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Hi All OFP Gamers

My name is Sjaba and i would like to inform you about the upcoming event DER UBERGANG in Norway august 11-13. This will be a great opportunity to meet your fellow gamers offline for once and to have a weeked filled with gaming.

Der Ãœbergang

Der Ãœbergang is an not for profit Operation Flashpoint / Armed Assault gathering in Norway.

This gathering is kicked into motion by the two OFP Squads:www.clan-acat.com and www.nopryl.com

The gathering will be held Friday 11th to Sunday 13th of August, and squad members from several european countries will be present.

But they also want YOU! That is, other non-member OFP-people, to come and have fun during these 3 days of OFP and ArmA gaming.

More information, like transportation, sleeping arrangements and so on will be available in the next months, so contact us at http://multiplayer-arena.com and report your interest. All relevant information will be posted in the forum.

Note: there is a 18 years age limit on this event because of security and liability reasons. Limited positions are available so act fast to secure a spot.

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Moving to MP.

Good luck with it, share some pics of the event if you can smile_o.gif

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