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Create SIGNED PBO's for dummie

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jerryhopper i think it is not a bug or duplicate..and you should not be deleting anything from the filename..

signature file has the addon name and signature key name such as ".pbo.bi.bisign"  (included "bi" as in "bi.bikey")

so if your filenames are;


mysign.bikey (public key to be distributed if you created a signature called "mysign")

mysign.biprivatekey (should not be distributed)

Create signature key by;

dscreatekey mysign ( so u'll have "mysign.bikey" and "mysign.biprivatekey")

sign the test.pbo with "mysign" by doing;

dssignfile mysign.bipirvatekey test.pbo

should create a file called;


you should have

test.pbo.mysign.bisign (as your signature in addons folder)

test.pbo (as your addon in addons folder)

mysign.bikey (as your signature in keys folder)

--secondly you dont need the pbo for creating signature

doing "dscreatekey mysign" should be enough to create a key called "mysign.bikey"

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JerryHopper, unfortunately what you wrote is a bit too complicated and confusing. crawler75 got it right.

Usual practice should be:

- you choose your signing authority. You probably don't want to change it often (if at all).

In this example, I will use: bi

- you generate your private key

DSCreateKey.exe bi

it will generate two files:

- private key bi.biprivatekey

- public key bi.bikey

- you will keep privatekey on a secure place and use it for BinPBO to create digital signatures of your addons (which you can also do using DSSignFile.exe directly if you already have pbo).

- you will use the public key (.bikey file) to give to server admins

I hope it clarifies it a bit.

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Im a bit confused, so maybe im asking the same thing. But here goes...

The way I do it is different. confused_o.gif I drag my addon (test.pbo) onto of the DSCreateKey.exe. After I do this, it creates 2 files...



Im assuming that even though I never did it your way, is this correct? Anyway...

Now, do I keep the private key in a safe place, and put the bikey in the key folder? or with the addon itself? If thats correct, seen as I own my own server, would I do the same there?

Please correct me if im wrong smile_o.gif

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No, this is not the correct way. You should not drop pbo on DSCreateKey, you should pass a keyname (anything you choose) instead.

See wiki docs and other topic about this.

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