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I've been working in experimental mode for the past 3 weeks, and it looks like we will be moving back to production very soon.On or about November 16th.


If you haven't read the announcement for modders update, they will delist every mod on the workshop. This is great news as we have pages and pages of broken mods. If may get some guys off their ass to update the mods now.

I will review and update as fast as possible all my mods to get everyone up and running. Surprisingly there are 5 servers currently running Asymmetric Warfare missions. I am kind of taken back by that.


Everon 1 will be first to evaluated, then Everon 2, then Everon 3. 3 will not be ready for prime time by the time 1.0 hits. Also AR 670-1 needs updating but that will be dependent on other mods.

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The next iteration of Asymmetric Warfare for Arma Reforger Version 1.0 (Air Assault) release. 

Scenario Overview
FIA wants to join the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO). They have overthrown the democratically elected government of Everon. CSTO Forces have deployed to the country to provide defenses for FIA. Under UN Resolution UNR-837363, use of force has been authorized to remove CSTO units, and restore the government prior to it's overthrow.

Scenario Features
- Randomized start points
- Randomized tasks
- Air assault insertions
- 4-man Fire Teams
- Dedicated Air Support Team (SOAR)
- Dedicated Command Element
- Custom call signs and frequencies

Scenario Operations
You will start operations from a remote FOB on one of the outer islands. Capture a randomly selected base to setup Vehicle Depots. A set of tasks will be issued to complete. Some tasks will require wheeled vehicle transportation. Complete all 3 tasks and then move to Exfiltration Point on the Island of Argent.

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I am a daily user of your Mod,


Thank you maestro !

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ASYMMETRIC WARFARE - EVERON I is re-released on the workshop. Under going major renovation of patrol routes, tasks, and AI.

-- 1 random start point at one of the 4 major coastal cities.

-- 4 patrol routes. Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta.

-- Will be adding random land mines at strategic road junctions. Armed and Disarmed.

-- Updating AI presence for Dynamic Despawn.

-- Updating weapons positions.



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