uv map in 3ds max you can now from these uv templates make your textures, the texture_co.tga, texture_nohq.tga, texture_dt.tga and the texture_smdi.tga. With the plugin from "Soul_Assassin" you can then make the ambiant shadow map ( texture_as.tga ) Now all texture are there, you can now use 3ds max to materialize your object, check the video tutorial about that. ( super shader shhit ?!? ) Then i switch over to O2, so i export the model from max with the plugin, i dont make the geo lod and shadow lod in 3ds max, i make them in O2, seems easier. Everytime i think to "just" explain what i know about it, and everytime i find myself not knowing what to tell anymore, well if you have any question just fire away. I think a combination between Soul_Assassin and Mondkalb's tutorials should help you on the way. Later, Allie I really like the plugin, you can now push models out of max in minutes.
  7. Alliexx

    Model fix

    I have no idea, but i was wondering what that "receiver" on its vest is ? Ah ok, its a holser without a pistol ok :)
  8. Alliexx

    Black Textures..Help!

    Hi, this has to do with the conversion of your mask_lco file, this is the file that should represent the texture locations on your map. To convert the mask_lco correctely you need a maplegend.png and a layers.cfg file, these files define the colors used on your mask file. If these definings are not done correct you might end up with a converted mask file with only black parts in your dta data\layers folder. The color value( red/green/blue ) need to be correct with the values of the colors used in photoshop. Must be something like this. layers.cfg file (SAMPLE): Sample maplegend.png file: http://yfrog.com/n3maplegendp Hope this helps. Allie Later, Allie
  9. Seeing the "textures" in visitor has to do with picking a background picture. So to see your sat picture in visitor you need to set a background picture. To see it in bulldozer you need the whole sat_lco, mask_lco and legend.png, then let bulldozer convert all and all is ready. Hope this make sence Ehh, you can never go over the top, its just personal taste, if you are happy, its all good. About using 8 different colors for mask, i dont know how many colors you can use, i do know that you can not use to many at once in 1 segment of the masks that are created when converting with bulldozer. Please check forum about howmany different textures you can use. I'm sure you can NOT have 8 colors(textures) close to eachother !! Later, Allie ---------- Post added at 07:14 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:09 PM ---------- The terrain picture can be 1024, when your sat image is 10240, the terrain.pbl will have a multiplier then, like this: squareSize=10.000000; 10 X 1024 = 10240 later, Allie
  10. Hi Agian, Well that is the thing with making an island out of a satellite picture, the detail will be visible ingame. It is now your turn to figure out how to convert your map to a nice image. You can use photoshop or any other program to edit the sat picture, you can only know what to do by trail and error runs in visitor. So the first time it might be whise to make a small test island for yourself, because converting and getting the textures in bulldozer can take quite some time if your sat pictures are very big. I have once read that to make the island of arma2, the sat_lco picture they worked on was GigaBytes big, my picture of a 20 by 20 Km island is about 400Mb. I think i had the google map downloader on 19 or 20, about a Sat picture resolution of 1 meter(1 pixel is 1 by 1 meters) so sizing your google map image is important too, i just used averages with the distance tool in google earth. By the way, i'm not removing everything from the sat map, some houses wont be a problem because they disapear underneath placed objects, or they are just not really a problem when u see them ingame. Making the sat_mask_lco is a bigger problem, you want for instance some texture underneath roads, well you are able to export an image of your roads system and then overlay that over your sat mask image, this way you are able to exactely draw the right texture color underneath the road network. The obly problem with this is that the exporte picture is not exact in size as your sat pic, this is due something called "blue Edge", i have still not figured out what pixels are where and what to remove, but u will figure this out if your at that point, i just try some averages again, however this does not give me the level of detail i need to nicely have the road with on all sides the right amount of texture exposed from underneath the road. ... bla bla, you'll see. ehh im not sure about the depth setting, try 32, for sure 24 is ok. Later, Allie
  11. Alliexx

    Cannot load texture problem

    Hi all, Any addon you like from the game and you wish to use on your island needs to be extracted from the game. There is nothing like the minimum amount of addons to get visitor to work, again it is what addons you LIKE to use on your island(i allways call it islands, however it doesn't have to be an island :) ) The are some addons that are given to you that are lets say "open source", they are mainly the road parts, so heres the trick, with these "open source" version of the roads, you are able to use the road tools to get your roads to work ingame. Very important is to NOT copy the road.p3d's from the game extracted addons, you only copy the "other" files and leave the p3d's, you allready have being given the road p3d's with the installation of visitor. Any other questions, please ask. Later, Alphons
  12. Alliexx

    Cannot load texture problem

    Hi there. First important thing is to get the structure understood of the P drive layout for getting started with island and addon making. Best to explain with pictures, this one will come in 2 parts, its to big otherwise. part one: http://yfrog.com/0spdrivepartonej part two: http://yfrog.com/65pdriveparttwoj And an overview of P and my project folder xx, with the island Entebbe in it: http://yfrog.com/ghpdrivepartthreej PS: theres many discussions possible about what CA addon folders to extract from the game and put onto the P drive, its your personal choice, if you want only plant on your island only extracting plants might be enough, but when you start building your island then suddenly you need ALL addons, so i just extracted about any addon in my game, maybe i even myself need to extract the Arrow head addons too. About extracting those addons, there are some rules you need to live by, they are nice described in the tutorial from Atsche ???, well here: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA_2_Terrain_Tutorial and then esspecially these parts : And then next: But first take an hour to inspect the pictures. :) I hope this helps
  13. Hi there, this doesn't look like a Sat_lco picture problem but more like a wrong setting in visitor for the Texture layer. http://yfrog.com/4btexturelayerj Something in here, the texture size. Your 80*80 ?? fool around with those settings, or check your sat_lco and mask_lco sizes. Well if it is your sat_lco in that bad shape, then indeed you need really high resolution pictures without any stiching noticable when zoomed in very closely, if you have a sattelite picture with a resolution of 1 meter(very high resolution, higher is even possible these days), then 1 pixel represent 1 by 1 meter in "real" game life, so even a dirt effect of 1 pixel will be very noticable ingame !!!, even a not good brushed foto, with maybe only 1 part of a letter from an overlay text on the foto will give you ingame a part of a letter on the ground of a couple of meters :) Later, Allie
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    3Dsmax ArmA2 modding toolset

    Hi there, I ment 2 uv "channels" on 1 model. 1 house, inside and outside different uv map. Maybe i'm just asking stupid questions, but i'm just starting with this O2 addon making. Since i'm using 3ds max also for other business, i was more home in max then in O2, so the plugin for max was super great, but making model for arma is totally new for me, i do have some experiance in visitor, making islands. The thing is, that 1 uv for a quite complex house, gives me to little detail for all the parts in a 2048X2048 texture. I hope you guys can give me the next hint to get going again. :) Thank you very much, Regards, Alphons Edit: This is my problem: http://yfrog.com/49ambiantshadowj Later, Allie
  15. Alliexx

    3Dsmax ArmA2 modding toolset

    Hi all, I start by saying i love the 3ds max plugin. The one thing i'm struggling with is that when you have a model with more then 1 uv map, making the shadow map is a bit weird. I hope somebody understands what i'm on about here. If i have a model with 2 uv maps, so i seperated different parts of the model to be able to texture it better and with higher quality. How do i now make a ambiant shadow map of this model, it seems the ambiant shadow map will be created from only 1 uv map. I'm not really familiar with all the correct names for all, but i still hope u understand what i'm on about. So how do i create different shadow maps for the different material uv texture thingy part. fck, i dont know how to explain it better, i presume that somebody who works with the plugin will undertand. Hopefully some solutions are brought up :) Thanks upfront, Allie