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You can create a vehicle depot to launch wheeled or rotary wing assets in the scenario framework game mode without game master.


This tutorial will cover creating a US Depot to create UH1H helicopters.


A. Create an override of the US_Vehicles.conf

1. Search for "US_Vehicles.conf" and create an override file. 

2. Open the .conf. It lists all the vehicles for US side. Expand the UH1H.et.

3. Expand the "Entity Data List". You can change the supply cost to 0, and change the minimum rank required here.


B. Setup the gamemode entity.

1. Place the "gamemode_plain.et" in the world.

2. In the top component, "SCR_BaseGameMode", expand the sub-section called "Unsorted".

3. Change the "Player Controller Prefab" to "DefaultPlayerControllerMP_Factions.et".


Now you have several different options to create the depot. This involves placing in the world a vehicle maintenance point or a helipad (Helipad_L_US_01.et). All the components mentioned below are in these compositions. Just make sure you have the slot type size selected in the .conf settings.


Or you can do it another way which I will cover here.


C. Setup the Depot in the world.

1. In resource browser search for "EntitySpawnerSlot_Vehicle_Large.et", and place it in the world.

2. In resource browser search for "VehicleService_US_Large.et", and place it in the world near the step 1 entity. You may need to adjust positions after spawning in first vehicle.

3. Spawn in the game, and move to the "Vehicle Service Sign", and deploy the UH1H helicopter.


That's it. The key thing is setting the "Player Controller Prefab as in step B3 above. You can use other GameMode entities as well.


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