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This page contains Frequently Asked Questions about ArmA 2 game release on STEAM.

Note: TBA - To Be Announced, TBD - To Be Determined

Q: Why are there different release dates on Steam?

A: This depends on work-flow and particular agreements with the publishers. USA,Canada region: 26th June 2009, EU region: 30th June 2009, rest of the world: 30th June 2009.

Q: Why is the Steam EU release later than EU retail release and even US release?

A: This decision is related to existing publishing and distribution deals for various countries.

Q: If I cancel my preorder of Steam version, do I get refund.

A: Yes, of course.

Q: Who is in control of game updates on Steam?

A: Bohemia Interactive.

Q: When new patch is released, would I need to wait for special update of Steam version?

A: Yes. Update should be available at the same time as for the retail versions and should be delivered to your Steam account automatically

(unlike normal patches for retail version where you will need to manually patch the game).

Q: Is there SECUROM copy protection used?

A: No, Steam version is protected in a different way.

Q: What copy protections are used in Steam release?

A: Steam copy protection and BI internal solution.

Q: Are there any activation limits for the Steam version?

A: No, only the standard Steam account limitations apply.

Q: Any chance of preload on Steam before release?

A: Most likely yes unless something unpredictable prevents it to happen. - Note: TBD

Q: What is size of the Steam version download?

A: ~8 GB

Q: Will be there any special bonus for Steam buyers?


Q: Can we use our retail keys to register on Steam?


Q: What version will be on Steam on release?

A: Version 1.02 may be available for preload, although improved 1.02+ build may be available on release.

Q: Will Steam offer beta patches?

A: TBD, yet most likely not

Q: Can we expect demo on Steam?

A: Yes, TBA

Q: Will the demo be distributed exclusively on Steam?

A: No.

Q: What language versions of game will be on Steam?

A: For now and near future English language version only

Q: What Steam features works already?

A: Steamclient VOIP, Steamclient overlay and Steamclient browser inside overlay, Steamfriends in Steamclient.

Q: Can we expect use of SteamWORKS (VAC, Cloud, etc.) features?

A: No, not at time of release but some features may become used later in future.

Q: Are there any feature drawbacks of Steam version compared to retail version?

A: No, all features are same. As with any other version, community-made addons and scenarios work with the Steam version.

Q: Is Steam version compatible in multiplayer with retail version?

A: Yes, absolutely

Q: Will the Steam version work offline?

A: Yes, via Steam offline mode.

Q: Is Steam version supporting commandline like switches like retail?

A: Yes.

Q: Is there complete ArmA 2 manual included with STEAM release?

A: Yes, it will be available as PDF download from STEAM.

* these FAQs will be updated and expanded as and when needed ...

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